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May 17th, 2012
Letter: Don’t be fooled by Sam Brannon’s lies on Aqua Texas


If you checked your front door today, you probably found a door tag that said “Do Not Disturb” “Unless Invited by Aqua Texas & Will Conley”. The tag continues on to say that in February 2010, secret meetings between Aqua Texas began, and now in 2012 we still haven’t heard from Will about these “secret water talks”.

As you all know, there was a committee formed which consisted of concerned citizens from throughout the Wimberley Valley, especially anyone who was served by Aqua Texas. This included Mountain Crest, The City of Woodcreek, Woodcreek North, Representatives from CARD, business owners and landowners along Cypress Creek, Jacob’s Well Natural Area, etc., who were concerned about the Aqua Texas Supply systems.

I serve on that committee, and the results of these meetings are well known. As a committee we prioritized what our major concerns were and focused upon working with Aqua Texas to implement these changes. The top priority for resolution was the amount of leakage within the water supply systems that served Woodcreek North and the City of Woodcreek. Repairing both systems would reduce the immediate impact on the aquifer and meet Aqua’s need for future growth through water savings. Aqua Texas is now conducting the water main replacement in Woodcreek North and plans to start replacement of the mains in the City of Woodcreek later this year.

Another priority was geared toward the impact an Aqua well has on the flow at Jacobs Well due to their close proximity to each other. Aqua is looking at the possibility of a new well that is located further away from Jacobs Well.

These meetings have been and are always focused on the preservation and conservation of our natural areas such as Jacobs Well, Cypress Creek and Blue Hole that make the Wimberley Valley what it is.

As for the proposed rate increases, this is an issue between Aqua Texas and the State. The county and Will Conley have nothing to do with this and have no input to the process. Aqua has filed for a rate increase with the TCEQ that covers all of Aqua’s Southwest Region of which Woodcreek North, The City of Woodcreek, and Mountaincrest are a part. By law, the provider is allowed to recover expenses incurred in the operation and repairs of their systems if those costs are deemed fair and reasonable. Whether these costs are deemed fair and reasonable will be determined after a full review by TCEQ, not the County.

As a private citizen, I am repulsed by the lack of truth that is evident in the tactics that are being used by Mr. Brannon in his campaign against Commissioner Conley. Every statement and article that I have read has had the truth so skewed that it is impossible to understand where this man called Sam Brannon is coming from. If I can’t tell where he is coming from, I damned sure don’t want him as my Precinct 3 Commissioner.

Please feel free to pass this message along to all your friends and neighbors so that they may understand that these latest accusations are totally false and very misleading. Shame on Mr. Brannon for not fully vetting his sources.

Character assassination is politics at its ugliest and I for one despise Mr. Brannon for what he is attempting to do. The voters of Hays County need to be well aware of the real wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be fooled by lies and half truths. Get the real word out and the truth told.


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109 thoughts on “Letter: Don’t be fooled by Sam Brannon’s lies on Aqua Texas

  1. Mr. Eskelund, thank you for sharing this latest UNtruth. It is a disgrace to our county and to Mr. Conley to have an outsider that knows NOTHING about Hays County, come in spew such lies!

    I have read the blogs, the newspaper editorials, the political mailers received (yes, I have LIVED in Precinct 3 for 20+ years and I have a “real” address) and attended the LWV debate. I have never been so ashamed of my fellow Hays County residents as I am in this election.

    I cannot believe that the residents of Precinct 3 would be so gullible as to even give SB the time of day, much less believe him! Unfortunately, many SB supporters do not live in our Precinct or are Democrats that are getting on the band wagon to see Mr. Conley unseated – only for their own future gain. The funny thing is that SB thinks they are really supporting HIM. He will soon find out different. He is sleeping with the other wolves and doesn’t even know it, YET.

    Please tell me how a 47 year old man who has no property in our County, who has never paid a penny of ad valorem tax in our County, who has never even rented a room (much less an apartment or house) in our County, who has no “real” job, who has no past, who lives with his daddy, who has never been married, who has never had children in our schools, can POSSIBLY represent you and me?

    Where is the sense in all this? What are the residents of Precinct 3 thinking? We are much better that this SB!!

  2. The campaign is almost over and this guy has yet to say anything about what he would do as a County Commissioner. Does he think people in Hays County are just stupid? Turn out and vote. These races are important to our local community. Send this guy back to the hole he crawled out of.

  3. Speaking of saying nothing, I got another awesome mailer today, from one of the candidates (or someone on his behalf). I won’t say which, because they’re sadly both about the same. It was full of, well, nothing. Good for compost, I suppose.

    This election gets more disappointing at every turn.

  4. Ted, might you be referencing the Conley Pinocchio mailer which portrays this very media outlet’s comment box as if it were some hard fast news article? That’s very honest and upright, isn’t it? Very family valuey, if I might coin a phrase.

    For all you Conley supporters yell about Brannon being scummy and willing to stoop to innuendo to make a political point, please explain to me how this is any different…please both of you, SB, WC, and all the people caterwauling on both sides about who has kids, who goes to which church, who has what hair, stop. Just go away. You are doing little more than turning people away from the political process.

  5. Ahahaha. That was a good one.

    I’m going to start seeding the comments with “facts” that I can then cite in other conversations.

  6. Au contraire, Cunningham; this has spurred me to take an interest in this race. I had never heard of Sam Brannon before his name was spit out by a Conley cronie here a couple of weeks ago, but after following these boards for what seems like forever, I’ve decided to vote for “the SB”, only because incumbents and their minions start stinking after a while. The mailer received in this aftenoons mail was the tipping point…..

  7. Well, Cameron, I never had my mind made up either. LOL

    But reading some of the vitriolic responses from the Brannon campaign made me realize he would probably respond to constituents the same way.

    Not only have I come not to trust Brannon but I just don’t think he knows how to act properly either.

  8. I never knew until now that having children was a requirement for running for office.

    Thanks for the information.

