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December 16th, 2011
SMA teachers honor eight students

Front row, left to right: Shelley Henry, Mark Moore, Teyana Walker, Kenna Mason, Emma Hartsock, and Savannah Turley. Back row, left to right: Tanner Yarbrough, Carl Rindahl, D.J. Hayes, and Songhyeon Im. PHOTO by DON ANDERS


Eight San Marcos Baptist Academy students were selected as Second Mile Award winners for the second quarter of the fall semester. The award was established in 1978 to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding effort in the classroom.

Guidelines for the award are as follows:

  • All students are eligible for the award, regardless of their grade average.
  • The award is given every nine weeks.
  • The award is given solely for academic effort of unusual intensity and applied over an entire nine week grading period.
  • The award should reflect an individuals’ growth, either through academic achievement in the form of improvement, or through the strengthening of characterb due to the student’s effort or determination.
  • A student’s behavior preceding or following the academic day is not relevant to this award.

“So basically, it is a reflection of what happens in the classroom and not for extra-curricular efforts,” said Shelley Henry, SMA spokesperson. “We feel those who are in sports or other clubs and organizations get recognized a lot for their actions and students who make the top grades get a lot of attention; but students do not always get recognition for giving that extra bit of effort, even if it doesn’t necessarily result in a high grade, but does result in that student doing the best job he or she can do because of hard work.”

The latest round of Second Mile Award recipients included Teyana Walker of Mansfield, Texas; Kenna Mason, Emma Hartsock and Savannah Turley of San Marcos; Tanner Yarbrough and Carl Rindahl of San Marcos; D.J. Hayes of New Braunfels; and Songhyeon Im of Seoul, South Korea.

Six of the students nominated this time were from SMA’s middle school program, which includes 55 students this year in grades seven and eight. The other two students were high school students (Rindahl, a freshman, and Hartsock, a sophomore).

“In any given nine-week period, we will have between eight and 25 Second Mile winners,” Henry said. “It is not an easy thing to qualify for, because a student must get a nomination from at least four of his or her teachers. Our students have eight class periods a day, so at least half of their teachers must observe that level of effort from their students”

Of the latest eight winners, half also received the award for the first nine weeks of school. Those double recipients were Hartsock, Rindahl, Turley and Yarbrough. Students who receive the award three or four times during the year are given a special award at the end of the year’s school-wide awards program. All the latest second mile winners were presented their certificates during a chapel assembly Dec. 12.

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