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February 9th, 2012
Sheriff’s Office: Hays freshman planned to bomb school


A Hays High School freshman has been arrested and accused of making death threats and planning to detonate explosives at the school.

According to the Sheriff’s Office and Hays CISD spokesperson Tim Savoy, a group of students alerted Hays High School officials late Wednesday afternoon that another student had been making death threats towards students and teachers and the school. The 15-year-old student allegedly also informed classmates of his intention to detonate bombs at the school. Law enforcement and district administration were immediately notified. After interviewing several students to corroborate the initial threat information, the Sheriff’s Office detained the suspect for questioning.

“The suspect was interviewed and admitted to making the threats,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lt. Dennis Gutierrez. “The investigation revealed the suspect’s plan was in the ‘initial’ planning stages.”

The male suspect, whose name is being withheld due to his age, was charged with Terroristic Threat, which is a class B Misdemeanor. He was detained and placed in custody at the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center. The student will not be allowed to return to school while the criminal case remains open.

“The (Sheriff’s Office) commends the concerned students that came forward to inform authorities of the possible threat,” Gutierrez said. “It is evident that these students recognized the potential danger and felt the need to take appropriate action.”

Savoy said the school district is grateful for the Sheriff’s Office’s “swift response and thorough, ongoing investigation,” and he said no students were in imminent danger.

“The district commends the students who came forward with the information,” Savoy said. “Students and parents are often the best initial line of defense in protecting the safety of Hays CISD campuses. Anyone who may have additional information about this incident should contact the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, or their campus school resource officer (SRO), immediately.”

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