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January 20th, 2012
Doggett: Unlike Lamar Smith, I want Texas State in my district


UPDATED 01/20/12: U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s, whose current district encompasses all of Hays County, released this statement on today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on redistricting in Texas:

“I will seek reelection wherever most of my constituents live. I would like to continue representing all of Hays County but am ready to represent as much of it as I am permitted. Unlike Lamar Smith, I want to represent Texas State University and all those who care most about its continuing success.

Nothing in the Supreme Court order precludes a final congressional map like that already drawn for our area by San Antonio Judges Garcia and Rodriguez. Their map is the better approach for all of us, but perhaps it can be improved. Only Justice Clarence Thomas insisted on imposing the crooked Perrymandered map that unfairly carves up Hays County.

“The mishandling of this matter by Rick Perry and Greg Abbott may unfortunately again delay this election, but it should not prevent full implementation of the Voting Rights Act to assure fair treatment of our Hispanic and African American neighbors. Better later and right than earlier and wrong.”

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4 thoughts on “Doggett: Unlike Lamar Smith, I want Texas State in my district

  1. Oh, Lloyd. Don’t be silly. You’re whistling past the grave yard. The Supreme Court opinion certainly does restrict the fanciful cartography indulged in by the two-judge majority of the San Antonio court. The high court’s reasoning appears to embrace important parts of the dissent expressed in the first phase of the lower court’s mapping exercise. We should keep in mind that the Supremes voted nine to zero to correct the San Antonio two. By the way, in case anyone has forgotten, that number includes four liberals. So it’s back to the legislative maps as the starting points. May they do better this time by respecting the wisdom of the peoples’ representatives to do those things that courts are ill-fitted to do.

    I might add that I, for one, don’t appreciate your gratuitous insult aimed at Congressman Smith. He has represented Hays County and all of our institutions well in the past. At least he hasn’t dismissed us as irrelevant to his political career as you have since you carried only Travis County in your great electoral scare of 2010. Lamar Smith is a better representative than you have ever been or ever will be.

  2. How about both of them go away and not spend their entire careers feeding at the public trough?…how about we draw districts blind of all demographics and completely based upon population count and geographic location (basically so that every person in said district has a relatively equal travel distance to see their rep face to face as anyone else living in said district)?…what a novel concept to govern for the people and not to serve some special interest, namely your own desire to feed the heroin-esque itch of power…how we don’t see through all their crap — both sides — boggles my mind…God bless target marketing, I suppose…

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