  9. Winchester,

    Any bank or perspective employer (aren’t we the perspective employer?) view being married, a parent, and owning home as more stable and secure person than if someone is single, w/no children and a renter and/or living with parent as someone who is less stable, secure and settled down.

    If SB would become our County Commissioner, he would be someone that would have a vote on budget and financial matters in ALL County matters. As for me I would prefer to hire the more stable, married, business owner, parent, and owning a home individual. This is a major factor in this race for me.

  10. Secret Agent –

    Those are some pretty outdated stereotypes!

    I don’t want to vote for either of these candidates, but your reasons are simply ridiculous.

  11. These may have already been listed in the many blog entries but can anyone tell me any local organizations, committees, boards or charities on which Mr. Brannon has served? Activity in these type groups is so important to getting to understand the foundational factors on which to base decisions. I know Mr. Conley is very active but I haven’t seen anything about Mr. Brannon.

  12. secretagent: Someone’s home life, as viewed superficially – at best – from afar is going to sway your vote one way or the other? Really?

    Having been involved in public ed for some years now and having met many, many parents, I cannot say I have seen a correlation between competence or ethics and one’s marital status or if they have procreated. And I don’t see how judging someone’s merit based upon these sorts of qualifications — when viewed from afar especially — is any different from picking someone for City Council because they have good hair…alas, however, I think you are quite in line with the typical voter, who very much does care about these sorts of uber-substantive issues…

  13. secretagent robert: family is important, but i’m sure you realize that even “good family men” run astray. as polite people, we prefer not to talk about such things.

    let’s just say that its better to observe a persons character within their choices – in this case, being married or not – than to judge them solely on the choice because we know how misleading that can be.


  14. Secretagent, I deal with banks and mortgage companies on a daily basis; they don’t give a flip about you being a parent; apart from the financial demands it puts on one.

    Next …

  15. SMsince95,

    Your point is very true and he was involved in the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, but it recently dissolved. Much of that has been attributed to his presence and involvement in it. Many of the long-term members weren’t in agreement with his radical political viewpoints. They eventually decided it just wasn’t worth attending anymore. Even the President sided with that decision. Telling…

  16. Further, he is strongly disfavored by all of the current Commissioners, as well as the County Judge. That means nothing would get done if he was to get elected. His presence would cause discord on all levels.

  17. Having children can cause one to put down roots and be involved in their community. It’s not impossible to be a drifter if you have children but it’s more difficult. People who have children are normally involved in school activities, sports activities with their kids. It’s a way to gauge their involvement in and commitment to their community and a way to gauge their demonstrated level of responsibility. Sounds like Brannon and his supporters are not able to understand that simple concept.

  18. There is no I.Q. test prior to having babies. Intrepid, your last argument is ridiculous. You act as if everyone who has children “are normally involved in school activities, sports activities with their kids.” Do some research on crack babies, alcohol-fetal syndrome, child abuse, neglectful parents, etc. That would be a lifelong project.

    By the way, I don’t believe Will Conley had any children when he was first elected.

    Brannon wouldn’t be the first elected official who has no children.

    Speaking of kids, how are the Cutler boys doing with their narcotics case?

  19. Intrepid: I’m no Brannon supporter. I wish he and Conley would both take their negative, childish antics elsewhere. This campaign disgusts me and represents a good chunk of what I feel is wrong about of political system. I was commenting on the ludicrous criteria some people – apparently yourself included – would use to judge who gets their vote. It would be like judging someone based upon the kind of music they preferred. Actually, that might even be more telling than their marital status and what you foolishly think you can glean about it from AFAR – see Newt, John Edwards, Clinton, Kennedy, and countless others for example. Me, I judge my candidates by the kinds of shoes they wear. A good polish can tell much of a person’s character.

  20. Why would anyone vote for somebody who has not demonstrated that they have durable and viable ties to the community when their votes will impact the constituents for a significant period of time?

    Stability is a major factor. Some of you just don’t get it yet and probably never will.

  21. Durable and viable ties to a community are a legitimate concern. I completely agree. But to equate this with marriage or children — unless you personally know the person on an intimate level and can see how they interact — is ignorant.

    Many serial killers have had families and children. Does that mean they would get your vote over someone in their thirties who had never gotten married — or, God forbid, maybe they’re gay and can’t get married –because they could not use a glamor shot of themselves, their two kids and dog on a campaign flyer promising “family values” and the “American dream”? No, I just don’t get that sort of incredibly logical thinking. And to any of my friends out there who might happen to read this, if I do ever seem to “get it” in this manner, please use this as evidence that I’ve begun using very heavy does of meth and PCP and organize an intervention.

    PS: Did I mention that almost 30% of our fellow citizens cannot name the sitting Vice-President? Popular sovereignty indeed.

  22. Anyone can pack up and move at a moments notice in our society. Stability? A concept from the past.

    As for the children issue, Intrepid 2:06 AM; I don’t have children, yet am active with the schools (because that’s where most of my tax dollars go) Lots of people with children neglect them, or worse, abuse them. Being a parent is not a requirement for holding office, clearly you do not understand that simple concept.

    Next …

  23. Keith you crack me UP!! I personally would be more swayed by the type of music someone listens to when considering who to vote for honestly, it IS MUCH more telling. “nice hair” ~ BWWWAA~!!

  24. No one ever said having children was a requirement for running for or holding office. That’s the disingenuous paraphrasing of a Brannon campaign supporter.

    Having children and how you interact with them and support them and their activities, or not, is a valid indicator of someone’s character. Likewise with ones spouse. I do want to know a candidate’s family history including children and ex spouses. It’s just one thing that can give you the overal picture of the candidate. If he had a history of abusing his kids I’d want to know it before the election. But, it’s just one part of the picture.

    Because Brannon’s overall picture must not be very good his supporters launch an all out distraction campaign to obfuscate any questions that might revel that overall picture.

