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January 20th, 2012
Sheriff denies constable’s perjury allegation


James Kohler, a longtime Kyle-area constable, says Cutler, a first-term sheriff, falsified information he gave to the commissioners court in December. In an undated letter sent to area media, Kohler says that Cutler told the commissioners on Dec. 6 that he had reached a deal to house Hays County Jail inmates in the Travis County Jail for $5 per day.

But the Travis County sheriff said Cutler had provided “definitely misinformation” and no agreement had been reached, according to Kohler.

Cutler today denied the charged and brushed it off as a political publicity game. Cutler faces a GOP primary challenge from former Sheriff Tommy Ratliff, a Kohler ally.

“These allegations are baseless and without merit, and they appear to be politically motivated,” Cutler told the Hays Free Press. He referred other questions to the Hays County district attorney.

Kohler also says Cutler faces two complaints of official oppression stemming from his refusal to pay for parking and a meal at area events. Click here to download Kohler’s letter.

“He is not above the law,” Kohler writes, saying Cutler should be held accountable for his actions.

“I don’t want Hays County to become known as a county of corrupt government should he (Gary Cutler) win the election,” Kohler writes. “Serious problems will occur if he is later found guilty on any one or all of these allegations.”

Both officials face challengers in their primary campaigns approaching this spring, Kohler as a Democrat and Cutler as a Republican. The Hays Free Press has left a message seeking comment from Cutler.

Responding to a public comment about the allegations during the Hays County Commissioners Court on Dec. 10, Commissioner Will Conley said the sheriff can choose how much to pay other jails to house Hays County’s inmates so long as he does not exceed his budget.

“The dollars allocated to the sheriff’s office for the transport of prisoners to different locations when our jail facility is full is a specific line item in the sheriff’s budget,” Conley said. “The sheriff has to live within that budget whether he’s paying $4 or $100 per prisoner, and the sheriff is responsible for managing that line item.”

This report first appeared in the Hays Free Press. It is reprinted here through a news partnership between the Hays Free Press and the San Marcos Mercury.

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4 thoughts on “Sheriff denies constable’s perjury allegation

  1. What a joke. Kohler is a joke and embarrassment to our professional law enforcement officers in this county. We can all only hope and pray he gets defeated. I dont live in pct 2 but I will support and work very hard for his opponent.

    This is nothing but politics to try and get Ratliff elected. He was never elected Sheriff before and won’t be again. I guess Kohler forgot it was Ratliff who hired a sergeant and turned him into a Lieutenant putting him in charge of all the detectives and the evidence room. Only problem was that this Lieutenant had been criminally charged and fired from another agency with tampering with evidence while he was a cop! And Ratliff knew this when he hired him!

    And lets not forget how Ratliff paid Guadalupe County $1,000,000 in tax payer money to house prisoners because he no idea how to fix his own jail. Cutler came in and fixed the jail, cleaned it up, and now prisoners stay in Hays County and we pay Guadalupe County zero. Sounds like we may pay travis county $5 for meals if we have to house them there, but guess what folks…you have to feed the prisoners no matter where you house them. So no real increased cost there anyway.

    I hope the good people of Hays County are smart enough see through this junk.

    Mr. Ferguson why dont you talk to Sheriff Hamilton in Travis County and see exactly what the agreement is? I’m sure it is not some secret agreement. Do some digging and be a journalist and dont just report this type of slanderous trash.

  2. Can anyone ‘splain the mess that is going on in the sheriff dept? I need Cliff Notes or a flowchart to follow the drama. Whats with all the “he said-she said” stuff, politics, and finger pointing? How does any work get done down there?

  3. Please, all the preparations to get the jail under control was done under Ratliff. I hate that the current administration keeps taking credit for everything. These guys are FAR from honest. They NEVER devulge the full truth.

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