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October 19th, 2011
Election 2011 Video: Chris Jones versus Wayne Becak

The two candidates for San Marcos City Council Place 4 squared off Tuesday at the League of Women Voters debate. Incumbent Chris Jones, a Texas State career services adviser, is being challenged by Wayne Becak, a retired banker. Election Day is Nov. 8.

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8 thoughts on “Election 2011 Video: Chris Jones versus Wayne Becak

  1. Great discussions. Appreciate the maturity Becak brings to the table, his years of financial responsibility, neighborhood involvement for 20 years and proven ability to bridge needs. Good specific bullets with specifically-illustrated ideas. Like this over the vague “concept” answers. Thanks for posting. cb

  2. Yes, specific bullets with specifically-illustrated ideas…like, gated communities, attracting richer and older people, indicating a desire to change the entire demographics of San Marcos to those closer akin to, say, New Braunfels, perhaps? He does not deliver a confident show of acceptance and understanding for a broad swath of San Martian citizenry with such narrow albeit specific ideas.

    Chris Jones on the other hand is a dedicated public official who works tirelessly for creating San Marcos to be a productive yet energy-saving sustainable and beautiful city by very “detailed” actions. There was a very “specific” reason he was honored as the “Elected Public Official of the Year” in 2009. He also has a track record of helping to produce conservative but realistic budgets that accomplish the goals and directions determined by the citizens. He fulfills these duties with a genuine devotion to serve with honesty and integrity. Does he sound like the personification of a great city council member? Yes, because each year he has served he has grown and matured into it. He isn’t done so vote him in another term.

  3. Lynny- IMO it would be next to impossible to change the demographics of San Marcos in the extreme way you envision that Becak is advocating. San Marcos’s main industry is the university and that demo (young, diverse, poor?) will continue to attract and make up the majority of our population.
    I think he was showing support for the minority, ‘non-transient’ population of San Marcos who have been very vocal about the lack of affordable housing due to rentals, ‘slumlords’, the lack of enforcing single family neighborhoods, noise and traffic complaints, influx of shoddy apts. w/’ghetto’ feel and environment,ignored master plan etc.
    For me, this is an important issue.

  4. Is there a reason the Mercury is leaving the mis-spelling of Mr. Becak’s name in the headline? I notice a big Chis Jones sign on the building downtown that I associate with this site. Maybe there’s a conspiracy.

  5. Chris Jones mopped the floor with Mr. Becak. It was funny to watch him get angry at Mr. Jones and brake form. The first debate Mr. Becak argued with state rep Jason Issac when things were not going his way. Not the type of person needed as a leader.

  6. It’s fascinating to watch the ideological shift in what is supposed to be a non-partisan race. Chris Jones used to be your typical young Democrat from the University, but the latest budget process showed that he’s the strongest fiscal conservative on the council. On the other hand you’ve got Wayne Becak, former banker and biggest fundraiser of all the candidates, going after Jason Isaac. Strange times indeed.

    Today is the first day of Early Voting. Please make it to the polls ASAP.

  7. If there’s anyting we know since TARP, it that bankers aren’t necessarily conservative. They are conservative with their own money but not OURS.

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