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May 12th, 2012
Letter: Conley’s record speaks for itself


As chairman of the Hays County Republican Party, I write with an urgent message about our upcoming Republican primary election. Very seldom do I weigh in on a primary campaign, but the stakes for Hays County and our party could not be higher than they are in this election.

Less than two years ago, a man named Sam Brannon moved to Hays County after concluding a failed campaign for U.S. Congress as an independent candidate with a campaign committee registered in a Dallas suburb.

Now, he is running for Precinct Three County Commissioner in Hays County against Commissioner Will Conley. Unfortunately, Mr. Brannon is trying to scare Republicans into voting for him by spreading purposely misleading information about Commissioner Conley and many of our local Republican elected leaders.

I will not stand idly by as a political opportunist and outsider to our community falsely attacks and tried to divide our party for nefarious purposes.

Central to Mr. Brannon’s message is Hays County’s debt. He manipulates percentages and statistics to create the appearance that the county’s debt is very high. However, Mr. Brannon’s message is just smoke and mirrors. He hides some very important facts.

First, the vast majority of the debt on Hays County’s balance sheet comes from the road and park bond program approved by voters in 2007 and 2008. As you know, we live in a rapidly growing county. That is why voters overwhelmingly supported a $207 million bond program to improve crowded and unsafe roadways. Commissioner Conley and his fellow Republicans on the commissioner’s court have worked hard to implement these road improvements on time, under budget, and without ever voting to raise tax rates.

These road improvements include such vital roads as Ranch Road 12, FM 2325, I-35 through Hays County, the San Marcos Loop, Hwy 290, Hwy 21, and FM 1626 to name a few. Mr. Brannon believes that we did not improve need to improve any roads and that we should abandon these projects immediately – a position so ridiculous it could only be taken by an outsider who does not understand the issues that matter to Hays County families.

Second, Mr. Brannon fails to mention that Commissioner Conley personally negotiated a
$133 million repayment from the State of Texas to reimburse Hays County for these road
improvements. Thus, the bond debt incurred from our voter-approved road improvement projects is actually much smaller than it appears, since the state will pay about two-thirds of the bill.

Third, Mr. Brannon also fails to mention that some of the debt on the county’s balance sheet is actually an investment that pays for itself. For example, the county paid about $6 million to acquire our Juvenile Justice Center. As a result, surrounding counties are paying Hays County to utilize this excellent facility, and these payments are much larger than the cost than the cost to acquire the center. Thus, while shows as “debt” on our balance sheet, we are actually making money from the project.

What I have mentioned in this letter accounts for the vast majority of the debt on Hays County’s balance sheet. As for the rest? We are investing in a new office building to consolidate several county departments and save taxpayer money over the long term. We also improved an old county road as part of an agreement to secure a new hospital and medical center.

As you can see, Commissioner Conley and his fellow Republicans on the commissioners court are making sound financial decisions. That is why a recent independent audit said that Hays County’s finances are so good, “most governments would envy” our solid financial position.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Commissioner Conley and our Republican county commissioners have never voted to increase taxes and Commissioner Conley authored some of the largest tax cuts in county history.
  • Since taking office, Commissioner Conley has worked to triple Hays County savings account to more than $30 million, and earn one of the highest credit ratings possible for a county government.
  • As a result of strong conservative leadership by our Republican-led commissioners court, Hays County has achieved the third highest rate of job growth in the nation, and we are improving our roads for the future.

On several occasions, Mr. Brannon has been caught lying about Commissioner Conley. It is imperative that we not allow this to stand. Join me in rejecting Sam Brannon’s dishonest message about Commissioner Conley and our Republican county leaders, and also Mr. Brannon’s dangerous position that Hays County should stop improving our roads and preparing for our future.

Now is the time for Hays County Republicans to celebrate strong conservative leadership. I endorse the efforts of our hardworking Republican leaders in Hays County and ask you to join me in moving our community forward with proven conservatives like Commissioner Will Conley.

Hays County Republican Party

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53 thoughts on “Letter: Conley’s record speaks for itself

  1. It is always a tough call when a county chair of a political party gets involved on one side of a primary race. It should be done only in extraordinary circumstances. Whether those circumstance exist in this case, I don’t know. However, Will Conley is so widely respected as a commissioner that I doubt such intervention is necessary. It diminishes the impartiality of a county chair to take sides in a primary. While all the points you make about Conley are good and sufficient enough for him to get my vote, I think having someone else make them would have been the best course and preserved the impartiality normally associated with the position of county chair.