    Another part of the overall picture would be Brannon’s income tax records for the last several years. Has that been disclosed? Why not? Brannon claims a succesful past work history and to have a record as a contributing member of his communities. Would he be willing to release his tax records?

    Like with Obama the Brannon campaign seeks to down play any real vetting of their candidate.

  25. Hey # 6, I’m surprised you know how to spell disingenuous, because you certainly don’t know the meaning of the word. Certainly reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, because if it were, you would know, as I have posted, time and time again, (so you get the drift) I’M NOT VOTING IN THE GOP PRIMARY. (clear enough for you now, I’m not a Brannon supporter) But you Conley clones trotted out, time and time again, all your personal requirements for office holding, starting with the first post in this thread, and then your and Intrepid’s defense of same.

    As for the income tax returns, now that argument is truly disingenuous, as I do not believe the Commissioner has released his.

    Good try, but once again, you fail. For me this is just a political exercise, because, once again, I don’t have a dog in the hunt. But, unfortunately, one of these buffoons will become my County Commissioner.

  26. I’m sorry Intrepid, I mistook you for your other name, secretagent.

    So everyone, please substitute those handles appropriately.

  27. Melissa, can’t speak for either candidate, but over the course of the day it’s been Terry Hendrix, Procal Harum, 801, :Los Lobos, Henry Cow, Buffalo Springfield, Bruce Cockburn and Gil Scott-Heron (rip) for me.

  28. And BTW am not running, nor will I ever. The level that political discourse has sunk to means that no rational human being would consider running.

    In fact, given the level the political discourse has sunk to here ,,,

  29. Perhaps we have found a way to judge who to support.

    What do their followers listen to? Read?

    Just asking. Any of you WC or SB followers want to honestly post?

  30. Once again, I’m not voting in this race. Bu the campaigns are puke inducing. Issues people, issues.

    Both sides have nothing but character defamation.

    Why should I vote for either of these candidates? Riddle me this?

    I want the discourse to be civil and learned. Fat chance so far,.

  31. Hey secretagent, noting like being a d**chebag, huh? Next time your handler gives you a message, let me know. Until then


  32. The moderator of the board has me email address, please feel free to pass it along to Intrepid and secretagent. to prevent cluttering up the bpard.

  33. Maybe if Sam gets elected he can afford to buy a house and start pitching in on taxes. Of course if his party has its way on the national level his dad can move in with him, because R’s want to cut all social programs, including section-8 housing

  34. It’s really funny how the name callers usually wind up being the first to decry the lack of civility and substance in the discussion.

  35. Conley has a proven record of success both in the private sector and in public life. He has proven time and time again his ablity to resolve problems in our communtiy. His record speaks for it’s self

  36. Toto: true in many respects. So why the need to stoop down into the mud with Brannon? If anything, does this not sully said record?

  37. Winchester – “exactly” it should be about the issues. However, the only issues that I can recall that SB talked about were the new government building and the roads. With BOTH, he just wanted to shut them down! Does not sound like very good financial or logical advise to me….

    Had SB come out talking about “real” issues and ways to address them, in a responsible way, then this race could have been civil. Instead, he chose to come out slinging mud and spewing lies. Mr. Conley ignored him for the longest. Then, with no other choice, someone had to start telling the truth about this SB guy!

    Sure, there are things that need to be done in Hays County to get us on track. Always has been – always will be. We have become one of the fastest growing counties in the nation and, with that growth, problems occur and need to be addressed. Mr. Conley gives much more to this county than the law requires – both of his time and his efforts and has been a leader on the Court for years. He is an outstanding representative with a “can-do” attitude! He knows the issues and works hard to address them with common sense and good fiscal responsibility!

    SB does not talk about the issues because he does not understand them!

  38. MEASO, yes Hays County has become a fast growing county. How many of those new KB Homes are being foreclosed?

    Growth, uncontrolled, is usually called cancer.

    The question has become, who wags? Do developers, with now unlimited checkbooks, control the agenda; or do the run of the mill taxpayer? Who has access to the powers that be? My personal knowledge, from the Powers court, is that the law didn’t matter; subdivsions got approved no matter what. Will was part of that Court.

    The spending spree that the Court, with Conley’s approval, has gone on, would make him a ‘tax and spend’ liberal in any other race.

  39. To me, ‘tax and spend liberal’ would be one who spends money on nonessential programs not one who spends money on essential transportation projects that were approved by the voters.

    Growth is not going to be stopped by failing to build roads. That will just make the inevitable growth more painful and eventually more expensive to deal with.

  40. Intrepid, I’m still waiting on Will’s income tax records

    BTW, please note your (or your other handle’s) snark 5’19 23:08 PM. I’ve got no problem saying the king has no clothes, nor in your case, a small penis.

    Melissa, Rory Gallagher, Heart, Neal Young, Mason Williams and Circea Paleo.

    Still waiting on what other listen to.

    Just finished reading That’s How I Roll; and am working on What If.

  41. Int, if the bomber might be needed, it’s OK. If the missile defense system (with cooked books) might be needed, it’ OK.

    Did the voters approve a boulevard to Wimberley? Is that part of the roadway under estimate? What was needed on RR 12 were turn lanes, and passing lanes. OK the bridges are nice, but not what facilitates traffic flow.

    Bottom line, Will is a tax and spend Commissioner. I’ve posted under this name for years; and when it come time for the election, you will have a new nom,

  42. Winchester, it seems a little early in the evening for you to be that drunk at 9:38pm. But, I guess you have to do something to drown your sorrows.

    Here’s hoping your life gets better but don’t count on Conley losing. Hays County voters are too smart for that.


  43. What does AquaTexas/Will Conley/Woodcreek/Winton Porterfield (Kim Porterfield’s husband)/ WSP (Wimberley Spring Partners) have in common?

    No one on this blog/commentary has looked at the connections. What is the truth behind the Trinity Aquifer situation in Wimberley/Dripping Spgs? Everyone is talking about the “potential” mudslinging. Let’s talk about some of the content first, then determine how much is mudslinging.

