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May 12th, 2012
San Marcos CISD voters keep Allen, oust Chiu

San Marcos CISD trustee Judy Allen talked to Texas State mathematics professor Max Warshauer after a meeting earlier this year. Voters returned Allen to fourth term on the school board on Saturday. MERCURY PHOTO by SEAN BATURA


Three years ago, San Marcos CISD voters returned Judy Allen to the school board and picked David Chiu to fill the district’s other at-large seat.

On Saturday, Allen was returned to the board for a fourth three-year term with 895 votes while Chiu was sent packing with 546 votes, the least of all four candidates. In his place, the electorate chose Paul Mayhew, a financial advisor and former San Marcos city council member, who led the pack with 900 votes. Texas State undergraduate Juan Miguel Arredondo, a recent San Marcos High student leader, won 587 votes.

A former San Marcos mayor, Chiu is currently the school board president. He passed up opportunities to argue his case like the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate, which he skipped without explanation.

“I think it’s important to note Mr Chiu’s many years of faithful service. I didn’t see it as running against David, necessarily. I was running for a seat,” said Mayhew, who seemed to strike kind of an informal alliance with Allen in much the same way that Chiu and Arredondo were identified with each other.

Allen, a Texas State family and consumer sciences professor and San Marcos native, said she was worried progress made during her nine years on the board would be undone.

“I felt it was important to be re-elected because I think we’re on a good path and I was concerned that may not continue. I think we’ve made strides forward and that’s the reason why I ran for re-election. I did not want our forward movement to be diverted,” Allen said.

School board members should not be micromanagers of programs established by the district’s professional staff, she on election night, a theme she stressed on the stump.

“I believe we are supposed to set the policy and lay out a global picture of where we want to be and it’s their job to tell us how to get there. It’s my position to let the experts, which is the superintendent and those that work for him, to give us options for where we put our resources,” Allen said.

In Kyle, voters overwhelmingly opted, 496 to 93, to allow mixed drink sales, and thus bars and nightclubs.

Hays CISD voters chose Holly Smith Raymond for an at-large trustee seat currently held by board president Patti Wood, who decided not to seek another term. Raymond won 503 votes to Doug Ragsdale’s 392 and Eric John’s 56. Votes in Hays CISD District 3 chose Robert Limon with 58 votes over Bert Bronaugh Jr with 41.

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