  2. Is Will Conley in that much trouble to have that many people writing letters in support of his reelection? It really sounds like it. Maybe it’s time for change…….what you all think?

  3. I saw somewhere the other day that Brennon was trying to make an issue of a disclosure report Connley filed listing no owned real-estate. The Brannon point was that Connley must be lying because he obviously owns property. To me that made Brannon look like an idiot for not understanding how LLC’c and corporate structures work. it made Brannon look, to me, like he was playing voters for fools if he thought people woul believe that hooey. Con keys name is all over the place. How could he be hiding anything as obvious as Connley Car Wash? Brannon and his supporters who were pushing that line look really foolish, in my opinion.

  4. “Very seldom do I weigh in on a primary campaign . . .” Chairman Kent E. “Bud” Wymore, IV, Esq.

    Let’s see, you weighed in on your boss Scott Field’s current race, you weighed in on Gary Cutler’s current race and what about Will Conley’s race? The above letter to the editor was mass mailed in Precinct 3 with the very important sentences after Bud’s signature, “*Title used for identification purposes. Pd. pol. adv, (sic) by Will Conley Campaign, 701 Mountain Crest, Wimberley, Texas 78676,”

  5. Intrepid, if you actually read the report, Conley was to disclose business interests as well as real estate holdings in his own name, which he did not, so to use your own word, idiot, you’re the idiot.

    And to repeat what I have posted, time and time again, I’m not voting in the GOP primary.

  6. Ellie, during this cycle Bud also has weighed in on the races for 3rd court of appeals(place5), CD 25, Texas senate, and county chair.

  7. Anyone have any idea how much we taxpayers will pay OVER THE LIFE of the road bonds(principle and interest)? That is what should be compared to the $133 million. I guarantee you Bud’s statement about 2/3 reimbursement is the real smoke and mirrors on this issue.

    According to the county’s current budget, the refund from the state this year is less than half of just the interest we will pay on these road bonds.

    Also, can anyone tell me how much we are being reimbursed on the roads in Precinct 3?

  8. Values,

    You obviously have no understanding of the agreement or the county. Plus, you seemed to forget the people of Hays County passed this bond, by a large margin. In fact the largest in our history. The Court has over performed in the management of this program. You no growthers need to take your head out of the sand.

  9. This letter was sent to Hays County Republicans in response to Wymore’s letter:

    Dear Republicans,

    We are writing you today regarding a recent political flyer issued by the Will Conley Campaign. The May 9th mailer purports to be an “urgent message” from current Hays Republican Chairman Bud Wymore warning voters about Mr. Conley’s opponent, Sam Brannon.

    While Mr. Wymore is free to endorse whomever he chooses, Wymore should not seek to imply that local Republican Party has endorsed Commissioner Conley. The local Party should try to avoid being seen as the incumbent protection team and Wymore’s views should not be seen as anything more than an outgoing “cheap shot” from a Chairman not seeking reelection.
    The fact remains that, according to the Texas Bond Review Board, Hays County’s debt has increased 810% under Will Conley, and he voted for every dollar of it. There are no “smoke and mirrors” here, as Wymore claims.

    We are very disappointed in Chairman Wymore’s decision and suggest this will do nothing to rally Republicans around the nominees in November. Wymore has failed in his duty to promote fairness in the process. Wymore’s letter reeks of desperation on behalf of the Conley camp and it is blatant attempt to mislead potential voters. This appears to be part of the deliberate and contrived smear campaign against Brannon, whom we both know to be an honest candidate dedicated to Fiscal Responsibility, Transparency and Local Decision Making.

    Sam Brannon has our vote, and we urge you to give him yours as well.


