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September 29th, 2011
SMABOR endorses Becak and Nichols for council


The San Marcos Area Board of Realtors has endorsed Terry Nichols for City Council Place 3 and Wayne Becak for Place 4.

Following a city council election debate hosted by SMABOR on Sept. 13, members of the realtor group cast votes for the candidates of their choice.

SMABOR had posed debate questions to the candidates related to economic development, sustainable growth, and tax incentives.

The SMABOR Governmental Affairs Committee considered the membership’s vote, the candidates’ debate responses, and previous individual candidate interviews, before it offered a recommendation to SMABOR’s board of directors.

Place 3 council candidates Nicholas Cubides, Toby Hooper, John Thomaides, Nichols, and Place 4 candidates Chris Jones and Becak attended the SMABOR debate.

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8 thoughts on “SMABOR endorses Becak and Nichols for council

  1. Without some commentary from SMABOR, about why people voted the way they did, it is pretty much impossible to figure out if it is a good or bad thing.

    Debate transcripts would be great. I am kind of surprised that this new, better, faster, stronger, local media outlet didn’t appear to cover the debate.

    Oh well.

  2. Nothing against Mr. Nichols, but I’d like to see Mr. Thomaides return to the council. Like others have said, an endorsement without context is pretty lame.

  3. It sounds like the ballot asked SMABOR membership to select candidates. It doesn’t sound like it had a “why” or a “because” line for explanation, so I don’t know how they give more than information on the vote. The leadership could have projected their own views on reasons to the membership’s vote, but that sounds like a bad idea. They just put the vote out there for what it is worth.

    I am sure everyone likes being endorsed, and I am sure everyone who isn’t endorsed thinks the lack of endorsement doesn’t mean much. We will know in four weeks.

  4. My guess is that this endorsement only holds value for those who choose to let SMABOR do their thinking (and voting) for them. They seem to have little interest in persuading anyone else…..

  5. My understanding is that the SMABOR Governmental Affairs Committee wasn’t bound by the membership’s vote, but that they “consider” it along with the debate and one-on-group interviews they conduct a week or so earlier.

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