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October 29th, 2010
Letter to the editor: Neighborhoods, or duplexes?

To the editor,

We knew if the Buie tract was approved for apartments, the land at Old RR 12 and Craddock would be next in line. The land is known by most citizens as “the Weatherford tract.”

The Buie tract is just south of our neighborhood and the Weatherford tract is west of our neighborhood. Some of our neighbors were invited to an invitation only meeting held Oct. 17 concerning building apartments and/or duplexes on the Weatherford tract.

We were hoping the Weatherford tract would become a location for senior residents, such as Stonebrook Senior Community, or be divided into large lots with upscale homes built for families. For seniors or families, a low-key neighborhood named Weatherford Woods would be a beautiful place to live.

Instead, they’re talking apartments and duplexes! It’s true that apartments give people a place to live, and that’s important, but they should not be next to single family neighborhoods. One of our neighbors recently moved from our beautiful, well established neighborhood, to a new one, Blanco Vista. Now, the developer of her new neighborhood wants to put 900 apartments near her new house.

We encourage you to vote for the city council candidates who want to bring good jobs here and preserve the good things we already have, including our well established neighborhoods. These candidates are John Thomaides for mayor, and Toby Hooper, Dave Newman, and Rodney van Oudekerke for city council.

Thank you.

Ann and Robert Blackburn
San Marcos

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6 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Neighborhoods, or duplexes?

  1. AMEN! Those candidates named will help our neighborhoods remain neighborhoods! If development continues in the same mode as it has these past couple of years, San Marcos will have a new logo: “San Marcos, Home of the Apartments”!

  2. I keep waiting for the knock on my door that my home has been designated an apartment site! At the rate apartments are being put up in San Marcos, there will be over saturation and then lower rents and eventually, vacant large eye-sores in the town…… alot of “mini-Wal-Mart” vacant buildings….. so then we begin to sell them as condominiums…… right?

  3. While apartment complexes are great for our college students in the San Marcos area, San Marcos does not have enough single home subdivisions emerging. It’s a shame when many families are moving to Kyle and New Braunfels to experience the luxury of having options for homes. There seems to be a shortage of new subdivisions and a surplus of apartments! I agree with Jean B!

  4. I’m confused.

    People don’t move here to live in apartments and work at the hotel/conference center, putting mints on pillows?

  5. This is in no way an endorsement of either what has been granted for the Buie tract, or for apartments and duplexes on the Weatherfore tract. However, If Weahterford really wants the deal that was given to the Buie Tract, hold him to the exact deal; two thirds of the Weatherford tract to reamin undeveloped in return to clusting development on one third. Anyone thinks he would go along with this?

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