    Craig Young
    Wimberley, Texas
    Former Hays County Republican Chairman (Current Pct. 337 Chair)

    Lee Schroeder
    San Marcos, Texas
    Former Hays County Republican Chairman

  10. I love that the main issue in SB campaign is that Conley may have not filled out a form correctly. Will has public forms in local, state ,and federal agencies. It is easy and clear what his interest are and what he does and doesn’t own. To show you how silly this whole thing is lets take a look at SB own filing. He owns nothing, and his wife works at the ISD. Hold on a second, does he have a wife? Does she work for the ISD? Well according to SB sworn statment this is the case.
    How silly do you want to get folks? Will has led on every major issue in our county for 8 years, he has been very involved in our community. He has been appointed by his peers across central Texas as a leader on many important issues for central texas. He owns a small company and has done a hell of a lot for non-profits in Hays County. To attack his character is a joke an shows that SB has no real issue to discuss because things are running really well.

  11. Toto, You make a claim about my lack of understanding but have no facts to refute it and can not answer the questions I ask.

    So how about another question for you. How much more are we going to have to borrow in order to complete the roads? (Hint: as of the end of the last fiscal year, we had only borrowed $138 million towards completion of these roads.)

  12. In the interest of accuracy toto, Mr. Brannon’s sworn statement reflects that he works for SM CISD. It does not mention a wife at all, as he is not married.

  13. Look at the filing boys, talk to the county Clerk, it says exactly what I stated. It was also turn in late. Just like some of his election filings. We can keep going and going. Every agency that looks at the county’s accounts say their great, and the road program is on time and well under budget. To the degree that the Court lowered the tax rate last year. You guys are nuts, and Young and Schroeder are just the same. In fact the only reason Young ever won the chairman spot is because his last name was the same as the Republican running for state rep. He was a terrible chairman and I think got kicked out or resigned. Either way you libertarians have a Party, stay there, we dont want you in ours.

  14. Toto: “To the degree that the County lowered the tax rate last year.”

    The tax rate was lowered from 46.92 per hundred to 46.91 per hundred. Big deal. Just a political talking point. What you do not say is that the county’s reserves have declined each of the last two years and is projected to decline again in 2012(Per the audited financial reports)

    Road program on time and under budget? How do we really know. It is not on the county website Conley is so proud of. They talk about the program but give us no numbers (except that widely misunderstood $133 million)

  15. Toto:

    If it were not for those folks you deem libertarians, Patrick Rose would still be in office and Jeff Barton would be our county judge. Whose campaign did you work on?

  16. In fact the county reserves have gone up. Learn how to read a statment. The news about the county has been in every news paper, discussed every other Tuesday in Court. In fact at the debate Conley had a board with just some of the millions of dollars the county has alreay received from the State. You clowns need to lay off the Smoke. Second, I think Conley has the support of every Republican offical in Hays County, including Rep Isaac. Wonder why that is? Maybe because Conley is a good Republican with a proven record. Ummm. and SB is a con looking for a pay check.

  17. When Bud Wymore’s second sentence in the above “letter” is a complete fabrication, why should I believe anything he writes or says?

  18. Toto, you obviously have not read the audit reports. And you obviously do not have any factual basis to refute my statements.

    By the way, I am not a clown. I am a CPA

  19. Glad you guys keep using the Round Up. Everyone in Wimberley knows it is owned and operated by Bob Ocha. I known hippie drug dealer and libral to boot. His main writer was the late Charles O Dell and he is known to be the political hack for former County Judge Liz Sumter. Keep using them it just makes Conley look better.

    Vaules, why did the auditor say the county is so strong? You can view the whole video on the county website Why does Hays County have one of the lowest tax rates in the state? Why do savings go up, tax rates go down, credit scores increasing? I hope you arent a CPA for a living. God help your customers. Why has every offical in Hays County and others stated how strong the county finanaces are? Everyone is wrong or lying? Like I said you guys are nuts and you cant debate crazy.

  20. toto, Bud’s statement is false to the degree it is misleading (for no apparent reason other than to create non-issues in the Precinct 3 election). The campaign committee was registered and located in Richardson, Texas. Mr. Brannon has resided in San Marcos since February 2010.

  21. I do agree that Will Conley’s record speaks for itself… time for a change, a new standard of transparency, trustworthiness, accessibility and accountability.

  22. toto, as to Ellie’s post, I believe the second sentence in Bud’s letter is “Very seldom do I weigh in on a primary campaign, but the stakes for Hays County and our party could not be higher than they are in this election.” Which, by all accounts, is patently false. toto may have challenges in comprehending the written word.

