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April 26th, 2011
‘Cloud that carried Zeus’ mesmerizes San Marcos


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An enormous white cloud roiled the sky above Hays County at sunset on Tuesday, swelling, rolling and transfixing the people who watched it from the ground below.

People from Austin to New Braunfels dropped everything to marvel and snap photographs as the cloud seemed to billow out upon itself. And it seemed like everybody had a theory about what, exactly, they were witnessing.

Was it an atomic bomb? A sky avalanche? Or maybe the rapture? If so, bad news — we’re all still standing here.

Almost before dissipating, the cloud even had its own Facebook page ‚”The Cloud that came over San Marcos, Texas and carried Zeus.” The cloud’s personal interests included “floating from place to place bringing joy to the peoples of the world.”

Within hours, more than 500 Facebook users said they liked the cloud.

San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero piped in on Facebook: “If little green men appear from a ship and say, ‘Take me to your leader’ — let me know.”

Said the cloud: “Thank you San Marcos, America for being such a gracious host! I loved the view of Sewell from up here.”

Experts said the cloud was a cumulonimbus, which forms a towering mass with a flat base at fairly low altitude and often a flat top, as in thunderstorms. It reportedly formed over Hays County and blew off to the east toward Bastrop.

Others said it was a beautiful piece of art, epic, sexy, creepy, orgasmic, and evidence of the hand of God.

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