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April 13th, 2012
Animal control officers catch, release bobcat


City worker Usbaldo Patino used a pole snare to capture a bobcat running loose in San Marcos on Thursday. FACEBOOK PHOTO

A San Marcos animal control officer safely captured a wild bobcat at the Frost Bank location on Wonder World Drive Thursday, April 12.

The cat had no contact with humans, and it was deemed healthy enough to release back into the wild.

Animal control officers first learned of an at-large bobcat on the morning of April 5 when residents reported it in a yard on Lisa Lane. It escaped from officer Usbaldo Patino, but showed no sign of aggression.

The next bobcat sighting was April 12 in a tree at Frost Bank. Employees called Animal Control at 9:20 a.m., and Patino caught it with a pole snare.

After consulting with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, San Marcos Animal Control released the bobcat into a remote part of one of the city’s green spaces away from trails and developed areas.

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One thought on “Animal control officers catch, release bobcat

  1. This is bobcat country and you better let them keep some of it! Thanks for releasing him back into his own country. They are obviously feeling the squeeze of development in San Marcos.

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