  23. Mr. Wymore,

    The incumbent LOST MY VOTE after you sent out that mailer. You placed your advocacy on “letter head” making it look like an official mailer from the Republican Party. The fine print on the bottom tells us this was a paid political advertisement. How unethical. If your name is on the ballot for chair again, you can count I will not be voting for you.

    Let Will stand on his record. He had my vote even after cutting funds 100% from Clean Air Force and Hospice Care. But, this good ole boy network mentality is reflective of lack of scruples and low down and dirty politics. Will most people realize your letter was a paid advertisement, i just wonder?

    The Conley campaign is committing the same sort of unethical transgressions that it accuses the Brannon campaign. Very embarrassed for the incumbent. And, considering the little backlash he has received from the press, its just business as usual in Bubba Land.

    Regards, LM Coppoletta – Hays County Republican (512) 644 – 6264

  24. Just get ready. If SB is elected he will revert back his untidy long haired unclean appearance just as he reverted back after his top level corporate gig. Oh but wait a minute maybe he didnt revert. Maybe he COULD dress as a homeless hippy at GE Capital and American Express as he worked the phone bank fixing creditcard problems for card holders. Have we ever seen him in any top level corporate photos being awarded any kind of recognition for a job well done. No, all we have is his word, but no proof. He says he worked in supply chain management. Well, was it automotive parts, was it agriculture related, was it medical supplies/components—-just what industry was he involved in? Look up the websites for the obscure companies he was an officer in. What a joke!—-Get real people—who is this guy, what has he done to merit favor, what is his platform.

  25. Mr. Brannon did not work ‘phone banks…’ but was an account executive and district sales manager with GE Capital and American Express.

  26. The Brannon campaign must be stooping to Constable Kohlers tricks. Their claim that Conley tried to hide anything with that form makes about as much sense as Kohlers claims against Brannon for his refusal to properly salute the flag and bow during prayer. Brannon and Kohler both look equally foolish. But Brannon looks foolish on both counts.

  27. juan,
    you make my point well. i had understood that he worked in supply chain management. Now I see from the vetting process he worked on supply chain software. but in your rebuttle to my comments you say he worked in as you say “he worked in the multimillion dollar software industry supply chain side”—whatever that means. so, just tell us did he development software or did he sell software. if he developed software for supply chain management, what companies did he develope it for. if he just sold software, what industry did he sell it to—again, medical, auto, agriculture?? his vetters say they interviewed his bosses but fail to give info on what his jobs actually were. you mention that he received numerous awards. well, what were these awards—–show us certificates, show us photos of presentations, give us the names of the people who presented the awards. when the vetters say “our sources say” —– well, there goes the transpanency and openness claims.
    So, I am sorry Juan ——-too many holes, too many unanswered questions, too much deception. Still, he will revert back to his old ways or, actually, his current ways if he is elected. the only difference is that he will lose the short hair and the blazer and to back to —-his true look..

  28. The 2012 Precinct 3 Hair Issue. Really LOL. Conley’s hair, Brannon’s hair. Brannon wins that one hands down.

    On a serious note, there are some very concerned voters as to Will Conley’s “record”:

    “Get rid of Conley.

    It was only a matter of time before his criminal behavior began to surface.

    I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until his business dealings with Winton Porterfield and the road companies comes to the fore. Let’s hope he is out of office by then, so the taxpayers won’t be out of a representative while Will is in jail.

    I am sure Mike Moeller can give him some pointers about how to behave.”

    “Would somebody please ask Will Conley why he thought he had the authority to spend over $130K building that monstrous stone entryway into the Saddleridge subdivision, where he owns two lots and plans to live someday?

    This is an outrageous abuse of public money for private benefit and a clear conflict of interest for him to have proposed or allowed this to occur.

    How does a fancy entryway into Saddleridge benefit the taxpayers who paid for it?

    When Conley votes to use your tax money for things like this overblown, private entryway, who benefits?

    When Conley colludes with Winton Porterfield to support development in Woodcreek, who benefits?

    When Conley votes at the Court and on CAMPO to build big roads in Hays County, who benefits?

    How much longer can we tolerate Conley buying votes with public money?

    Follow the money.

    Follow the silence.

