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November 3rd, 2010
Rose says he’s out of politics with electoral loss


State Representative Patrick Rose said he is done with politics and moving on after his electoral defeat Tuesday night. Photos by Andy Sevilla.

Associate Editor

State Representative Patrick Rose (D-San Marcos) said Tuesday night that he is looking forward to life outside of politics, while the man who defeated him, Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) said he is looking forward to life within politics.

Rose, 31, said as the final votes were being counted Tuesday that he is leaving public life for good after losing a bid for his fifth straight term in the Texas House of Representatives. Isaac knocked Rose out of the race in early voting and ended up with 53.9 percent of the vote (27,702 votes) across the three-county District 45, which includes Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties.

Within Hays County, the numbers were about the same. Isaac won 53.45 percent of the vote, claiming 20,915 votes.

Rose said he has practiced law outside of the legislature, but now will explore other opportunities in the business world.

“I certainly didn’t want to (end public service) at this juncture, but I wasn’t certain moving forward (when that end would be),” Rose said about his decision to end his political career. “That’s something you have to evaluate day by day, year by year. I certainly had hoped that I would have had the opportunity to give more back, through partnership with Texas State University, and this great community right here, and the whole district.”

In its analysis of Tuesday’s “50-year flood” that swept Democrats out of office across Texas, the Austin American-Statesman called Rose’s loss the “derailment of one of the most promising political careers in Texas.”

Rose was first elected in 2002, just out of Princeton and 23 years old when he stepped into a local Democratic Party that was reeling from a 1998 GOP sweep and made up 20 points in the last three weeks to claim the District 45 seat from Rick Green (R-Dripping Springs). Rose subsequently won re-election campaigns in 2004, 2006, and 2008. He said he will remain active in the community.

“There are a lot of different ways one can serve,” Rose said. “It’s been an honor to serve my hometown, and this county, and our district over that last eight years, but I’m looking forward to life in the business world and different opportunities to give back civically … I always have thought about what would happen in my life when politics ends, and I’m excited about what this new chapter holds.”

Isaac, too, said he is excited about his new chapter, relieved that the campaign is over and ready to get to work.

“I really feel like I’m going to hit the ground running,” Isaac said. “We have got to make some tough decisions … I really feel like I’m going to hit the ground running day one, so that we can cut spending. And, gosh, I’d love to be able to provide some tax relief to businesses and homeowners so we can get this economy rolling again.”

The race for District 45 was highly negative and riddled with political attacks on the airwaves. Rose and Isaac both said that’s in the past and both are looking forward.

“I’ve called Representative-Elect Isaac and had a good conversation with him,” Rose said. “I told him that I look forward to standing with him as a partner as he enters this new and exciting chapter. I’m very proud of the work our office has done on behalf of Texas State University, I’m proud of the work we’ve done to create and to grow and to mold the Texas Cancer Institute … The important thing that all of us need to remember is that there’s much more that we share in common than separates us. These three (Hays, Blanco, and Caldwell) counties would like Texas State to succeed and jobs to grow and roads to be improved and water sources to be secured. As we work together to do that, we all need to work together with our new state representative in this new chapter for our district.”

Isaac said that despite the attacks, both men have “a great deal of respect for each other.”

Said Isaac, “I told (Rose) I admired him for his service … I really believe that he will continue to serve his community. He’s been very gracious through this, and I know it got negative on TV, but I think he and I have always been pretty positive with each other, and it just rolls off. So, it wasn’t anything personal. Me, personally, I was having fun. It was just a fun campaign, and I really enjoyed it.”

Rose said he’s proud of his campaign and his capitol staff. He said he couldn’t have done a thing differently, and that “this just wasn’t meant to be.”

Said Rose, “I would be honored to be able to continue serving (District 45), but they made their choice, and now we all need to work together and stand behind that choice.”


Jason Isaac defeated Patrick Rose Tuesday to become the new District 45 state representative for Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties.

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25 thoughts on “Rose says he’s out of politics with electoral loss

  1. Problem with our political system. On both sides of the isle the truly smart and capable people are getting the heck out of politics. The moderates are throwing up their hands and saying, “Enough ,I want to enjoy my life and career not beat my head against a brick wall.”

    Good luck Patrick can’t say I blame you for leaving politics.

  2. You will be missed. What a great run. Thanks for all your years of service.
    You held your head high as the mud was slinging. Good for you.

  3. “Me personally, I was having fun?” All the lies and mudslinging about Patrick Rose were “fun” to Mr. Isaac. That says it all about the difference between the two candidates. I didn’t agree with Rose on every issue, but Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco Counties have lost able representation for someone who doesn’t know the issues and will only represent Republicans in the district — actually not even the Republicans really, as Isaac’s comrades slash education, including K-12 education and higher education like Texas State, and social services, and introduce divisive bills on immigration and social issues, while Isaac goes along as another vote. Glad Rose is trying to make a good transition and let Isaac know some of what he was working on. But this is a very bad day.for Texas. You thought Texas was a one-party state before, with the Democrats decimated in the Legislature this is what one-party rule really looks like. This is the end of Texas as we know it.

