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December 1st, 2010
Sights and Sounds of Christmas begins four-day run Wednesday night


San Marcos Christmas tradition the Sights and Sound of Christmas will sparkle for four days starting Wednesday and ending Saturday. Photo by Don Anders.


The holiday season begins in earnest each year with San Marcos’ Sights and Sounds of Christmas at San Marcos Plaza Park, 204 North CM Allen Parkway. The event will go for four days this year, starting Wednesday and ending Saturday.

This year’s festival will feature the largest carnival ever at the event, a toy train exhibit, a Lil’ Town of Bethlehem with a live nativity scene and of course, cotton candy and funnel cakes. Santa will arrive each night at 6 p.m. by a variety of transit including helicopter, motorcycle parade, fire engine and classic car parade.

The event will feature arts and crafts, the popular campfire biscuits and holiday musical and dance performances by local schools and organizations. Of course, there will also be thousands and thousands of lights in decoration.

The festival will open each night at 5:30 p.m. and close at 11 p.m. Saturday, the festival opens at 1 p.m. and closes at 11 p.m.

Attendees may choose to park on either side of Bobcat Stadium, 1100 Aquarena Springs Drive, and ride a free shuttle to the festival. The shuttle will operate from 5-11 p.m.

Admission to the festivities is $4 for adults. Children younger than 10 will be admitted free.

A Fast Pass Limited Edition Button costs $10 and will allow the wearer to enter all four nights of the festival. Fast Pass buttons can be purchased at the Parks and Recreation Office in the Grant Harris Jr. Building, 401 East Hopkins. They may also be purchased at the San Marcos Activity Center at 501 East Hopkins Street and Classic Cuts/Premier Cuts at 1515 Aquarena Springs Drive.

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, December 1

6 p.m.:  Bowie Elementary School Chorus
6:30 p.m.: Crockett Elementary School Chorus
7 p.m.: Bowie Elementary Ballet Folklorico
8 p.m.: Texas State University Steel Drum Band
8:50 p.m.: San Marcos High School Salsa Band
9:25 p.m.: San Marcos High School Jazz Band

Thursday, December 2

5:30 p.m.: Hernandez Elementary School Ballet Folklorico
5:50 p.m.: Hernandez Elementary Pre-K Chorus
6:20 p.m.: Hernandez Elementary School Chorus
6:50 p.m.: DeZavala Elementary School Chorus
7:20 p.m.: San Marcos River Bells
7:55 p.m.: San Marcos High School Sign Language Club
8:05  p.m.: Hill Country Youth Chorus
8:35 p.m.: Midnight Breeze Dance Company
9:10 p.m.: Salsa Del Rio

Friday, December 3
5:30 p.m.: First and Second Step Schools Chorus
6:00 p.m.: Mendez Elementary School Chorus
6:30 p.m.: Travis Elementary School Chorus
7 p.m.: Goodnight Middle School Sixth Grade Choirs
7:45 p.m.: Miller Middle School Choir
8:20 p.m.: The Second Class Angels featuring Bel Stuart Howard
9:05 p.m.: Heart of Texas Chorus
9:45 p.m.: NOP Gospel Music Production

Saturday, December 4
5:30 p.m.: New Braunfels Studio of Dance
6 p.m.: J&R Gymnastics
6:30 p.m.: D’Ette & Company Dancers
7 p.m.: Contemporary Cloggers
7:35 p.m.: San Marcos Academy Choir
8:05 p.m.: Flying Free
8:30 p.m: Dripping Springs performance
9:40 p.m.: Kris Kimura Jazz Quartet

In addition to the performances and festivities, a Sights and Sounds of Christmas 5K run/walk will take place Saturday at 9 a.m. starting at San Marcos Plaza Park. Participants may register online at or at the San Marcos Activity Center for $20. Registration on the day of the event is $25.