    Follow the complicity.”

    “As expected, discussion of the master plan for Jacob’s Well Natural Area is not on the Commissioners Court agenda for May 15, either.

    Many have predicted that Conley won’t let this matter be publicly discussed until after the May 29 primary which will determine whether he will remain in office as commissioner for precinct 3. When will this cowardly man ever face our questions?”

    “I cannot stand the fact that this man represents my Precinct. This is just awful to have someone like him sitting on the Court making life decisions for us. It’s really sad. It makes us all seem corrupt.”

    “Ask Conley what is discussed in his frequent private joint meetings with Aqua Texas and WVWA.

    You can ask — but you won’t get an answer. He’ll talk all around the subject and never say anything.

    In fact, that is what he does 98% of the time when he opens his mouth.”

    “Conley has switched to a new way to use up time before he has to begin speaking. He doesn’t as often thank everyone interminably first. Now he re-positions the chair he was sitting in and then re-buttons his coat. Anything to cut down on the time in which he must pretend to actually answer a question.”

  29. Juan, aka Sam Brannon,

    You are so full of crap! The only thing your doing is screaming a bunch of lies and hope that you can get enough people to believe you enough to vote for you. I sure hope you get everything in life that you deserve, be it good or bad.

    To the voting public; Dont listen to anyone on who to vote for in this election. It is your duty to do your own research on who best represents what you beleive in. Part of our problems in our US government is people beleive what they hear and never do their own research. Please do your own research and do NOT listen to every Tom, Dick, or Harry, cause their just going to tell you what you want to hear.

  30. For, hopefully, the last time, I am not Sam Brannon, idiot. Get a clue, Hays County is sick and tired and ovah Conley’s gladhanding and mismanagement of the county’s business.

  31. BTW I am a woman. I find it very fascinating that Conley’s cheerleaders are functionally illiterate when it comes to expressing their points of view in written format. I shudder to think of encountering such frothing, misplaced emotional vigilantes in person. Hyperbole, illogical outbursts, obssessive and passive aggressive comments, hysteria, cyber-bullying and other nonsense. Talk among yourselves, please, and leave the rest of us out of your craziness.

  32. Juan,

    Since everyone, including me thinks your Sam Brannon, why not give us your real name? Tell you what, i will give you and everyone else my real name if you give us yours. Maybe if you did more people would take you seriously, and you might have some credibility at that point.

  33. Please make them stop. Democracy in the age of blogs seems to be degenerating to illiterate lies which can only be countered by even wilder stories. Please go away. Give me rational voices on pertinent issues.

  34. It seems the Brannon campaign can make demands of transparency but can’t deliver when it comes to simp,e answers that anyone would be expected to fill in to any job application. Where did you work? Name of company, address, supervisor’s name, job title, duties, etc. References are usually more specific than just ‘unnamed sources”. Brannon seems to be hiding too much this far. And he hasn’t even been elected to anything. If he would hide his past like he has when trying to get elected then you sure couldn’t expect a straight answer if he was in office.

  35. I’m with skeptical.

    This race leaves a lot to be desired. The bar was set pretty low at the beginning and nobody seems interested in raising it.

  36. Juan,

    While you may or may not be Brannon, you have established yourself as his primary supporter – at least on this thread. At the very least, you seem to know him well. Some important and valid questions have been posed above by sam isham. Would you care to address those?

    It seems that the approach being taken here is to tear down the opposing candidate rather than building up the candidate that you choose.
    As an undecided voter (leaning toward Conley), I need to know what Sam Brannon will bring to the table that will change my mind. I don’t need endless prattle about what you think Conley has done wrong. Frankly, I disagree with about 2/3 of your assessment of Conley’s performance – so sell me your guy…..

  37. Vote your conscience, it’s your call. I’m not selling anything I’m not associated with anybody’s campaign as I’ve said from the start. I won’t sit by and watch unfounded and crazy accusations slung in my friend’s direction either. I will share other people’s assessments of Conley’s record because it does speak for itself. You don’t have to read them. A small minority of blog posters, such as the “Rev.” Smith and sam isham, intrepid and secretagent have made false and bizarre claims about Mr. Brannon, and then fault those who disagree. Sam is new to politics and I see that as a positive. He will bring fair dealings, common sense, financial accountability without all the waste and crony-ism. That’s a great start.

