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May 22nd, 2012
CTMC radiologist appears in National Geographic series

Radiologist Greg de la Inglesia at work in San Marcos.


Dr. Greg de la Iglesia, a radiologist at Central Texas Medical Center, appeared The Decrypters, a four-part series aired on the National Geographic Channel earlier this month.

The series follows a team of renowned forensic anthropologists from Texas State University who use modern science to solve historical mysteries.

De la Iglesia’s role in the series is to examine radiological images taken from four exhumed bodies in an attempt to reconstruct each person’s life and death. The image review took place at Advanced Imaging of San Marcos, which is co-owned by CTMC and San Marcos Medical Imaging. The final episode, Cowboy Corpse, featured a 150-year-old skeleton that was unearthed in a Denver park.

The Decrypters was launced by National Geographic as a spin-off of a series called History Cold Case that gained popularity in the United Kingdom. Texas State University’s 26-acre outdoor human decomposition research laboratory, which is the largest facility of its kind in the world, led National Geographic to San Marcos.

“Texas State is a great asset for our community, so we like to support them,” de la Iglesia said.

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