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December 27th, 2010
FBI still searching for missing San Marcos persons

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking for four San Marcos men and one male teenager from Chicago, all of whom disappeared in Mexico around Thanksgiving.

Because there have been no demands for ransom or other indication of criminal activity, the FBI is treating the disappearance of Ricardo Gomez, Carlos Ortega, Nicolas Munoz, Luis Hernandez, and 14-year-old Giovanni Gomez as a missing persons case.

FBI Special Agent-Spokesperson Erik Vasys said that in a typical abduction case, ransom demands usually follow soon after a disappearance, and there are usually witnesses to the kidnapping.

“We were alerted by the owner/operator of Heldenfels Enterprises there in San Marcos that several of his employees and associates of those employees had traveled to Laredo on personal business and hadn’t returned back, according to their family members,” Vasys said. “And this occurred on the 27th of November.”

Vasys said the men traveled to Laredo on a personal errand regarding a purchased vehicle. The men told family they would be traveling over the Mexican border into Nuevo Laredo for a quick shopping trip before returning to San Marcos the same day.

Vasys said it is impossible to say how the case will develop, though he is optimistic.

“We’ve had a good history of recovering people, of locating people, of solving crimes that occur in Mexico — of course, through the cooperation of Mexican authorities,” Vasys said.

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