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March 2nd, 2012
Iconoclastic shopkeeper Rob Robinson found dead

Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson, a longtime fixture of downtown culture as proprietor of The Hill Country Humidor, was found dead at his home yesterday. No further details are available at this time. The Mercury is on the story.


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29 thoughts on “Iconoclastic shopkeeper Rob Robinson found dead

  1. Finding the words to express what this man meant to me and everyone else who came in contact with him is impossible. It will be extremely tough to say good bye. My condolences also to Shirley a wonderful woman.

  2. I know nothing about Mr. Robinson, though I had heard about his shop downtown. My condolences to his family and friends.

    I am curious….what did he do that would have the title of this blurb refer to him as “iconoclastic”? I assume the term was used in a complimentary fashion, but its meaning isn’t always complimentary.

  3. My dear friend St. Rob who always had something good to say to cheer me up, my own personal Mark Twain, wise with Einstein Eyes. You were good medicine. I and many many other people will miss you, for being the amazing person you are and having a galaxy of soul.

  4. Rob was such a wonderful, interesting man. He was intelligent, articulate, and could engage on any subject. He cared. He didn’t matter to himself, but he mattered. He wasn’t afraid to fight for the important things. He backed down from no one, and was 100% genuine salt of the earth. Much love to you, Shirley. He often talked about how lucky he was to have you. I will miss you, Rob. I will miss your guitar playin’, cigarette rollin’, quick witted style and all of your stories. You are in a better place, my friend, may you rest in eternal peace. Semper Fi.

  5. It’s always sad to see someone pass, who was such a fixture in San Marcos. No doubt, we were a little bit cooler, for having him here.

    Tonight, I’ll smoke a cigar on the deck and reflect on how fortunate we are, to have some of the people and places that make San Marcos so special.

    RIP. You will surely be missed.

  6. Dano — another poor word choice by the writer, obviously unaware of the meaning of iconoclast.
    Rob was an icon.

  7. We have lost one of those great characters that make San Marcos so special. I can’t imagine the square without him. Rob, you will be missed.

  8. Rob was an icon, but he would probably not have minded being called an iconoclast either. But whatever he was, he will be sorely missed. Even as a non-smoker, I always enjoyed the company and camaraderie and music I found there.

  9. My prayers go out to Shirley and the rest of Rob’s family. I believe with the passing of Rob, We have lost another thread which made San Marcos a unique and special place to live. Rest in Peace dear friend.

  10. Definitely mean ‘iconoclastic’ as complimentary and have no doubt that Rob wouldn’t have minded it at all.

  11. i•con•o•clast
       aɪˈkɒnəˌklæstShow Spelled[ahy-kon-uh-klast] Show IPA
    a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc., as being based on error or superstition.
    a breaker or destroyer of images, especially those set up for religious veneration.

    Wow. I can’t think of a more accurate label for the Rob I knew, based on the 5 or so conversations I had with him.

  12. Related forms
    i·con·o·clas·tic, adjective

    2. nonconformist, rebel, dissenter, radical.

    I’d say it fits.
    I hadn’t beeen to Rob’s shop in awhile, but my Husband & I will both miss him dearly. I can’t agree more with the above comments in his remembrance. Our hearts go out to his family.

  13. Aw Rob, my heart breaks to hear that you are gone. Literally. I read this at work, and had to go out to the car and “re-compose” myself, and yes, smoke a cigar.

    When I lived in San Marcos, my idea of the perfect Saturday morning was to get my hair cut at Lamar’s Barber Shop, have breakfast at the Cafe on the Square, and then smoke a cigar, talk politics, and listen to Rob and friends pick guitars and banjos at the Hill Country Humidor.

    I realize that your product very likely played a role in your death. I have no illusions about that, for you, or for myself. I’m sure the anti-smokers will gloat and celebrate your demise, but they have no idea what they missed by not knowing you. You were one of the wisest, kindest, most talented, and interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. William Wallace (at least in the movie) said “Everybody dies. Not everyone truly lives.” You truly lived, my friend, and made the world a better place by being here. You had a great run; I just wish it could have lasted longer.

    Rest In Peace, my friend. You will be sorely missed.

  14. Rob was a really great guy who lead an exceptional life. While it has been a while since he and I spoke about politics and such; I (and all who ever spent more than a minute in conversation with him) will truly miss him.

    My most heart felt condolences to his family.

  15. I second Leland’s comment. Rob can’t be replaced. San Marcos will never be the same. I’m completely blown away. What a loss for San Marcos.

  16. Still can’t quite believe it. We spoke briefly just last week. Rob was never too busy to say hi and make you feel like you mattered to him, because you did. We will miss Rob, and we are a much richer community for having had him in it.

  17. Rob was one of the first people I met in San Marcos. With patience, he taught me how to pack a pipe, cut a cigar, and light them both. He was the most friendly and cheerful man — everyone he met was an instant friend. San Marcos has lost a treasure. My sympathy to his family.

  18. Rob you will be missed. You were a true icon in this town. Although I gave up my cigar habit long ago I still enjoyed visiting at the humidor and poking my head in to hear the scuttlebutt or to get some perspective on whatever political and social topic was hot at the time. I am going to feel a void in heart when the election and campaign season picks up later this year. You could always shed some light to whatever topic was on our mind. I will be making an exception and lighting up a Cohiba that I’ve kept in a humidor in your honor.

  19. Rest In Peace, Rob. Shirley, I am so sorry, but thanks for sharing him with us for all of these years.

  20. This makes me wish we had “like” buttons on the comment section of The Mercury. I love these comments, and know Rob must think us all a little crazy to be saying such kind words about him.

    But indeed, they are all true. As I said to my son this morning, Rob could always see people through the smoke and mirrors. He believed in the real you, and could see through the fog of confusion, when few others cared to look.

    Indeed, “Everybody dies. Not everyone truly lives.”

    Godspeed, Rob. You live on in our memories. And our hearts are with you, Shirley.

  21. Richard,

    I have been unable at this point to find out even who is handling Rob’s funeral arrangements. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

  22. Rob’s passing was such a shock for the Robinson/Osborne family.
    Our hearts are broken.

    The cigar shop will reopen in the near future. My family and I will continue the tradition of providing a place where we will gather to relax and enjoy a good smoke, listen to awesome songwriters and musicians we are SO BLESSED with, and to share stories.

    A memorial service and celebration of Rob’s life is still in the planning stages but we have set the date for Saturday, March 31st.
    The time and location will be posted here and also in the obituary in local Sunday papers.

    In lieu of flowers the family would like to suggest that you mail donations to the San Marcos Police Department at 2300 IH35 South, San Marcos, Texas, 78666. Rob was very fortunate to have formed a few very close friendships with some of the officers and administration in our local law enforcement and appreciated all of the support and protection they provided to the downtown area.

    Shirley Robinson and the Osborne family

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