    When things go dry, like we know that they probably will, then wells start to smell like sulphur, go dry, etc…Does the AquaTexas well affect the Jacob’s Well water levels? Does Winton Porterfields (WSP) corp. have an input into the Woodcreek equation? IS Winton’s WSP making a deal to trade good water for recycled sewerage for the Woodcreek golf coarse, and why? Is Will Conley making a deal with Aqua Texas? Does this deal have to do with multi-family developments in Dripping Spgs, Wimberley, and elsewhere and water acquisition?

    I have heard some startling things about AquaTexas and other nal’l corps
    that are buying up water systems and water rights. AquaTexas and others are buying up many water systems and making profits just by doubling fees. If we had a grievance with the company, then we would have to go to the TCEQ (Texas Council on Environmental Quqlity) formally known as TNRCC. The Texas Water Commission has been adsorbed into the TCEQ now.
    If anyone has investigated the grievance process, they know that the TWC/TCEQ doesn’t have a lot of authority over the private water companies. See Austin American Statesman article:

    Finally, water = development. This is the golden formula…
    Are the actions of our public officials for the benefit of our communities, or are they representing private developer interests?

  44. I was talking with someone today about the entrance to Smokey Mountain Ranch located on RR12 a short distance east of the massive turn to Wimberley at the junction. Even though the roads have been paved, no new turn lanes were created like there is further east at Hugo Road and RR12. Instead, the subdivision is being given signs as a consolation for turn lanes. I was told by the property owner that Conley told the homeowners in this subdivision a new turn lane would cost $1,000,000. Since this part of the road improvement is on the backs of the county , not part of the deal for reimbursement from the state, I agree with Winchester. How about just putting in some turn and passing lanes, instead of a grand entrance to Wimberley?

    With all the rant and rave about Sam’s naked photos, I find it commical that Conley has spent money on two campaign mailings with reproductions of his photos. Frivolous campaign spending is an indication of one’s concept of money and how the tax payer money may be spent.

  45. just got another mailer. Pretty nauseating. I’ll be voting in the primary, but will not be voting for either of these people. In the past, I have supported Conley, but he has chosen to get too far down in the mud, and is doing more harm to us, in the way of sending a message about what people can expect to deal with, should they choose to run for office, than any good he is likely to do in office.

    He has lost my vote. Such a shame.

  46. Ted,

    What is just another mailer? Yes the timing is suspect for the information to come out, but I am looking at the whole water shortage
    across Texas and the rampant purchases of Nat’l water companies, and it is scary how these things are going. Water is life to us and to new developments. Just watch “Jean de Florettes” and “Manon of the Spring”, and you will see how much water is important.

    And,for your information, I am not voting for either candidate as well, and this is not just another mailer.

    Ps. I approve of this commentary!

  47. Actually, it was just another mailer. It mentioned nothing about water. In fact, it mentioned nothing about Hays County, or the issues that we face. It was insulting, and as I stated earlier, it is the sort of thing that discourages people from running for office, or otherwise participating in the process. In that way, both candidates have potentially done more damage to the county than they are likely to offset with any work they may do in office.

    IMO, everyone ought to abstain from voting for either one. Vote in the primary, but leave that item blank. Let them deal with a 0-0 tie.

  48. For clarification, the mailer of the day was from Conley. I’ve stopped paying attention to the “topic” of the thread of the day, because it’s all garbage at this point.

    At least the great Ramos septic tank debate was about *something*, even if, ironically enough, it was crap.

  49. Preacher Gary,

    Wherest art thou whenest we need thee to stop the madness? Although I am once again fully spectin’ to get bombasted for this idealistic, dang near Commie position (Menshevik, if I my history is correct), I doest believe this tarnatious argumentation has once again proven my point — idealistic and impossible as it is to achieve I do admit — that our democratic process would be improved if we could all speak to each other with our proper names in the light of day.

    Good night. I’m gonna go curl up in the fetal position and dream of a political process that is honorable, reasonable, and decent.


  50. Intrepid:

    9:38 is the new 4:20…Nickel Creek, D.I., Jeff Ward, The Clash, Misfits, Dervish, Woody Guthrie, DK, Bad Religion, Desmond Dekker and the Aces…

    At any rate, let’s please encourage each other to vote. Please. Our turnout is sad. Countless people gave their lives so we could have this right. Let’s not shame their sacrifice.

  51. Ted,
    How is sending out information about someone who would have a important role in our community mud slinging. Everything that was sent out was true and documented. Is what one believes about our country not important in a public offical? I think it is very important. Second, I believe SB started this whole trend by sending out his phony news paper. That said nothing but threw all these so called questions out there about Conley. His whole race is full of lies. So Conley can dispute every single one of them and then he will throw out new lies, dispute them , more lies etc. Or just destroy the messenger. It is obvious what Will decided to do. If he was running against a respectable member of our community it would be just about issues.

  52. You can justify it all you want. I am out, and I doubt I am the only one. It’s embarrassing, frankly.

  53. “If he was running against a respectable member of our community it would be just about issues.”

    Now, it’s not just about issues, and neither is respectable.


  54. Ted,
    A mans beliefs are important and is a real issue. If someone running for public office writes in his own letters anti American pieces, that is something I won’t to know. If someone can’t seem to tell the truth, I want to know. If someone is not vested in our community , I want to know. These are all real points and real issues. We can agree to dis agree.

  55. Indeed, we can.

    Choosing to “destroy the messenger,” that messenger being another candidate, has ramifications far beyond this election. It is not something I want to see repeated, when other citizens choose to run, and therefore, it is not something I will reward with my vote.

  56. No doubt this has turned into a very nasty campaign. However the important question is who started this decent into the gutter. There is no question in my mind it was Sam Brannon and his more avid followers. Was Conley not supposed to defend himself?

