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April 14th, 2012
Cop couple indicted in alleged road rage tirade [PRO]


A Hays County grand jury indicted a San Marcos cop couple Thursday on charges stemming from a road rage incident last November. One of them is accused of shooting a gun at a vehicle and a home.

San Marcos police Det. Kathy Misiaszek, and her husband, retired San Marcos police Sgt. Dan Misiaszek, were arrested and released Thursday from the Hays County jail on charges of deadly conduct, records state.

According to the indictments, on Nov. 23, Kathy Misiaszek, 52, ran her car into another vehicle occupied by driver Calvin Guthrie and a passenger, Timothy Young, while traveling on Ranch Road 12 between San Marcos and Wimberley. Dan Misiaszek, 50, shot a firearm at the vehicle and in the direction of a residence, the indictments state.

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7 thoughts on “Cop couple indicted in alleged road rage tirade [PRO]

  1. For any one that wants Dans response please look at KVUE TV’s blog on the incident. To say the least we beleive that when the truth about CalvIn Guthry, the felon whose vehIcle hit Dans vehicle that the wrong people were indicted.

  2. From the response on KVUE… The way I read it is that he cornered them on a deadend street and then felt threatened??? Uh, he put himself in a bad situation after reportedly calling 911. What was the purpose of that? I think the Grand Jury was right, this needs to go to trial and let these rogues be exposed. The rest of the SMPD I have observed have much higher values and restraint than these two “railroaded” individuals. Look forward to learning more details from the trial since they are so innocent and obviously would not dream of a plea.

    Clavin’s history aside, Mr Sergi, any comments on the other history listed for the Misiaszeks? I realize the charges were dropped, but to have had charges brought in the first place… Hmmm. Does not seem normal to me.

    The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up.

  3. Sounds like two bad apples got hold of badges and started playing good good cop-bad cop but forgot about the good cop part.

  4. Sounds like a drunken doper thought he’s run from the wrong hombre. I suspect the Misiaszeks will be acquitted. As they should be.

  5. I missed reading anything about the “drunken doper” being arrested. Maybe he was running in fear from a road rage incident and not drunk or high. Unfortunately turned on a dead end street with his attacker laying in wait. Oopsy!!!

  6. Just going by the claims of Sergi in the KVUE story. Was there an accident and a driver refused to stop? Sounds like it. I think the law says you have to stop. Could they have not known they “sideswiped” another vehicle? I doubt it, something like that makes a lot of noise. As you say, I look forward to the trial.

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