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October 14th, 2010
Updated: Sheriff on domestic violence allegation: ‘Nothing but pure fabrication’

UPDATED OCT. 16: Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conely has taken to his Facebook page to criticize Ratliff for distributing his denial on Thursday through Sheriff’s Office resources.

“I learned this morning that Sheriff Ratliff had used a county Facebook page (which is manged with tax dollars) and our Neighborhood Watch list (which is to be used for crime alerts and weather alerts) to make the posted statement about personal allegations against the Sheriff in regard to his campaign. I spoke to the Sheriff and he felt this was appropriate. I can certainly relate to personal attacks in a campaign season but I believe it is highly inappropriate that Hays County resources and tax dollars are being used in this fashion. The Facebook site for the Sheriff’s office and our Neighborhood Watch list is to be used for public purposes not for the denfense of an indivdual elected offical,” Conley posted on his Facebook.


Sheriff Tommy Ratliff is doubling down on his denial of a detractor’s’ claim that he broke his former wife’s collar bone in a fight in 1988. Ann Harral, an Amarillo physician, and Ratliff divorced shortly after the alleged incident. Cutler has denied being behind the allegation, which was dropped like a bombshell at a San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate this week.

Ratliff issued a statement today:

A supporter and campaign worker of sheriff candidate Gary Cutler made false allegations of spousal abuse involving Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff on Monday, Oct. 11, during the League of Women Voters forum.

“This incident did not happen and is nothing but pure fabrication. I am happy to debate the issues, the programs I have initiated as Hays County Sheriff, or my community based approach to law enforcement and management. I challenge my opponent to return to the issues and call upon him to apologize to the good citizens of Hays County,” the sheriff said.

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One thought on “Updated: Sheriff on domestic violence allegation: ‘Nothing but pure fabrication’

  1. Why not have the “good Sheriff” call his Ex-Wife and have her clear up the whole mess for him. After all if nothing wrong was done, then what does he have to lose? Oh, I guess the key word would be “if”. That is a big IF. Hays County gather the facts and see what this man has done for this county. Anybody can start programs..Heck his party is the author of programs. ~*VOTE CUTLER FOR SHERIFF*~

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