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0 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds of Christmas begins four-day run Wednesday night

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if people parking on CM Allen to go to Sights & Sounds were able to walk on a sidewalk all the way to city park? Right now their choice is: walk in the grass (or mud when it rains) or walk in the street.

  2. Nah. That’s dumb. What would be nice, is if we could scrape together a few $million$ and entice a developer to put some apartments and an Alamo Drafthouse in the park. Those are the kinds of things that will make San Marcos special. Those are the kinds of things that will attract people to our city.

  3. From CM Allen you can take the path along the river. Not to say we don’t need more sidewalks; we do. But we have to prioritize our projects.

  4. I don’t think the path along the river is anywhere near some of the parking on CM Allen. I’d have to go over there and confirm, but I believe you would have the same options for getting to the path, that Matt mentioned for getting to Sights and Sounds.

  5. yes, what a waste of money….I actually went to the parks and rec building on wednesday to register. signed up myself and a friend….went yesterday morning to get my packet and shirt and guess what??? NOTHING!!! that’s right people they had no record of me ever signing up. What a waste of money and my time.

    i told them that i was typically a renegade runner for those very reasons….they were able to find shirts for me and my friend, but what the hell? First one to pay for a long time, and last one that i’ll pay for…..

    they actually ran out of shirts and had asked us to leave our info so they could notify us when the shirts were in. REally? after i took the time out of my schedule to register for your race and your CITY employee somehow did not get my forms to the correct person? WOW, i’m surprised at the efficiency w/in that dpmt….


  6. I understand your frustrations if your 5k entry was lost. The race will continue to improve as more experienced race directors are brought in.

    The $25 fee (that was the “late” fee) is in part to help raise money, the Cap 10K is indeed a great race, one that has been run and perfected over many years, but the money goes to great causes in AUSTIN. (not San Marcos)

    It is very difficult to put on a race for less than $20 a runner, considering what you need to invest: awards, shirts, toilet facilitiles, timing devices, race bibs, food, permits, cones, signs, advertising. Sometimes sponsors give money, but often it is “in kind” support.

    Please consider supporting races in San Marcos and Hays County, as someone who’s been involved in many of them, it is to raise money for LOCAL causes. San Marcos has a great running tradition, many of the races here are attended by runners from Comal and Travis County.

    The Sights N Sounds is more a fun run. It is a race with lots of turns and narrow paths, and typically not done for a “PR”, just to help raise money.

  7. Bob, that may be true,

    I have not experienced this, however I invite you to offer solutions to help make our city better. Perhaps you can volunteer or help encourage positive changes to the department. I’ve only worked with P&R on a few projects, and have not run into any problems.

    Alot of negative complainers post on this board. San Marcos, like numerous towns and cities across America, has positive and negative traits. All I hope, is that we can help positively influence the negaitive, as much as in our power.

    Sometimes the “issues” come from lack of training, or bad leadership, or just wrong people in the wrong position (or all of the above). But all that is fixable. Just takes time and more people working together to enact the changes.

  8. I use the activity center 2-4 times weekly. Never been treated rudely; quite the opposite- staff is friendly.

  9. one of the main reasons i go to smac!

    yes, i’m aware of what the money goes to for 5k’s. i am just saying that if people are going to put things like this on, they need to have responsible people taking money/registration. the park/rec lady who took my money was at the race. i pointed her out when they told me my stuff wasn’t there. She just told the people i was talking to “i gave you everything i had”. Ok, so that was enought for her to say that she didn’t have my paperwork. Even though i took the time to go in person to the park/rec office to register not 1 but 2 people? They didn’t care whether i was registered or not. In turn they will lose money by me not registering for upcoming races. I’ll continue to renegade run….Those city employees don’t give a shit regardless…..what a joke…

    moe’s 1/2 marathon will be good and i will pay for that one. Reason being is b/c i know he will be diligent making sure everything is done CORRECTLY!!!

    and yes the course was very fun…’s not a fun run, it’s a race, there were trophies, clock, everything……..just idiots who worked it…..


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