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February 22nd, 2012
City offers kids free arts, crafts program

Artist and childrens' author Veronique Hahn shares her love of reading with children at the SMCISD Child Development Center. She will start a free art program for children in March at Dunbar Center in partnership with the City’s Parks & Recreation Department. SUBMITTED REPORT


The city of San Marcos Park and Recreation Department has partnered with local artist Veronique Hahn to offer free arts and crafts classes for children from March-June.

The classes will be held at the Dunbar Recreation Center Arts and Crafts room on multiple Saturdays throughout the months of March through June. A morning class will be held from 10 a.m. to noon and an afternoon class will be held from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. beginning Saturday, March 3.

Although the classes are free, limited seating is available. Participants may register in person at the Park Office or Activity Center, or online at

Local artist Veronique Hahn will teach the classes. Hahn was born in Casablanca, Morocco (Northern Africa). She grew up in different countries such as Switzerland, the USA and Holland, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Higher Education for the Arts in Arnhem, Holland.

Her works reflect her inter-and multicultural search for the best in every culture.

Students will explore new cultures and customs, traditions and be inspired to make their own paper jewelry and toys, such as paper dolls, mini sculpture furniture, fashion for the dolls, puppets and so much more.

Students who just like to paint and draw based on multi- and cross-cultural themes are welcome as well. Discover what you can do with recycled materials, paper, glue, paint, markers, etc. Be inspired to learn more about diverse cultures ranging from architecture to art history.

There will be an opportunity for “Show and Tell”, for those students who would like to show their art works and tell something about their heritage as well. Themes this session will focus on Asian cultures, Northern African, Italian, German, and Swiss German cultures, among many others if time permits.

Hahn likes to work cross-culturally. Her writing (Leila the Magical Spider, Hisham the little Scorpion-a magical story, Zara and the magical slippers, and Rachel and the Moon) and art are dedicated to the “reflection of an inner world.”

Each spectator will perceive something unique, based on his or her life experience and culture. Hahn has exhibited in several countries, such as France (Paris, Strassbourg), Germany (Berlin, Mannheim, et al.), Austria (Insbruck) and the USA.

She currently has work on display in Rocheport, Missouri, Westfield, New Jersey and in San Marcos, Texas. She is listed at the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Switzerland.

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