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November 5th, 2010
Letter: ‘You will always see me with my head held high’


Now the campaign is over and I have had a good night’s sleep I want to take this time to thank all of you who helped me. Of course I wished the results would have turned out differently but I knew this was a possibility going into the race.

I vowed from the first day of this campaign to keep my good reputation and integrity in tact. I would not stoop to dirty politics nor would I allow myself or this community to be sold to the highest bidder. A lot of eyebrows were raised when I refused to accept out-of-town PAC money. That was just one of those personal ethics I have for myself. I know there is nothing illegal about it and it is done all the time, it was just not for me. I understand this made some angry, and perhaps may have been the turning point of the election, but like I said my integrity is not for sale. When you see me in town you will always see me with my head held high. I am proud of what the campaign was able to do without the dirty money from big out of town developers and in some cases out of state.

I realize now that politics will not be in my future. However, my commitment to public service will never cease. I have always believed public service is a duty and I intend to fulfill my duty as long as God will allow it.

Rodney van Oudekerke
San Marcos

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2 thoughts on “Letter: ‘You will always see me with my head held high’

  1. Well said, Rodney. Many of us share your disappointment, but we know that San Marcos will continue to benefit from your contributions, in any capacity. Thanks for your efforts.

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