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December 9th, 2010
San Marcos, Hays County reach sales tax records


The December sales tax allocation figures from the Texas Comptroller’s office indicates that retail activity is rallying in San Marcos and Hays County.

San Marcos set its all-time sales tax collection record in 2010 after slumping in 2009. The city also set its all-time records for sales tax collections in October, November and December.

The city collected 1,429,064.34 in December, up 17.8 percent from December 2009. The city finished 2010 with its all-time sales tax collection record at $18,780,369.16. The previous record was $18,382,874.13 in 2008. In 2009, sales tax collections in San Marcos slumped to $17,798,267.42.

The city also set its sales tax collection records in October with $1,751,979.52 and November with $1,598,644.95.

In January, San Marcos began the year with its seventh straight monthly decrease in sales tax collections on a year-to-year basis. This month, the city has ended the year with its sixth straight monthly increase on the same basis.

Both comparisons involve the last six months of 2009, when the city slumped to its first annual decrease in sales tax collections since at least 1987, the first year for which the comptroller’s website shows figures.

The monthly sales tax distribution figures from the state are an indication of retail activity from two months earlier, meaning the December allocation reflects October sales. The sales tax figures for the December holiday shopping season will arrive in the February numbers.

Price inflation apparently accounts for almost none of the sales tax collection increase. The Consumer Price Index went up only from 216.330 in November 2009 to 218.711 in October 2010, an increase of less than one percent.

Hays County also had a banner year of sales tax collections, bringing in $9,981,160.60 for an all-time record. Like San Marcos, Hays County also endured a sales tax collection decrease in 2009.

The county set its December record with $791,419.54 this month, the sixth straight month in which the county reached record collections.

Kyle is on its ninth straight month of record monthly sales tax collections on a year-by-year basis, hitting $216,161.54 in December. Kyle ends the year with a record return of $2,996,180.64 for 2010. In the last six years, Kyle has nearly quadrupled its sales tax collections from $794,066.93 in 2004.

Sales tax collections for Buda in 2010 came in at $3,235,408.17, barely more than the 2009 total of $3,223,015.32. Buda’s total for 2010 is still smaller than 2008 ($3,250,526.51) or its record year of 2007 ($3,480,821.88).

The largest sales tax improvement for the year in Hays County occurred in Dripping Springs, which finished the year with a 20.99 percent increase in collections to $885,625.19. In December, Dripping Springs had a 27.89 percent improvement to $75,518.83.

Sales tax collections for Wimberley were up 10.17 percent in December to $34,240.75. However, sales tax collections for the year decreased by 3.91 percent to $558,811.45 for Wimberley.

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