    I don’t care if SB is married or not, has children or not, whether he owns his dwelling or rents. I do care about someone who has lived here only 2 years yet suddenly is passing himself off as this county’s political savior, making wild statements like how he would abandon half built roads and buildings as if that would make the debt go away, or with out apparently realizing what a huge waste of money that would be.

    So Conley has lowered his campaign to the level of SB in the eyes of some. Sadly I’m not sure he had a choice. I will still be voting for Conley. If you live in Western San Marcos or Wimberley one of these men is going to be your commissioner, truthfuully who do you think would be the best, or the least evil. Unless this is your first election I’m sure it’s not the first time you have voted for the lesser of two evils, and I’ sure it won’t be the last.

  57. With the complete absence of any true record of success in business, civic activity, community involvement Conley has focused on the only record Brannon has.

    I have to wonder if Conley had remained silent about all the negative baggage Brannon has if there would have been any outcry against Brannon’s mudslinging.

    Somehow I doubt it.

  58. Intrepid, as I said before, Mr. Conley had NO CHOICE but to fight back and bring the SB lack of integrity to the attention of the voters.

    When it was originally learned that SB was going for the Precinct 3 position, many laughed, knowing his history and knowing that he was no threat to Mr. Conley. Then, when SB started spewing lies and untruths and conning some of the community to support him, it became obvious that there was no choice but to tell the TRUTH about SB.

    MANY in the community had known SB since he arrived in February 2010 and they had already “vetted” the guy. MANY already knew about his character – or lack, thereof. Mr. Conley did not have to look deep to find what many others had already found. Most of the SB past had been removed from the internet, but enough was still there to give Mr. Conley the evidence that he needed to prove that the SB had no past and no true character!

    When SB visited the home of a friend, I saw the list of supporters (most of whom I know) and I was appalled at the sentance that the committee had “VETTED” the candidate! HOW???? How can you “VET” someone whose past is so well hidden – almost non-existant? What a joke and another lie to the citizens of Precinct 3… You, the committee, REALLY VETTED this guy – HOW??? He told you? You believed him? You called his former employers? What employers?

    What were you, his campaign committee, thinking? That he was telling the truth? How sad! You, his committee, have better sense than this. You were sold a bill of goods, believed it, and sold it to the voters of Precinct 3 as “true”. Most of you don’t even LIVE in Precinct 3!! Shame on you – aka “pillers in the community”.

    We, the residents of Precinct 3, want and deserve a REAL representative. I urge all my fellow residents of Precinct 3 to get out and vote for the ONLY candidate that really “represents” us – Mr. Will Conley!

  59. Intrepid, I suspect you are wrong. In fact, it seems like there was outcry against Brannon’s mudslinging (or his supporters’ mudslinging) from day one. Prior to his recent mailers, I was anticipating a very lopsided win for Conley. It may still be one. That doesn’t change my position.

  60. Ted, I do not know you. But, I suspect you are way to political to actually get out of any race you have an interest in. You’ve said several times that you were ‘out’ but in the next few posts there you are, right back in. But, each reentry brings an outcry about the deplorable tactics from ‘both sides’. It seems to me that you aren’t as altruistic as you try to appear. I don’t think this is a race one can ‘sit out’. Even if you don’t vote in Pct. 3 if you have any concern at all for your community, your county and what is right you have to come to the conclusion that Will Conley is the only candidate that has really been vetted in this race. He’s been vetted over time by being in the public eye and being in office and his performance as been vetted by the voters.

    Brannon hasn’t established himself as anything but a ‘Johnny come lately’ with no demonstrated success in anything. Why would anyone want him for a Commissioner? No good reason for it.

    Will Conley is human and he’s not perfect but he’s the clear choice in this race!

  61. Measo,, you are exactly right! Will carried the ball all the years that he was the only conservative on the court! Will as worked tirelessly for the interests of Pct 3 as well as Hays County. He has been a commissioner that everyone can be proud of and have confidence in.

  62. Abstaining from a vote is not something I take lightly. I comment, for the same reason that I will abstain. I am bothered enough to not vote for Conley, despite voting for him in the past, and going into this election, planning to vote for him again. I am bothered enough not to vote for Brannon, either. More to the point, I am bothered enough to comment, when I keep seeing the same thing.

    You’re welcome to come watch me vote. I have nothing to hide.

  63. I don’t always like his style but I mostly agree with the way he votes so my support is behind Will Conley. He’s involved in the community and knows the issues and the players. I think the best we can hope for with Brannon is an ineffectual first term as he learns the ropes. The worst case is that he goes in, makes a lot of people mad and feathers the nest for a democrat to replace him.

  64. Dear voters in Hays County,

    I have just returned from a 10-day trip to spend time with my 80-year-old mother who is in end stage of colon cancer. We celebrated her 80th birthday this past Saturday. Life is short and precious. I appreciate your prayers. She taught me to not lie and to not run with liars, thieves, and those who deceive.

    Some who oppose my voicing my opinion publicly via internet and via San Marcos Mercury editorial pieces and blogs about SB (Will Conley’s opponent in the Precinct # 3 Hays County Commissioner’s seat race) have asked me to quit writing about SB. I respect their concerns. Even a few friends whose opinions I value also have asked me to quit writing and “just let the voters decide.”

    I will quit writing when the election is over. Why? Because I have to look myself in the mirror each morning to shave. In the farming community that I grew up in, we did not let con artists or liars run our local governments. Too much was at stake.

    I came home to find a mailing in my stack of mail that says Sam Brannon “was banned from a local church…was banned from attending a local church for disruptive and deceitful behavior. The church’s pastor has publicly called Brannon a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.'” (San Marcos Mercury, May 4, 2012).

    If I were you and others, I would want to know WHY Sam, who was welcomed into the church with open arms as a person and assimilated and integrated into the life of the church rather quickly as he was charming and personable and seemed caring…WHY would a pastor ASK him to leave the church? WHY? Please read my answer below.

