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November 3rd, 2011
SMCISD enrollment increases


Enrollment at San Marcos CISD appears to have increased for the first time since the 2008-09 school year, according to unofficial figures released this week.

Though the Texas Education Agency will not determine official enrollment until Dec. 8, there were 7,518 students as of the Oct. 28 “snapshot date,” said Monica Weaver, SMCISD’s director of student data services.

“Ms. Weaver’s figures for Oct 28, though unofficial now, will be the figures used by TEA for this school year when officially accepted,” said SMCISD spokesperson Iris Campbell. “There are many reasons why enrollment can vary from day to day: families transferring in or out of the district or graduations. Several times a year, Phoenix graduates anywhere from 10-40 students at a time, thus the enrollment number will drop several times from December to May for very positive reasons. Therefore, TEA sets the universal ‘snapshot day’ for all districts, and they use those numbers all year for data purposes…That’s exactly why the ‘snap shot’ day is used; there has to be an official standard.”

There were 7,216 students enrolled in the 2006-07 school year, 7,382 in 2007-08, 7,438 in 2008-09, 7,434 in 2009-10, and 7,417 in 2010-11, according to the TEA. As indicated by these figures, the district’s annual change in enrollment was:

• 2006-07 to 2007-08: 2.3 percent increase
• 2007-08 to 2008-09: 0.7 percent increase
• 2008-09 to 2009-10: 0.05 percent decrease
• 2009-10 to 2010-11: 0.2 percent decrease
• 2010-11 to 2011-12: 1.4 percent increase (based on preliminary figures)

Schools will not be placed in University Interscholastic League conferences until February. The UIL, which exists to provide educational extracurricular academic, athletic, and music contests, divides member schools into five conferences according to enrollment to ensure equitable competition.

Correction: The article originally said there were 7,524 students as of the Oct. 28 “snapshot date.” There were actually 7,518 students as of Oct. 28 and 7,524 students as of Oct. 31.

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