  4. I am very sad to see Patrick leave but at the same time it seems like the voters have spoken. While I did not agree with everything that Patrick did he was a champion for Texas State and the community. I hope that Jason understands that while we may disagree on some issues we all have the best interest of Hays County at heart.

    I hope that Jason will now represent the district on all of the issues affecting our county. One of the most pressing issues is our Courts. I hope that he will finally do what Patrick did not do and move a bill thru the legislature to make the 22nd District Court a Hays County only District. If it does not happen this session and as expected Judge Ramsay reties after the next election, the Judge will be elected by Comal County Republicans and not by the citizens of Hays County. So if a challenge to you Jason is to do the right thing for Hays County and keep the 22nd in Hays County.

  5. Well, I voted for Isaac because of exactly what Jim said. I want them to slash spending on education. The more money the govt. spends on educations, the more they have control of it. Education would be much better if the govt. had less involvement. I want him to vote conservative on “divisive bills” such as immigration and social issues. I think most people who voted for him probably want the same things. Hopefully, Isaac won’t run away to another state if things don’t go the way HE wants.

  6. ok look guys i understand a lot of conservative values, but honestly slashing spending on education? Look at the high schools in our district and walk through them, then tell me we need to slash spending on education, We really need to increase or stay the same on spending for education.

  7. “Runaway Rose”…. really? Because he decided to pursue other interests after being defeated in the election. Exactly how is that running away. He left the field after a good game. Dano, folks like you are the problem with this country. Nothing to contribute but derision.

  8. “T”, if you don’t know why he’s called “Runaway Rose” then you, sir or madam, need to educate yourself.

    The “problem with this country” isn’t those who want to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, it’s those who feel that they should speak up without bothering to learn anything about the topic first. Educate yourself. I’ll even help. Do a wiki search for patrick+rose+killer d.

  9. T,

    He is called runaway Rose because he was one of the democrats who ran away and hid out in Oklahoma in in 2003 to break the house quorum and prevent a vote on redistricting. The democrats did not have a majority so they resorted to walking off the job on strike, basically, since they could not get their way. I don’t now about you, but if I walked off my job because I did not want to do something, I WOULD NOT have a job when I got back. That is why he is called runaway Rose.

  10. Dear Whatever: the government spends money on education; the government does not spend money on “educations.”

    Dear Eric: Generally, “know” is spelled with a “k” in front of it.

    I enjoy the debate that is going on here, but please proofread your post before hitting the “submit comment” button. Typos derail any point you’re trying to make and just make you look silly.

  11. I wish Isaac luck. I’m just wondering what that one contributor who gave/loaned $450,000 bought himself?

  12. Hays County Kid,

    A better question is how you pay back that $450K loan with the pittance salary state reps are paid.

  13. Not all that cash was a loan, so it doesn’t have to be paid back. (it will be inits own way) And the loan may be repaid with other contributions, which means Rep. Isaac is now raising and additional $250K from other sources.

    As for what Mr Seale purchased, look at Rep. Isaac’s first bill.

  14. Let’s stop this hateful bickering! It makes all of us look ignorant and bigoted. This is not the America we want! Patrick did a good job! He worked hard and tried to address his district’s concerns within the constraints of the law and budget. Leave him alone!! It’s not right to kick someone when they are down!! Congratulations to Jason Isaac! I hope he will do as good a job as Patrick did! He’s got an uphill climb, as Patrick is well aware!! Hate is counterproductive, selfish, and not very Christian!! It’s time for me to depart this “social” network and go back to my life.

  15. It’s unfortunate to lose a great public servant like Patrick Rose. He was certainly a conservative Democrat, and the labels pasted on him during the election by operatives working for Mr. Isaac’s were unfair. Unfortunately, the electorate bought those misleading advertisements, and too few people did any real homework. I hope Patrick changes his mind. Our district and Texas, heck the nation, needs visionary and hard-working leaders like Patrick Rose.

  16. Regarding the comments that what we need is more money for education, the U.S. public school system currently spends $9,683 per student per year (http://, an all-time high and one of the highest in the world. Yet the results (graduation rate, reading and math levels, etc.) are near the bottom of developed nations. The problem is not a lack of dollars, it is an inefficient monopoly system that isn’t providing results for the dollars given to it. I believe it is time to open up this system to some free-market competition and allow other education providers to use this money to produce better results for our children.

  17. If Rose hoped to attract conservative voters, why run as a Democrat? You’re not going to attract conservative voters by running as a Democrat in this election cycle. Lets not forget that Rose won election 8 years because he ran against a scandal-plagued incumbent. people who win under those circumstances typically lose re-election bids sooner or later.

  18. he’s a good guy and i believe will do a good job for us.

    and yes, he was runaway rose…..

    jason is very excited about the future and will represent us well. he won my vote….

    just wish donna campbell would have won also….

  19. We lost two able and hard working representatives during our last election, Patrick Rose and Karen Ford. They were fair and hard working no matter your party affiliation (if any). When you wrote/emailed/called Pete Rose’s office you got an answer, NOT a canned response.

    What frightens me most about the last election is the grasp for McCarthyism that has once again taken over the Republican party, hate mongering, mud slinging, (often hidden) racism and teaching you to distrust your neighbors or others thinking differently than yourself. I sincerely hope our newly elected officials do as well in their new offices and I sincerely wish them the best.

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