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December 7th, 2010
Vehicle collides with apartment building


A multi-family building at 1648 Post Road, where an unknown vehicle crushed a small portion of the exterior wall. Photo by Sean Batura.


An unidentified vehicle collided with a San Marcos residence Monday and then sped away.

The vehicle demolished some fencing and hit a cluster of utility meter boxes on the side of a multi-family residential building at 1648 Post Road, crushing a small portion of the structure’s wall.

The incident attracted a fire truck and police cruiser. A police officer at the scene said the matter is not under investigation because no description of the vehicle or its driver exist.

“Odds are we will never find this guy,” said San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) Corporal John Reeder. “We have nothing to work with.”

Reeder said the damage to the building appeared to pose no immediate public safety hazard. Reeder and the firefighters waited on scene until the city’s utility department arrived to inspect the damage.

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