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April 3rd, 2012
Verbatim: More river folks on proposed park rules 3


This is Day 4 of our man-on-the-river interviews about proposed new San Marcos parks rules, including a ban on alcohol. Parker mapped the responses from his interviews here.

According to our unscientific survey conducted online last week, 61 percent of San Marcos Mercury readers either strongly disagree or disagree with the proposed alcohol display and consumption ban and 47 percent oppose giving the parks director the authority to ban barbecue grills. The same pool of respondents heavily favor steeper littering fines and prohibiting Styrofoam containers. Download a summary of survey responses here.

The council is scheduled to vote on the measures today, April 3. If you can’t attend the 6 p.m. meeting at San Marcos City Hall, tune into live tweeting of the debate by following @themercurynews on Twitter.

“You should be able to drink at the places near the river. I can understand not allowing alcohol in the kids areas and baseball fields. Drinking to an extent is fine but drinking to where you are becoming a problem is a different story.”

— LONNY O’CLAIR, a Kyle resident

“I think people will still do it. It seems like 60 or 70 percent of the people out here are drinking. I don’t think it will change much.”

— PEDRO RAMIREZ, a high school student visiting from New Braunfels

“I know there are fights sometime, but there are park rangers out here to control that. What’s the point of coming to the river if you can’t cook out with your family and drink a little. It’s all about having a good time with family and friends.”

— MAGGIE HART a lifelong San Marcos resident

“In my opinion, the park is just fine the way it is. People should be able to have one or two beers, as long as you don’t get drunk because then a lot can happen.”

— SERGIO JUAREZ, a 10-year Hays County resident

“Everyone in San Marcos associates the river with barbecuing and having a few beers. The litter in San Marcos is not near as bad as New Braunfels. [San Marcos] is a lot more family oriented.”

— JESS GARCIA, who has lived in either Hays County or Comal County his entire life resident

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