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October 13th, 2011
San Marcos High School club honors custodians

San Marcos High School’s Texas Association of Future Educators pose with high school custodians. PHOTO by TAMI KLETT


Niomi Crayton, San Marcos High School Texas Association of Future Educators member. PHOTO by TAMI KLETT

San Marcos High School’s Texas Association of Future Educators took up brooms and mops to clean during and after lunches last Friday, in celebration of Custodian Appreciation Week.

Other students reportedly joined in the cleaning efforts on-the-fly. The students wore pink gloves as they cleaned to also recognize Cancer Awareness Month. The club of about 25 members also bought the custodians a decorated cake and made them thank you cards and banners.

“It was the best Custodian Appreciation Week I ever had,” said Lupe Saucedo, head custodian at the high school.

After picking up trash inside and outside, wiping all the tables, sweeping, and cleaning the restrooms, the club members were reportedly exhausted. They said the hard work made them appreciate their custodians even more, and they plan to make this work day and annual event.

San Marcos CISD observed Custodian Appreciation Week district-wide Oct. 3-7, recognizing at the campus and departmental level the following dedicated workers:

• Bowie Elementary – John Hernandez, Bruno Vasquez, Esther Sanchez, Richard Rodriguez, Irene Chavez
• Crockett Elementary – Elvia Villanueva, Jose Perez, Esther Gomez, Jose Cano, Rene Guerrero

Kelsey Crawford, San Marcos High School Texas Association of Future Educators member. PHOTO by TAMI KLETT

• De Zavala Elementary – Victor Perez, Rosa Guzman, Nahun Hernandez, Henry Lombardo, Lucy Ramos
• Hernandez Elementary – Julia Gallegos, Manuela Zuniga, Patricia Cruz, Augustin Suarez, Maldiel Alonzo, Mirta Ramos, Maria Gerardo
• Mendez Elementary – Margie Hernandez, Raymond Perez, Lisa Holbrook, Frances Noriega, Rudy Villanueva
• Travis Elementary – Jesse Avila, Eva Suarez, Becky Cruz, Raul Velasquez, Maria Arias
• Goodnight Middle School – Carmen Hernandez, Diego Cardoso, Adelaido Mendez, Joe Chapa, Eleuteria Trejo, Belen Hernandez, Maria Rebollar, Johnny Solano, Maricela Ledesma, Richard Sanchez, David Perez (also Teaching & Learning)
• Miller Middle School – Martin Hernandez, Maria Turnini, Dolores Garcia, Juan Sandoval, Eulalio Garcia, Rachel Hernandez, Maryann Mendez
• San Marcos High School – Guadalupe Saucedo, Felipe Martinez, Romauldo Garcia, Maria Garcia, Juan Gomez, Julio Maldonado, Ascencion Esquivel, Robert Rodriguez, Ana Martinez, Albert Guerrero, Frances Espinoza, Carolina Davila, Marciano Gonzalez, Raul Martinez, Humberto Villegas, Esmeralda Perez, Martha Ramirez Cruz
• Lamar—Elizabeth Alcantara, Joe Gonzalez, Rosemary Tijernia
• Central – Efrain Torres
• Floaters – Louis Gauna, Maria Montelongo
• Administrative Office – Robert Guiterrez, Kristal Arredondo

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