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November 16th, 2011
City seeks public input on ‘bag ban’


A proposal to limit the availability of free ‘non-reusable bags’ in San Marcos is under review by city officials, who have slated a meeting to gauge public opinion and receive suggestions.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 28 at the Dunbar Recreation Center, which is located at 801 MLK Drive.

Per the city council’s direction on Nov. 1, city staff are studying the feasibility of preventing, via ordinance, many kinds of merchants from giving away bags with limited re-use potential. Of particular interest to policymakers is the City of Brownsville’s bag law.

Public input gathered at the meeting will be examined by the city’s Municipal Solid Waste Task Force. The task force will then issue a recommendation or present options to the council.

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7 thoughts on “City seeks public input on ‘bag ban’

  1. First they said don’t use paper because it was hurting our trees and that we should use plastic. Now plastic is bad and apparently it is so bad that we need our City government to do something about it. We would all do better with more freedom and less government.

  2. I’m with Mr. Martin. Are we going to ban the plastic jugs milk comes in, ban the plastic microwavable trays, ban the plastic chip bags, or what about plastic single servings of coffee? So we can purchase plastic items, but just can’t carry them out of the store in a plastic bag…hmm……

    The online research indicates that paper takes longer to break down in the landfill. Personally, i’d like to see them remove the smart meters which BLAST dirty electricity all day long at us in our homes and rid our water of fluoride. These are IMMEDIATE health concerns to both human body and the environment. Always, a little doubtful when all the said parties jump on the bandwagon for a ban.

    Ban bans and get to work on real issues effecting our health and the environment. Give us OPTIONS on dirty electricity. And stop putting poison in our water with documented effects on both children and adults. San Marcos water is just fine without the fluoride.

    Respectfully, LMC

  3. The City wants input on this proposal? I can give it right here in very simple terms: Stupid idea and don’t waste any of our time or money on it.

  4. For those of you against the ban. If we adopt the same rules as Brownsville, you can go ahead and use the plastic bag that you desire so much, you will just be charged $1.00, and it will go to an environmental cause.
    Is it really so hard to bring your own bag? Why do you want to use a one time use bag so bad?

    The Pros = Reduce Waste, reduce litter, and the cost is removed from our groceries (because the cost of bags is built in)

    The Cons = You have to bring your own bag. Outrageous, I know.

    Pardon my wit.

  5. We reuse our plastic bags except the really thin ones from the produce section–you know, the ones you stuff a handful of beans in and seal with a twist-tie. We hang the check out bags on our pantry doorknob and fill them with trash. The bags are thinner than the larger, store-bought plastic trash bags and they disintegrate faster than paper. I know because I have used both in my garden. I prefer plastic because I can cinch them down and tie them in order to prevent my trash from blowing out of my pickem-up truck. The touchy-feelie, tree-hugger friendly reusable bags available for sale at many stores have the ugly habit for harboring microbes, some of which are pathogenic, and they do not wash well.

    Sooo, city officials studying bags–move on, leave this issue alone.

  6. I’m with Gene, Lisa, Dano, and Bill. And thanks to Bill for bringing up the sanitation issue. I use the plastic bags for all sorts of things. Quite handy actually. As for reducing grocery cost. Nope. The cost per customer is insignificant. $1 per bag is not. And guess who this will affect the most? Low income families and folks living on fixed incomes. You will find that they also use the bags in a variety of ways.

    Any why is this even coming up? The few bags I see in trashy areas are nothing compared to the amount of cans, glass, and plastic bottles.

  7. This violates STATE LAW REGARDING SALES TAX. In San Marcos the sales tax is 8.25% It is against state law for a municpality to charge a tax greater than 8.25% Where is the Ethics Commission? Where is Attorney General Greg Abbott? Or better yet the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts?

    What about the tax exempt organizations? Now you are talking about violating the Internal Revenue Code. Way to go San Marcos!

    UNLESS STATE LAW ALLOWS, which takes precendent CITY OF SAN MARCOS CANNOT CHARGE $1 for plastic bags. That is a sales tax. That would be like HEB charging a $1 fee for potatoes to go to the city. Cannot do it.

    It is not a processing fee like paying your water, electric, or vechile registration.

    I can see an angry grandma ripping a bag off the checkstand. Petty Theft of $1, grandma has stroke when arrested and dies, father sues the city. That’s real dumb San Marcos. Litgation is costly.

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