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March 27th, 2012
Verbatim: Local people on proposed San Marcos parks rules

About this series: We’re spending the next seven days — every day until the San Marcos City Council votes April 3 on new parks rules — asking folks we come across out by the river what they think of the proposals. Student journalist KOLTEN PARKER, a Texas State journalism undergraduate, kicks off this feature today with people he spoke to Monday evening during a walk in Sewell Park:


“I think people will drink anyways. I think people will drink hard liquor concealed in a cup rather than beer and end up even more drunk because of it. … I’ve never had to worry about bringing my two kids to the river.”

Stay-at-home mom AUBREY UBBEN, a seven-year San Marcos resident.


“I would like to see less litter like glass bottles, cans and cardboard in the river. Seeing the litter really frustrates me. But littering is one thing and having a picnic and enjoying a beer is separate. It would be a shame if families and students couldn’t enjoy a picnic at the river [but] I do like it a little quieter, safer and cleaner.”

— FAZIA RIZVI, an actress, writer and 13-year resident


“I think people who are old enough to drink should be able to at the city parks. After all, it’s supposed to be our river. But, I think that cracking down on littering is a good idea. … I’ve personally never seen any fights at the river and I come two or three times a week.”

— English and creative writing undergrad YURI BOLIVAR, 21.


“Litter has definitely become a problem. I think it (banning alcohol) is a good tool to use against littering and people getting out of hand. But for people drinking lightly and not causing problems I don’t think they should be told they can’t have a few beers.”

— 2010 Texas State political science grad ADAM LANDRY, a six year resident

“I think people should have the right to drink. If people want to get together and have a couple of beers, that’s fine with me. People should have the right to do these things (barbecue, drink, spearfishing) if its not hurting anyone or the environment.”

RILEY BOOTH, 19, a lifelong Hays County resident


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