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March 26th, 2012
Video: ‘We’re behind the 8 ball’ on water, Sansom says



The PBS NewsHour has produced a series examining how American communities across the country are coping with climate change. The series, in partnership with StateImpact Texas, takes a look at the very different approaches taken by two drought-stricken Texas towns. It also explores the challenges created by drought, hot temperatures and massive wildfires. Below are videos from the series. And click here for a before-and-after interactive map of the the Texas drought.

The feature includes an an interview with Andy Sansom, director of Texas State University’s River Systems Institute. “There’s a growing recognition that drought of the 50s may not be as bad as it can ultimately get. In terms of preparing for a really serious drought, we’re behind the eight ball.”

Two Texas Towns Run Out of Water:

In Drought-Stricken Texas, The Hunt for Water Heads Deep Underground:

JUSTIN DEHN reports for State ImpactTexas, a project of National Public Radio. This story was rebroadcast here through a news partnership between The Texas Tribune and the San Marcos Mercury.

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