    1. Sam was aggressively asking members of my church to borrow significant sums of money when he had no job and was supposedly running for U.S. Congress. Some members, after asking him politely to not come on their property anymore after they refused to loan him money, then seriously considered obtaining a restraining order from the courts to keep Sam from harassing church members and family members. Members told me “I will quit attending this church if Sam continues to come and ask me and others for money.” Sam was begging, pleading, harassing, and even suggesting to people that they SHOULD give him money to “return to Turkey.” Some citizens in Hays County are considering filing in the courts for a restraining order against SB coming onto their property during this election season…because he keeps coming back onto properties owned by some just to “talk” and to try and persuade folks to vote for him and to put back up Sam Brannon signs that they have taken down.

    2. Some members of my church (names will be withheld for obvious reasons but these people are willing to talk if necessary to confirm this statement) told me “I am terrified of attending church anymore due to Sam’s presence and his private and frightening threats of what he is willing to do if he can not get government leaders to listen to his answers and suggestions.”

    3. Some members of my church were very uncomfortable with Sam’s threatening presence each Sunday as they dreaded his asking them for large sums of money.

    4. He did not have a job at the time and could give no one a reasonable answer as to how he was going to pay people back the large sums of money he was insisting that some church members loan him. Elderly folks and younger folks were equally uncomfortable with being pressured for money at church from a relatively newcomer. It got very awkward very quickly.

    5. One person in my church located nude photos of Sam on the internet and told me, “Why do we let a man, whom we have welcomed into our church, run for public office after we find out he is a pervert and has nude photos and has very crude poetry on his travel blog?” (His poetry includes lines to a woman “and then let’s swap poop.” Very ill language and photos.

    6. He got very angry at members of the church when they would not loan him large sums of money. Very angry. So angry it terrified some members.

    The church IS a place for the sick and unhealthy…I know that. I have been a pastor for over 35 years. I know that the church is to be a place where we welcome the unstable and try to help them. This has been a most difficult decision in my ministry, this decision to only tell a part of what dangers I know about Sam Brannon. Trust me, I have not told you or the public the worst of what I know.

    Many have thanked me for having the courage as a pastor to tell the truth about who SB is…he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Others of you have been very uncomfortable about my speaking out. I fully understand your discomfort and your disagreement with my decision. I respect that. Please respect my decision to speak out to warn you and others of what I have seen first-hand about SB. I have to look myself in the mirror each morning. I know you do also. May God help us all know what to do for the good of all and for the good of the community. And I pray for Sam Brannon himself as I hope he finds the path in life that leads him to doing right by the people around him who welcomed him with open arms at first two years ago…the people of Hays County.

    Rev Gary Smith

  65. Rev. Smith, I took out the other places on the site where you posted the above letter to keep the conversation focused on thread.

  66. Wow FIVE postcards in TWO WEEKS. That is a record Will for Hays County politics. Like the other posters not only did you loose my vote, but also a volunteer. Today’s postcard was sealed…oooooooo

  67. The argument that some of you are trying to make that WC was tactically less slimy that SB (and sure, I suppose I’ll grant you that) is akin to saying the Dutch were less pervasive with their imperialism than the British, so we should congratulate them for causing less long term damage to the peoples of the world. Just a suggestion, but you might consider checking the ethics of that stance.

    For me, the biggest insult was when a WC flyer tried to pass comments from this website off as if they were from some news article. Someone please tell me how there is any honor in this move and how it does not make him like almost every other sleazy politician willing to bend the truth to stay in office? Please, someone who is defending him make that argument because I just can’t see it.

    WC you keep sending me pictures of you with your family with the implications that you are some righteous family values guy. Perhaps you are, and maybe we have different definitions of the term, but I’d have a hard time looking my kids in the face and speaking to them about honesty if I was pulling that sort of stunt.

    Stupid thing is WC had a record to run on, and with the connections he has made bopping around with the CenTex political aristocracy the past decade he would likely have won handily. Likely still will. There was no reason to go here.

    But, instead, he, along with SB – and our very sweet and honorable sheriff’s race I might add – has given the people of this area yet more reason to turn away from the political process because it reeks. Don’t we have enough of this crap at the state and national level? Do we need it here?. The only people this benefits are the target market driven consultants whose job is made easier by keeping masses of people at the margins of our electoral process and home on election day. Heck, that might be the very point of it all. Me, I say shame on all of you. Maybe you should invest in a mirror and look into it more often.

    My simple solution: give us a “none of the above” option. Put that on the ballot and see who wins the above mentioned races. It would be messy and we’d probably have several rounds of elections before someone actually won, but I suspect we would end up with more palatable candidates and elections. Not that I’m holing my breath…

  68. Methinks the pastor doth protest too much…Is Gary Smith not risking his career as a pastor in all this? What is in it for him, truly? A government job should his church fire him? I have always respected Macel Sullivan, who is named on the SB website as having “vetted” him. I would like to hear from Sam Brannon’s “campaign steering committee” now, under their own names, as to whether they still support him.

  69. Sam Brannon is seeking this office for the salary that comes with it,nothing more, nothing less.He is as much a Republican as George McGovern or Hubert Humphrey was. Please don’t drink the Brannon Kool Aid.

  70. So will Conley has sent out mailers laying out his record over the last eight years. Only two of them talked about SB and all of what was discussed was from SB own hand and public comments in Court. What is wrong with this? Yet SB has done nothing at all to lay out a plan or to discuss his vision for HaYS County. All he has done is throw out crazy lies about Conley, like he dosen’t own a home or busniess in Hays County. What a joke. I find it funny how almost none of you have discussed Conley record. Why? I will tell you why, because almost everything he has led on ,and campaigned for, has worked and been successful for Hays County. In eight short years he has become not only a local leader but a leader for Central Texas. Why does he get so much attention, so much hate thrown his way from a small vocal group. Because he has led and taken on tough issues in our communtiy. We wonder why more good people don’t run for office. You work hard, do what you think is right, and people beat you up and if they can’t find anything on you ,they make stuff up or attack family and friends. God bless Will and all the other officals that put up with these folks trying to build a stronger communtiy.