  38. Neither candidate has turned up here, or at least neither has claimed ownership of any of these personas.

    The discourse, on both sides, in these forums, has been pretty sad. Perhaps you haven’t been reading lately.

  39. As requested by others here, I posted info concerning Brannon’s background, resume and biographical two days ago; however, it has been deleted. I’ve attempted to post the same info again today but it is ‘awaiting approval’ by the moderator.

  40. From time to time, I like to tell funny, embarrassing stories about myself. One of my favorites, and by far one of the most embarrassing, involves me, early in my college years, at a party in Austin. I found myself in a debate with one of the other party goers. The topic and our positions are immaterial.

    After a short period, it became clear that I had had one or two too many beers, to hold up my end of the debate. I ran out of intelligent things to say. So, I popped off with “why don’t you get a haircut, and then we’ll talk.”

    I’m still embarrassed, to think about it. But, I was drunk.

    This is the level where the presumably sober folks, on both sides of the election, STARTED their debate, and it’s where they’ve pretty much stayed, for the duration.

    Like I said, it’s pretty sad.

  41. Agreed, Ted. I apologize to anyone I’ve offended in my efforts to defend against false and malicious commentary about a good man and longtime friend. I admit it is frustrating to see the dialogue go so far off the tracks when the material issues are very important to both candidates and the voters of Hays Cty.

  42. Well, with the name ‘juan seriousmofo’ how serious was anyone else going to take you anyway? You took yourself far more serious than anyone else did.

  43. Probably so. I chose the name as it relates to an inside joke and I think it’s funny if not altogether silly. I am curious as to your chosen handle. I think it’s funny too being that its used to post anonymously which isn’t exactly an intrepid act. I think more people would use their proper names if it weren’t for a couple of obssessed commentators who might take things a bit too far outside of a blog post. In the interest of bringing the focus back to the election issues in a positive light I will make only positive, informative posts accordingly and will ignore anything otherwise. Here’s hoping others will do the same.

  44. In all seriousness Brannon has undermined his own credibility by unsubstantiated allegations and petty, unfounded claims like with the disclosure form. I’m all for holding officials accountable but candidates need to be accountable, too. If they can’t account for their past work history with specifics I can’t have any faith that they will tell the truth once elected. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. What, specifically, has Brannon accomplished? How is it verifiable? Will he release his tax returns? If no, why not? Where has he owned property? What is his record on paying property taxes? Where? Has he ever drawn unemployment? Children? Prior marriages? Divorces?Just a few questions, just a start.All of this is pretty much out there and known about Conley and has been for years.

  45. Will has a proven record. He has a family and has worked hard in this county for years. We know who he is and for what he stands. Mr. Brannon has no proven history of excellence in any way. He is not a republican; he is an anarchist. Talk to him. He believes that all of us would be better off with no governing body at all. He believes the government is an entity of control only and can only do us harm. How do I know this? He told me.
    Mr. Conley is responsible for meeting with county officials,community members, business men and women, and occasionally officials on a national level. It would be a detriment for someone like Mr. Brannon, who will not even salute the American flag, to be sent to Washington to diplomatically represent us. On a county level, nothing would get done. The current Commissioners, as well as the County Judge are in constant opposition with Brannon (watch some of the court video archives). They disfavor for him and what he represents. In one of the video archives, Mr. Brannon can be seen threatening the Judge and is confronted about his outlandish behavior in the court room. To have someone of this nature representing our county would be at best, shameful.

  46. Intrepid, I can direct you, again, to Mr. Brannon’s resume and background information as well as an interview given in a public newsblog. You can also visit his website (address below or google it) I’ve attempted to post links to that info here but it is still awaiting moderator approval.

    He has a history of paying property taxes on all properties he’s ever owned. He owned three homes in Dallas, Spring, and College Station, Texas, over the course of the past 20 years. They have been sold. However you may do a real property appraisal district searc h in each county to verify his past ownership if you wish to.

    His family all live in Austin and San Marcos. The family is very close and always has been. Sam’s mom passed away in 2007 of cancer. He of course left his travels and flew back to stay with the family in Austin during the course of his mom’s treatments and for the remainder of her life. He then resumed his travels for the next three years returning to Texas in February 2010.

