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December 12th, 2011
Postal service plans to keep downtown storefront


The federal government still plans to close the post office in downtown San Marcos, though a privately-owned and -operated “contract postal unit” offering similar services is planned for the area, said U.S. Postal Service officials last week.

Council members on Dec. 6 directed city staff to stay in contact with USPS’ asset management team regarding the property at 301 N. Guadalupe Street.

“It’s almost an acre portion of our downtown, and I think it would be important for us to at least have some representation in having those conversations,” said San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero.

As part of a nationwide cost-cutting  spree, USPS plans to sell its Guadalupe Street property and relocate the retail, bulk mail acceptance, and post office box operations to a newly-renovated area of the San Marcos Carrier Annex. The annex is located at 201 South Stagecoach Trail near Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road.

USPS spokesperson Sam Bolen said the Guadalupe Street property will probably not be offered for sale until February or later. Completion of the annex renovations and the downtown relocation will take six to nine months after a buyer is found, said Bolen and USPS spokesperson Sandi Rybick.

The contract postal unit planned for downtown would offer most of the same retail services as the current facility on Guadalupe Street, said Rybick.

It is too soon to know whether the contract unit will offer post office boxes, said Bolen. He said the newly-renovated Stagecoach Road location will probably have the same number of PO boxes — 1,663 — as the downtown location. The move will not cause current downtown post office customers to lose their PO box numbers, and the cost of box services will not change. The Stagecoach Trail location will offer significantly-improved customer parking and customer access.

Rybick and Bolen have said the 11 employees at the downtown location will not lose their jobs as a result of the move.

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6 thoughts on “Postal service plans to keep downtown storefront

  1. If they close the guadalupe PO in February and the renovations at the Stagecoach annex will take six to eight months, that sounds suspoiciously like a disruption of PO service for a minimum of5 to 7 months. Not acceptable, in my view.

  2. Doesn’t sound like the PO will suspend service….they’re just putting the downtown property on the market in February. Props like that take a long time to sell.

    I like having a downtown PO, and this whole business rubs me the wrong way, but it’s hard to argue with the economics of mail delivery. The postal service is hemorrhaging money and its business is waning. Just a sign of the times.

  3. Maybe we could have MORE apartments there! That is most likely why city counsel members & the mayor want to keep close tabs with USPS’ asset management… so they can eventually vote for more apartments.

  4. I sure do like the promise of more parking at the new location, which means less traffic congestion on north Guadalupe. Now if we could just get a new, large supermarket in the Hunter Rd. area, we’d be sittin’ pretty. “Little” HEB is convenient for those of us living on the west side, but it’s lacking in many ways.

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