  71. I haven’t discussed his record, because I was going to vote for him, based on that record.

    Now, I am not. I am not going to argue against his record, because I don’t have a big problem with it. I am not going to campaign for him, because of the reasons I already mentioned.

    I didn’t read back through all of the comments, because I want to keep my lunch down, but it looks like that’s what many of the comments are saying.

  72. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about WC’s mailers. This man has done more for this district then anyone one person in recent years. All of you put yourself in his position, if it was you would be fighting like hell to make sure if you lost this race, everyone would have at least been warned what or who you are getting. The man is trying to stand up not only for himself but for you to.

  73. I’ll make this as simple as possible to cut out all the noise. Will Conley tried to pass quotes from the comment page of the Mercury as if they were from a news story. Obviously they are nothing of the sort. How is this not lying or at least bending of the truth in a sleazy way?

    For those of us who believe people in leadership positions such as county commissioners should be held to a higher standard, how are we to judge this? Do we want ethical standards or are they relative to what is happening at the moment to keep your power intact? All of you defending Conley as some paragon of the people (and I acknowledge his record has many positives) please explain this point for me in non vague terms.

  74. Keith,

    The points made in Conley’s mailer were from many sources. Public record from the Court. From his own writting about America (SB that is). Then from an opionion piece written by his preacher. Most of it was from his own public postions and his own writing. The only part that came from the preacher was about him getting kicked out of a local church. Which is a fact, and confirmed by many. So I don’t see the lie here. Just my take.

  75. I will vote for whoever can make those frigging speed humps on Quail Run street go away…..they appeared overnight (with no notice to the affected residents) and petitions to have them removed have apparently fallen on deaf ears so far……I’m sending the County a bill for my front end alignment……

  76. Ted, really, we get it. You are out of the race. You don’t like anything about it. Nobody is asking you to. But if you are going to be out then why not just stay out? Really.

  77. dano-my understanding is conley got the speedbumps in here. i agree ridiculous waste of money. and then did the county pay to move everyone’s mailboxes so they wouldnt have to cross street?

    but also understand conley helped deerwood take out pablo rosa’s road into their neighborhood…

    so i guess check my facts and then pick ur battle.

  78. I assumed that when people posted “I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about WC’s mailers,” and “I find it funny how almost none of you have discussed Conley record. Why?” they were looking for answers.

    So, I provided mine.

    I did not realize everyone just wanted to hear themselves talk.

    My bad.

  79. I apologize if “But if you are going to be out then why not just stay out?” was a rhetorical question as well.

  80. The SB stories just keep rolling in. As a pastor, I am familiar with an older couple in town who were talked into putting a SB sign in their yard by a friend of thiers. The couple are nice by nature and did not want to refuse to put up the SB sign.

    This lady is very ill. Her husband has read and heard of the horror stories of just how badly flawed SB’s character is and he has since removed the SB sign from his yard. He also called SB a name to friend. The friend went directly to SB and said, “So and so called you (the name).”

    SB went to the elderly couple’s home. The elderly man was not home and the elderly and very ill woman, who could barely make it to the door, finally went to the door to determine who was pounding on her door. She answered the door and SB demanded to speak to her husband. She said, “He is not here” and she assumed SB would then leave so she could get back to bed. SB instead lashed into her, demanding to know WHY her husband called him the name he called SB. The very ill and very nice lady kept the door open and kept telling SB to please go away but SB stayed at the door and kept pressuring her to answer his demanding question as to WHY her husband called him (SB) the name he called him.

    Most of us would have either shut the door in SB’s face or threatened to call the police if he refused to leave our property. She was too nice of a person to do either. So she took his verbal abuse and intimidating questions even though she could barely move. I know this woman. She is immobile due to the late stages of her life-draining illness.

    SB had no sympathy for her, for her illness, or for her repeated pleas and requests to him to please leave.

    This is a true and horrible story. Another horrible story of how we adults have failed to vet properly in our political process and we have endorsed and officially unleashed a monster named SB upon the vulnerable community.

    This has NOTHING to do with politics. SB (here I go again) is a predator, a wolf, and a con artist who is under investigation from the Texas Secretary of State for alleged campaign funds misuse. This horrible story is of how an ill and aging and immobile nice lady, too nice to slam the door in SB’s face, stood and took the abuse of a candidate named SB.

    Surely we adults can vet better than this and offer to the people of Hays County stable and healthy candidates who are at least civil to the aging and ill in our community.

    I was not going to write anymore today but then I was told of how this lady, with whom I have been providing some moral support to her husband over the years as he deals with losing slowly the wife he so dearly loves, had to endure the frightening abuse and unwanted presence of SB standing at her door interrogating her on her property after she pleaded with him to leave her alone.

    We can do better than this SB guy. We have an obligation to do better and to protect the vulnerable ones in our community from wolves like SB.

    I am sorry she had to endure this SB guy. I am sorry that any candidate (be it Will Conley OR anyone) has to waste the time and energy defending the lie factory of SB and the army colonel (where IS that guy anyway?) and others who have united forces to scare a county.

    I hope that after Tuesday that this terminally ill lady can relax again in her own home which is, in America, supposed to be a place of sanctuary and safety from wolves. Until Tuesday evening when final vote totals are announced, I will keep writing for the sake of this nice and aging and ill woman. She needs me and you to speak for her.

    Rev Gary Smith

  81. Dear Hays County voters,

    In 60 hours the polls will close and the primary election results will be known.

    This has been a journey. I read last evening of a History professor here at Texas State University that warned, in writing, back in February of SB’s character flaws that greatly concerned the professor. I was impressed that he and others went public with their concerns long before I did.

    This is not about politics. Politicians, like all humans, have differences in opinions and style and ways. But if the candidate or elected official has character flaws and integrity issues (like SB) then the well is poisened and no good water will come from that well (another thing one learns when growing up on a farm). The well is ruined.