    He has never drawn unemployment. He has no children. He has one prior marriage of about ten years, which was dissolved via an amicable uncontested divorce. He paid his former wife’s way through veterinary school at Texas A & M during the marriage. She is now a practicing DVM.

    As to his accomplishments, this information has been made public several times over and is available to those who wish to digest it. During college in Austin, Sam volunteered as a Big Brother to a young man who is now grown with a family of his own. He and Sam remain close and have a genuine bond and relationship.

    He graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 1989 with a BBA in Finance and has worked in the professional arena since that date until 2006 when he purposely decided to travel abroad. He was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle in June 2006, three months into his travels. You can google that article for details. There is a photo of Sam in that article for those of you who are concerned with his ‘hair’ issues lol.

    You could email Sam with any specific questions. He’s made himself completely accessible to voters at all times. I’ll attempt to post his email and phone number in the next post; as I think anything with a link or hyperlink has to be cleared by the moderator, and I’m still waiting for the links I tried to post yesterday to be posted. You can visit his sam for hays county / about – sam- brannon website for more information and contact information.

  47. Dear SB One Serious Mofo and others,

    SB is, as we say here in Texas, “All hat and no cattle.”

    He insulted all teachers by greatly inflating his resume. His resume should read “rare substitute teaching responsibilities within SMCISD.” Instead his resume reads “Consultant to the SMCISD superintendent and administration.”

    All hat and no cattle.

    His resume reads with NO details except things like “senior manager at supply chain corporation.” It should read “bill collector for phone bank subcontractors”. SB is, among other things, a great inflator of his own resume and of his own importance in the world. He is not, despite his claims, the savior to Hays County politics.

    He is, in my opinion, not one to be trusted to write a contract for even a garbage truck route. He would then be, in his own style, “a senior corporate manager and author of all Sanitation Engineers contracts and responsible for the entire environmental clean-up and maintenance of all 5,641 square miles of Hays County, including water rights and all water ways and all highway maintenance (road side trash details) for all 2 million miles of roads in Hays County.”

    SB would not pay attention to the square miles (Hays County is 641 square miles I believe) or to the actual miles of highways in Hays County. SB wants to stop all road maintenance anyway, so the total miles listed in his resume is irrelevent to him anyway.

    I know. I know. Give it up and relax, Gary. Have faith. Trust the people. I do. I just can not stay quiet until this con artist named SB loses this race for handling MY(OUR) money and then goes back to Turkey to pay his debts owed there. Had I to do it over again, I would GIVE SB the money to return to Turkey to pay his debts there and get back with his “hottie” that he says is waiting for his return.

    Thank you for reading. I will keep writing until this race is over.
    Gary Smith

  48. My personal opinion on the subject is that it is one thing for a citizen to take to task and and question an official’s conduct during the process. That is the way it works and the right of a citizen to express that point. It is another thing for a member of the commissioner’s court to disrespect the process and decorum of the court by cussing, making rude and belittling comments, and talking over the Judge. That behavior would not fly in the professonal private sector. But Conley’s never worked in that arena and knows not the consequences professionally in that regard. Not to second guess the sitting judge’s reaction to Conley’s outburst, that’s her call. I personally would have had him removed from the dias until he could conduct himself in a proper and respectful manner when discussing county business in session. Otherwise, the process is impeded and is wasteful of all participant’s time and efforts.

  49. Dear SB One Serious Mofo,

    I sat in the front row of the League of Women Voters debate. You talked to the moderator frequently while Will Conley was addressing you and the crowd. You smirked. You did not even have the courtesy to sit with the other candidates, as you sat in the back row with the coward of an army colonel who huddled in the back with you, afraid to mingle with the people and other candidates. Yes, this is crude and blunt. It is crude and blunt because you flaunt all of your lies and ways in front of us all and you dare us to challenge you.

    You and the colonel (I still salute his service to our country)are being challenged publicly to come clean, act civil, fold your cards, and go back to Turkey. I am sure that by now you can find someone in Hays County to loan you the money that you begged and pleaded for privately from county officials so that you could “go back to Turkey”.

    You know you are a con artist and you are daring someone to catch you. Your kind is obvious to the aware and a threat to us all. And this is not about politics.


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