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October 20th, 2010
Biggerstaff to perform at Corridor Comedy Wednesday


Bob Biggerstaff will appear Wednesday at Corridor Comedy, 202 North LBJ Drive, at 8 p.m.

Scene Editor

Bob Biggerstaff, who will be appearing Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Corridor Comedy inside J’s Bistro, 202 North LBJ Drive, is not your run of the mill comedian.

For one thing, he seems genuine. He has no over-the-top wacky gesticulating persona on stage, he’s just funny. He’s the kind of guy whose observations are so amusing and whose timing is so good that, if you were sitting around watching a football game with him and rolling with laughter at his comments you’d say, “You oughta be a comedian, Bob. No kidding.”

It may seem strange to call a comedian funny, because, of course, that is the point, isn’t it? But contemporary comedians are often about being loud, obnoxious, perhaps a little crude and in-your-face. Biggerstaff is none of these. He’s actually funny. What he says and how he says it will make you laugh.  It’s refreshing to chuckle someone’s genuine wit.

“I’m myself on stage, ” said Biggerstaff. “Every comedian on stage is a little different in real life, but mostly, I’m myself on stage. That’s me.”

Ever since he appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.” Biggerstaff’s humor has struck America’s funny bone, winning comedy awards and competitions as well as playing his stand-up gigs.

He’s got a sports-like competitive streak and was a national finalist in Sierra Mist’s “Search For the Next Great Comic,”, HBO’s “The Lucky 21,” and Comedy Centrals “Open Mic Fight.”

Biggerstaff calls Houston home, although he grew up in upstate New York. He attended high school in Houston and went to the University of Houston. It was in Houston where he first tried an open mic night with rather discouraging results.

“I went to an open mic night in Houston at a comedy club in the early ’90s,” he said. “You signed up for it but if ‘professional’ comedians showed up there, they got to go first. So I was, like fifth or sixth on the list but after all these comedians got up I was 23rd. So I was, like, no, I’m not doing that. I went home.”

His next try at an open mic, thanks to his work as a doorman  at Houston’s legendary Laff Stop while he was in college, yielded better results. Refining his act in Houston, he won the “Funniest Person in Houston Contest” in 2003.  Being one of Houston’s top comics rocketed him to his many appearances on television and Dave Attel’s HBO special “Captain Miserable.”  Biggerstaff also has a popular CD out, “enjoy GUYS,” that gets rave reviews from fans.

There is no doubt that Biggerstaff is a sports fan. He roots for the Astros, and sports permeates his self-deprecating comedy.

“Yeah, it’s sports and myself,” Biggerstaff said. “I make fun of things but mostly I make fun of myself. ”

For example, commenting on his dad’s Lou Gehrig’s disease diagnosis he says,”Yeah, it’s sad. But the worst part about my dad’s Lou Gehrig’s Disease is that he hates the Yankees.”  He goes on to say that his dad prefers to call it “Jeff Bagwell Disease.”

Perhaps, Biggerstaff’s competitive streak comes from his enthusiasm for sports, but, whatever the reason, he will be going to another comedy competition in November.

“”I’m going to the International Comedy Competition in Seattle,” he said. “They start out with, like, 300 comedians until there are 30 left and they compete. It’s a three-week competition.”

In fact, Biggerstaff is one of the 30 finalist comedians that has made the cut for the 31st Annual International Comedy Competition in Seattle this year.

Biggerstaff’s comedy certainly appeals to guys and sports fans, but his popularity is based in his genuine “real person” appeal. His gift of timing and phrasing make him sound like a natural comedian, as if that’s what he was built to do.

“I don’t really want to do anything else,” said Biggerstaff. “I know not everybody likes me. I know not everybody hates me.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone hating the comedy of Biggerstaff, but you can judge it for yourself Wedndesday at Corridor Comedy.

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