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March 21st, 2011
Meeting planned on Rio Vista Terrace work

Juan Ramirez with Texas Sterling Construction Co. works on a new curb, sidewalk and driveway along Haynes Street. PHOTO by DON ANDERS


The City of San Marcos Capital Improvements department will host its quarterly construction progress update for Rio Vista neighborhood residents at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 22 at the San Marcos Nature Center, 430 Riverside Drive.

City staff will be joined by project manager Bain Medina Bain of San Antonio, design engineer Byrn and Associates, Inc. of San Marcos and representatives from Texas Sterling Construction Company of Austin.

Residents will receive information about current and upcoming construction activity and have the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. Neighborhood beautification elements such as trees, pavers and sidewalks will also be discussed.

“The improvements will greatly benefit more than 300 families and 25 businesses, but it is a long and messy process for residents,” said Jennifer Shell, the interim director of Capital Improvements.

The Rio Vista Neighborhood Infrastructure project began in March 2010 and includes construction of new water lines, wastewater lines, storm drains, streets, curbs and sidewalks to combat drainage issues and replace failing roads and utility lines.
The most significant construction progress is on Haynes Street and includes completion of the new water line, wastewater line, storm drains and base paving. Construction of sidewalks, curb and gutter, and 10-18 foot driveways from the right-of-way to private property is underway.

Street excavation has begun on Field Street in preparation for base paving with final utility work in progress. Other streets with water and/or wastewater line construction occurring or recently completed include Cheatham, Rio Vista, Riverside, McKinnon and Sycamore.
The $8.7 million project is scheduled for completion in March 2012. Funding for the improvements was provided through a combination of certificates of obligation bonds and water-wastewater revenue bonds.
The last project progress meeting was held in November 2010 at the Nature Center with a project update flyer being mailed to residents at the beginning of February 2011.
For more information on this project, please call the Capital Improvements Department at 512-393-8130 or email cip@san

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One thought on “Meeting planned on Rio Vista Terrace work

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive outline of what is happening regarding the Rio Vista improvement project. The beautification aspect of your outline and the mentioning of pavers and trees is great to see. Residents have mentioned mail boxes. They are haphazard in design and positioning. Everybody has their own ideas regarding mailbox design but It might be constructive to discuss the positioning of the mail boxes. Maybe standardizing the position of the mailboxes would be appropriate. Perhaps the city can help with some suggestions.

    There has been discussion regarding adequate drainage. Specifically the elevation differential between the origen of the pipe draining water from the ally east of the residential houses on the east side of Sycamore and the pipe into which it empties under Sycamore Street. It is very important that the area be drained appropriately. Because of the increased elevation of the commercial properties that back up to the ally there is vertially no drainage possible to the east. To compound the problem, because of design and lack of maintenance, the roof of the Best Western Hotel empties directly into the backyards of the adjacent residential properties leaving an ankle + deep swamp in the backyards of all those residential properties. The Texas State Health Department might consider this an unacceptable mosquito breeding habitat not to mention the remarkable inconvenience of your backyard being a swamp for considerable periods of time. Thanks for this opportunity to discuss important issues. Ed Bennett

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