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May 18th, 2012
Brad Rollins’ Blog: Introducing the permit map

Click image to visit the San Marcos Permit Map

In January, we launched our the San Marcos Development Map which allows San Marcos Mercury readers to keep track of the latest zoning and land use changes expected to yield new development.

We update it on average about two or three times a month with new projects in the pipeline and we’re finding that people in town are starting to return to us again and again as the sole resource for the information they need about changes in their own backyard. The development map has passed 9,000 views which I think is pretty good for three months.

Today, we are adding another tool to the toolbox for residents who want to know. The San Marcos Permit Map will be updated monthly to show permits issued by the city of San Marcos for new construction, remodeling, demolition, certificates of occupancy and more — a host of categories for both commercial and residential properties.

With this one, we’re using a program that adds a little more functionality to the maps. You can filter results by the type of permit using the key at below the map. And you can search for the map contents using the search bar at the top. Type in HEB, for example, and see both the demolition permit and remodeling permit for their upcoming renovation project.

The map currently contains permit information for April and we will add date since the first of the year at some point in the next week. You can access our map collection through the “Map” entry on the menu bar at the top of the San Marcos Mercury website.

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2 thoughts on “Brad Rollins’ Blog: Introducing the permit map

  1. Brad, As a professional builder, I urge you to re-consider this idea. While I think it is great to provide information to the public, the last thing we need is to make it easier for thieves to find new jobs in town. Construction site theft is a real problem for the industry and making a nice shopping list of job site locations for the thieves is a bad idea, in my opinion. Sure, I know that the public can get this information but it takes a little bit of work, work that the average thief most likely will not be willing to put into it.

  2. Brad, what about road changes-annything like that on ur maps? I just recently heard about the city’s plan to build a round-about at Hopkins and San Antonio…. what kind of lunacy is that? Spending $6M?

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