    It is interesting to me that some folks who claim to be well educated, complete with degrees, have questioned and attacked my voicing my opinion (as I have warned repeatedly against SB) as a member of the clergy.

    I do not blame the uneducated and the ones who simply do not know history for their attacks upon my being involved. I do find it fascinating that educated people would attack my being involved…as if there is no precedence in history for the Church deciding to weigh in on serious characters flaws in politicians and political systems. Let me name just a few times the Church has weighed in to warn society and to help protect society, including to help protect the weak and the oppressed in society.

    The Church leaders weighed in heavily, at great personal expense (death) against Roman political leaders after the life and death of Christ for the first three centuries right up through Constantine in 300 A.D. These often martyred Church leaders and members stood up publicly against the political pundits who killed the innocent.

    Martin Luther stood up, as a young monk back in the late 1500s, against the Church itself when the Church’s system and leaders were flawed and were greatly oppressing the people at the time.

    John Newton, a slave shipper himself, converted to Christianity in England in the 1700s and ended up fighting the entire slave enterprise system itself. John Newton later wrote the hymn we all know “Amazing Grace”. Slavery in England was eventually outlawed due to Newton’s bulldog stance against the horrible flaw in social character.

    Many, many Church leaders stood up during the 1930’s and 1940’s in Europe against The Wolf and these leaders died warning the world of the danger the Wolf was to the world.

    Martin Luther King Jr. stood up to our own bigotry from his pulpit back in the 1950s and 1960s.

    President Reagan could not have freed up the world from USSR communist tyranny without the Church’s election of the first Polish Pope. The Pope worked side by side with Reagan to bring the USSR to its knees and to end the Cold War without a shot being fired in 1989. Christmas Eve, 1989, to be exact for those of you not remembering recent history. Reagan was smart enough to know that the courage and willingness of the Church leader, the Pope, had equal efficacious impact when coupled with political intent.

    I am a pastor at a mini-church in a little town called San Marcos, a town for which I have a great affinity. I love being a pastor and caring for ALL people, including the SBs of the world. I have spent an exorbitant amount of time ministering in jails and prisons over the years to the imprisoned and to the troubled and those with deep character flaws in thier lives. God loves them just as much as God loves me and you. I have defended the rights of the imprisoned as I stood up to the character flaws of our legal system. I have my own human issues, as does each of us. But I will continue to defend openly and publicly the sheep (the weak and helpless in our society) from the wolves (the SBs of the world).

    The beautiful thing in the teachings of the Church is that the Wolf can BECOME a sheep IF the wolf chooses to do so. And the Church welcomes the wolf who becomes a sheep (Saul, the wolf who killed thousands in the Early Church, became a sheep named Paul and ended up writing over half of the New Testament books in what is called the Bible for those not familiar with Church history).

    But the wolves with character flaws can not be allowed to hold public office. The Church has stood up to wolves from time to time in history. There is a precedence to my ways.

    SB has serious character flaws. Period.

    Rev Gary Smith

  82. Joe Smuck
    May 26, 2012 – 7:48 pm
    HayscountyKid,Wanna make a friendly bet ?

    yes, because it will be

    Conley 59%
    Brannon 41%

    I had a dream about the outcome so my prediction is on solid footing.

  83. Joe and HaysCountyKid, I am in. I say:

    Conley 71% or more
    SB 29% or less

    yes Lila, all of those inquisitions were very ugly parts of the story.

    I will miss several of you but I will be very glad when Tuesday comes and goes and this is all over. That is, it will be over and back to productive work when Will sins, I mean, Wins. If SB were to win, then the trouble in the county would just begin! Lord, help us.

    There, how is that for brevity? Refreshing, isn’t it? Have a good Memorial Day and remember those who have given the last full measure for others.

  84. I disagree, but as an earlier poster stated, who hasn’t had to hold their nose and vote from time to time. More often these days, it seems.

  85. I’m amazed at the NEW LIES that SB has put out there this weekend – he evidently got a little worried about his campaign signs being “vague” about his party affiliation and his not offering up solutions. SO, he spent a few bucks and bot some “stick on” signs to put on his campaign signs. They are nice and RED and stick out. However, these new signs can be removed for future campaigns in other counties or precints (if he can find a “bud” that he can “live” with).

    LIE #1 – REPUBLICAN. No, SB is an anarchist and/or a Libertarian. Do your research folks – anyone can find this information with a quick Google search. Not one thing, until this Hays County race, indicates that SB has ANY ties to the Republican Party. He declares to his friends that he is an anarchist and he ran (or tried to run) for Congress on the Independent ticket and he is backed by the Libertarian Party. Now, in this race, he is backed by the Democrats. Come on, SB, WHAT ARE YOU???

    LIE #2 – STOP THE SPENDING. Okay, SB, so this is your platform NOW. This was NOT your position when you wanted the new Judge to offer you a high paid consulting position, making more than the Commissioners. Okay – this WAS your position later when you wanted to stop ALL road construction and the building on the government building. Come on, SB, WHICH IS IT???

  86. Will C that sound truck today CLEARLY VIOLATES THE SOUND ORDINANCE. I caught it on tape as well as the actions of your “workers”. The town is being blasted by an incumbent’s campaign that should know the rules disturbing the peace! Did you file for a permit?


  87. Joe Smuck
    May 27, 2012 – 6:54 pm
    Dream on, Bro !!!

    Hey Smuck, what did we bet? Early numbers don’t look good for Sam.


    REP Sam Brannon 0 0.00% 424 26.62%

    REP Will Conley 0 0.00% 1,169 73.38%

  88. By the way, I was amazed to see how Sam Brannon (aka Alias Jones) was able to scrub the internet of his 6 years in Portugal and Turkey as a drifter.

    I can’t stand Will Conley’s politics, but at least he didn’t lie about his life and doings from 2005-2011.

    This ugly, but somewhat interesting, chapter is closed and a carpetbagger has been sent on his way.

    Back to politics as usual. (Probably a better option than politics as “unusual”)

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