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November 26th, 2010
The Weekend: Between Thanksgiving and 'Sights'

112610wimpinThe Wimberley Player’s colorful production of Pinocchio will take the stage on Saturday and Sunday.

Scene Editor

We made brisket for Thanksgiving this year, which means, we think, that we may have rounded the corner. The trouble with brisket, as we see it anyhow, is that you don’t get as many leftovers.

For years, our turkey has provided sandwiches and turkey ala king and turkey noodle soup ad infinitum. The stuffing gets eaten up rapidly, as do the potatoes and the green bean casserole, but the turkey always lingered for a few days.

There were four of us at the Thanksgiving table this year, and the brisket was so big it had to be split in two in order to cook it. We happily pondered the leftovers from this meal.

Unfortunately, there’s not much left. It’s not so much a testament to our cooking as it is to the deliciousness of brisket. Once again, the Texas palate reigns supreme.

Do not weep for us. We have a bit of it left. But it will surely not last us more than a day.

Pie, however, we may still have. The Texas pecan is gone, but the Midwestern pumpkin is still pretty healthy. Score one more on the Texas palate test.

It is the weekend before the frenetic flurries of events take place before Christmas, what with Sights and Sounds of Christmas and a handful of other festivals starting next week.

There are still things to do this weekend, though. Here are a few suggestions.

Friday, November 26

The music of the weekend starts out with Pepper’s Blues playing at the Triple Crown (206 North Edward Gary) at 6 p.m. There’s nothing like a little good music to go with your holiday weekend pleasure.

At 6:30 p.m. in Wimberley, the second annual Christmas parade will make its way on RR12 from Brookshires through the square to Blue Heron Street. Individuals and merchants will be decked out for the holidays as a harbinger of all the holiday events to come.

If you’ve played enough Pictionary or Call of Duty or Super Mario Galaxy already, it may be time for a nice, relaxing three=dimensional real-time game of bingo. The Wimberley VFW (Veterans Park on Jacobs Well Road) will start the basket turning at 7 p.m. Fun, prizes and tasty snacks sold by the lovely gals of the Ladies Auxiliary can be had there, and proceeds go towards their many veterans programs.

The Wimberley Players will present “Pinocchio” tonight at the Wimberley Playhouse (450 Old Kyle Road). Directed by Robert Fitzgerald, the play features amusing songs and colorful costumes. The play by John Morely is fun for all ages. Tickets are $18.

Paul Cauthen will be at the Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street) and will bring along a few friends to make some mighty pleasing music. You’ll be impressed with his blend of country/folk/pop songwriting skills. He’s got a voice worth hearing, too.

If you’d like to work off a little of that turkey and stuffing, head over to Riley’s Tavern (8894 FM 1102) and just listen to the rockabilly rhythms of Turbo 350. You won’t even have to get up and dance. The energy coming off of these guys could supply most of the power to Hays County. We defy you to keep still when they play, though.

If we could only figure out how to get a usable alternative energy source from musicians, Texas would once again be covered in gushers. Scott Biram is the Old Spindletop of this kind of energy. You’ll never see anyone else like him. He’s got a sensitive side, but even it has a couple of bolts of lightning in it. He’ll be at the Triple Crown tonight.

Saturday, November 27

From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., it’s Christmas in the Village in New Braunfels. This food drive and shopping event features a kid’s yoga class, refreshments, live music, caroling and the big red-clad bearded guy himself, aka Santa. Admission is free. The event will take place on the 2300 block of Gruene Lake Drive.

Now, if you haven’t been over to the San Marcos Nature Center, it might be a good day to go on over, see the indigenous wildlife displays (read: snakes), the new butterfly house and the gorgeous naturescapes provided. Hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

If the kids are tired of playing video/computer games, it might be fun to take them to a three-dimensional adventure. The Wimberley Players will present “Pinocchio” at 8 p.m. tonight and there’s enough color and action and songs to go around for everyone. Tickets are $18.

Bo Porter’s classic country sound will guide you right to the dance floor at Riley’s Tavern tonight. Porter and his band’s music are as smooth as a red satin country-western shirt and twice as pretty. Your toes will be set to tappin’.

We have this prejudice towards the Dakotas, in that everyone we’ve met from either North or South Dakota has been a plain-spoken and decent human. Must be all that space and farming and scenery, sort of like Texas. Justin Haigh, a Texan now for sure, was brought up in South Dakota where the winters are cold and the folks work hard. His heartfelt country sounds will grace the Cheatham Street Warehouse tonight. Haigh is a talented songwriter with a world class country voice. His songs are moving without being flowery, sentimental without sloppiness and his band always has a cool country groove. Ask him to play “People Like Me,” which kind of says it all.

The Triple Crown will feature local favorites the Organics, whose style is a potpourri of rock, experimental and jam. Also on the bill are Robbie and the Robots, who are always a joy to hear. When we first moved to the area, we heard R&R’s “Small Town Crazy Girlfriend Blues,” and it was the first glimmer that something wonderful was happening musically here. Great night of music for those that stayed in town for the holiday.

Sunday, November 28

Today at Gruene Hall, you can experience two extraordinary bands. From noon until 4 p.m., the group of consummate professional musicians working with Sarah Pierce will play. Pierce is no slouch, either, and the Sarah Pierce band is like the Cool Whip on the pumpkin pie of the weekend. Then, at 4:30 p.m. the Coveters will play until 8 p.m. The band is a side project of rotating musicians, which include some combination of Wayne Sutton, Jeff Botta, Brad Houser, Michael Kingcaid, Warren Hood, Ed Jurdi and Suzanna Choffel. Because they are all in other bands, they play an amazing blend of country/rock/experimental/gospel that will be the cherry on top of your day.

The Wimberley Players production of “Pinocchio” features quick scene changes and era changes as well as colorful costumes, a boy being changed into a donkey, a circus and the inside of a whale. It will keep you and your family entertained, as well as promote the ideals of truth and unselfishness. Did we mention the songs yet? While not a musical per se, the play is loaded with songs. The matinee starts today at 2 p.m. Tickets are $18.

If you feel like singing tonight, the mics are open at both the Triple Crown and Riley’s Tavern. The holidays always bring out the music in everybody, don’t they?

The San Diego Chargers will play the Indianapolis Colts tonight at Lucas Oil Stadium at 7 p.m. on NBC. The Rivers-Manning face-off may hold some surprises.

The classic “Wizard of Oz” will be featured on TBS tonight both at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Then again, there’s the not-so-classic “The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation,” which stars the vocal talents of Mario Lopez and Paris Hilton. Hilton plays a poodle. ‘Nuff said?

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