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February 15th, 2012
San Marcos level of service survey now online


The City of San Marcos has posted a survey online seeking citizen comment on the levels of service provided by key departments. This is the same electronic survey used during the eight open house meetings that have been held in January and February.

The survey will be available here until Feb. 22.

Residents may view the presentation slides used at the open house meetings and then complete the survey to tell the city what costs or savings they would like to see in the areas of police service, fire protection, transportation, library, parks and recreation, and future water supply.

The final level of service open house will be held Thursday, Feb. 23, at 5:30 p.m. at the After Hours Chamber Mixer and City Board Reception at the City Park Recreation Hall., 170 Charles Austin Drive. The city has invited all residents to participate.

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4 thoughts on “San Marcos level of service survey now online

  1. Is it my imagination, or was there no option to maintain the current level of service, for anything?

    Our options for fire, hazmat and rescue, are an 11% cut, or a 37% increase? Am I reading that right? Is anyone else bothered by that?

  2. One glaring problem that is evident with the plan (s) is an expectation to grow our population here in San MArcos by over 400% in the coming years. This is very unrealistic, not enough water or space to sustain this growth, not to mention that perhaps they plan to put everyone in ” Multi-family” complexes, etc. I voted to keep the same levels or reduce, perhaps streamlining the existing services, and , FORCE DEVELOPERS TO COVER THE INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS THAT TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN FORCED TO PONY UP, WHILE THEY WALK AWAY WITH LUDICROUS PROFITS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, SOMEWHERE ELSE! JLB 🙂

  3. PS- The University needs to pony up as well, for infrastructure improvements and expansions that are required to provide THEIR UTILITY SERVICES , simply relying on sales taxes from their students is a bad equation, since so many do not even live here, just attend classes and go back home…just a thought. JLB

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