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December 15th, 2011
Police: No leads in Urrutia murder

Frank Urrutia


Police have not identified possible suspects in their investigation of Frank Urrutia’s murder, though they believe someone knows who the killer is.

Urrutia, a lifelong San Marcos resident who was apparently very well-liked by his community, was 51 years old at the time of his death. A local game warden found Urrutia’s body on the evening of Sept. 16 under the Blanco River bridge near IH-35, in a brushy area, according to city officials. Police determined Urrutia’s death was caused by blunt force trauma. Uruttia’s missing truck — presumably stolen by the killer — was recovered five days later in the parking lot of the Verandah Apartments at 1805 Interstate 35 North in San Marcos. His wallet has not been recovered and no other valuables were reported missing.

“We do believe there is someone in the community that does know, who has information,” said Penny Dunn, San Marcos Police Department commander. “They’re just not willing to come forward for whatever reason. It’s unlikely that someone could have committed this murder without someone else knowing about it.”

Dunn said there are many reasons why those with information helpful to murder investigations may be unwilling to see some killers brought to justice. Another hindrance in this murder case involves the lack of discernable motives.

“At this point, we cannot establish a motive for killing a disabled man living on a very limited budget who was extremely well-liked by many people in the community,” Dunn said. “But once we have a lead, we could perhaps establish a motive.”

Urrutia had suffered a severe brain injury and had one arm amputated due to a vehicle accident many years ago, Dunn said.

“He was known by a lot of people,” Dunn said. “He had lived his entire life here. People relied upon him to do small jobs around their home. If someone needed help, he would offer any assistance he could, even if that was just a ride to the grocery store or a ride to work. People knew that they could call Frank. People will come up to the officers and detectives and say, ‘Have y’all solved the case” or “Have you found any information?’ And when we say ‘No, we’ve not made any progress,’ They usually will share a story about their encounters or relationship or friendship with Frank. He didn’t appear to have any enemies.”

The San Marcos Police Department never closes unsolved murder investigations; Dunn said police will continue to investigate until the killer is found.

Investigators ask anyone with information about the case to call the San Marcos Police Department at (512) 753-2108, the San Marcos Police Criminal Investigation Division at (512) 753-2300 or Hays County Crime Stoppers at (800) 324-TIPS (8477).

Those whose submitted information to Crime Stoppers leads to an arrest and indictment will be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000. Those who call Crime Stoppers are given a code number used for payment of the reward. Their identity is never revealed and they have no further involvement in the case.

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