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May 11th, 2012
Letter: Cutler brings professionalism to sheriff’s office


I had the honor of serving the San Marcos/Hays County community as a police officer for more than 20 years before retiring last year from the San Marcos Police Department as a commander. During that time, I worked very closely with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office including being one of the first members and organizers of the current joint Narcotics Task Force, joint SWAT Team, and the ALERRT Training program. Each of these programs began as a joint venture between SMPD and the Sheriff’s Office.

Because of my personal experience, I have been asked by many in the community about my opinion of the Sheriff’s race. I can say without any hesitation that Sheriff Gary Cutler is the most qualified and experienced person in this race. Although there are many examples I could cite as to why his opponent should never be Sheriff, I would rather focus on the great job Sheriff Gary Cutler is doing at the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Gary Cutler has extensive leadership, budgeting and management experience. He immediately began saving the County over $500,000 a year by not housing our inmates in the Guadalupe County jail like his opponent did. Those savings are now being used to repair and update our jail so it will continue to last and we will not have to build a new one anytime soon. In addition, he has put inmates to work picking up trash along the highways and cleaning up public property and parks. Finally, Sheriff Gary Cutler turns the lights out in the jail at 10 p.m. instead of allowing inmates to stay up until 1 a.m. watching TV and playing games as his opponent did. This is also saving thousands of dollars in electric bills and establishing discipline in the jail.

Sheriff Gary Cutler has received the endorsement of every law enforcement association in Hays County, something that has never been done. The Sheriff’s Office enjoys great working relationships again with other area law enforcement agencies and previously strained relationships have been repaired. Property crimes and violent crimes are both down. Morale is higher than it has been in years.

These are just a few examples of the great, professional work being done at the Sherriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Gary Cutler. Please join me in voting for Sheriff Gary Cutler and continuing to move the Hays County Sheriff’s Office forward.

San Marcos

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6 thoughts on “Letter: Cutler brings professionalism to sheriff’s office

  1. Well said. Thanks for sharing your insights. It’s refreshing to hear why someone is the right candidate, as opposed to why everyone is the wrong one.

  2. Why doesn’t someone ask cutler about the six (6) lawsuits against him in less than two years. Ratliff only had (1) one. And that one was with an employee that was in GOOD standing with the State of Texas. How can you hold Ratliff responsible for that?

  3. The people in the community that are asking, are they the same ones that voted for you? Housing inmates out of county started under Sheriff Montague, has he forgotten? Rash pickup on State Highways, their are organizations that adopt the highway. Why is Cutler having that trash picked up? Political reason? Probably!

  4. sheriff cutler was endorsed by hays county F.O.P.(fraternal order of police) with only 7members present 4 voted to endorse cutler, 1 abstained, and 2 voted not to endorse. i wonder how many members are in F.O.P.? does not seem like that big of a deal to me, but i guess it is an endorsement.

  5. Concerned, I sure hope they voted for me! If not, I forgive them this time LOL. I really don’t want to waste everyone’s time slinging back and forth with you. I want to be positive. But on a side note, I do really enjoying seeing prisoners picking up trash and working instead of playing games all day!

    I would like to add a congratulations to Sheriff Gary Cutler and the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office for the across the board double digit decline in crime reported in 2011 to the FBI through the Uniformed Crime Reports (UCR). This includes a 23% decrease in total crimes reported, 14% decrease in burglaries, 38% decrease in theft and an 11% decrease in assaults. All of this with a booming and growing population in the county!

    In hard economic times such as these, crime rates, especially property crimes, historically go up. It is a testament to the Sheriff’s Crime Prevention team, Patrol Deputies out working our neighborhoods, Detectives solving cases and citizens being aware that these rates are declining. It is really refreshing to see the Sheriff’s Office clicking on all cylinders and people enjoying coming to work. Thank you all!

  6. Based on the new stats it looks like there is only one choice for Sheriff of Hays County. Sheriff Gary Cutler has accomplished amazing things in such a short time. He is definitely leading the Hays County Sheriiff’s Office in the right direction.

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