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October 8th, 2010
Letter to the editor: Vote for Jeff Barton

To the editor,

Jeff Barton is my guy for Hays County Judge

Why would anyone not vote for Jeff Barton? He and his family have lived in Hays County for generations. He comes from a family that has worked hard and contributed to Hays County. He is a good family man with a working wife and two great kids. In addition, just take a look at what Jeff has done for us.

Accountability – Jeff sets the standard for transparency in government and respect for taxpayers. Jeff has refused the pay raise recommended by an independent citizen review panel. We who depend on our Social Security checks appreciate that, since we probably won’t get an increase in our checks for the second straight year. Jeff has shown us his leadership and management skills as we have seen Hays County growing at a rapid rate while he has held the line on taxes.

Transportation – My family probably mirrors most families who travel FM 1626 each morning, rushing to jobs, universities and other schools. Jeff participates in many meetings dealing with the infamous 1626, always working to make this and other roads safer for us all. He has been our elected official who has no problem taking on Travis County opposition and TxDot delays in our effort to keep FM 1626 and SH 45 alive.

Jobs – It’s so important to all of us for our families to find jobs close to home. Jeff has worked closely with economic development folks to bring jobs to us. Kyle watched closely as Seton Medical Center-Hays rose up from a bare hill to a state of the art medical facility bringing many good paying jobs to the medical center and related services. Jeff helped make that happen.

I’m voting for Jeff Barton for Hays County Judge.

Adell Hurst

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12 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Vote for Jeff Barton

  1. We have a lot of work to do with our commissioners court and Jeff Barton has been an equally active part of the problem along with most of the court. One obvious example is the pay raises the Commissioners Court has granted itself. They make 17% more now than they did Jan. 2008. And yes, Jeff Barton is receiving his $65,000 and change salary, and yes, Jeff Barton is receiving his $9,000 + auto allowance. So be it. Then the Commissioners Court wanted another pay increase this year (along with a property tax rate hike), and the citizens finally told them “no”. Good for us. But here’s the thing…

    When two different citizens (I was one of them) in the public hearing asked the court about recent previous increases, the court still failed to mention the 2008 increase of over $8,000. They did mention the 2009 2% increase, but in 5-10 minutes of answer, couldn’t manage to tell the truth that the taxpayers were seeking.

    The self-approved pay increases are documented, and Jeff Barton is being paid the same as the rest of them. And he wouldn’t answer truthfully to two people who took time out of their day to help see to the county’s business. That’s not accountability.

    We need something better than this. We need Dr. Bert Cobb for County Judge.

    Sam Brannon

  2. For the record, I have known Jeff Barton and his family my entire life and consider Jeff the be an honorable person. Initially, I supported Dr. Cobb’s opponent in the Republican primary. After many discussions with Bert, I have come to believe that he is the best “man for the job”.

    I would ask that you look at where the money in this race is coming from. I am deeply concerned by campaign cash flowing into local campaigns from outside of Hays County and the revolving door that seems to be “the norm” with the Commissioner’s Court.

    I feel Dr. Cobb will introduce some much needed sanity for a Commissioner’s Court that has lost it’s way. We need a County Judge that is not interested in giving himself a pay raise or raising your property taxes. I have been particularly impressed by Bert’s positions on transportation (being the only Hays’ Candidate to fill out the TURF survey). It seems like on every issue Barton and his friends would follow the Austin-Travis model, rather than a common sense approach as advocated by Dr. Cobb.

  3. The pay raises in 2008 were not “self-approved.” A citizens committee recommended them – and Barton did not take the pay raise until after this approval. Not only that, the citizens committee recommended a much higher pay raise – based on comparisons with similar counties. Commissioners Court did not take the full amount recommended by your fellow citizens…

    You know, even politicians have to feed their families. But I understand it is good fodder during a campaign. It’s just not the real truth.

    Speaking of which – just who is that very large contributor to Cobb’s campaign…

  4. I’ve heard that too, Winchester. But he’s not Jeff Barton, so he’s got that going for him.

  5. Given the choice of Jeff Barton or a Jim Powers rerun, I have to vote Barton. Reminds me of a Jim Hightower quote …

  6. My goodness. What is so complicated about all of this? This isn’t about whether he has to feed him family. It’s about a fundamental question: Did Barton take the payraise? It’s about lies and misrepresentations.

    Here’s the simple answer: Yes; he took the payraise. He notified the County Treasurer (I believe it was Dec. 22nd of 2008) that he had decided to take the pay raise.

    Go back to Dec, 22nd of 2008. The national economy was in free-fall and anyone with a 401K was either checking it every few minutes or scared to even look at the balaace. Pink slips were being handed out left and right, and the list of foreclosures in Hays County was growing.

    But Jeff (What Me Worry?) Barton didn’t have a problem. All he had to do was let the County Treausrer know that now (depite all of his previous public rejections of a raise) he was finally ready to take that raise. And by the way, he wanted it to be effective as of the first of the month. So there you have it. Dec. 22nd, 2008 — the date that Barton took the raise after he said that he didn’t.

  7. Why the heck do we want political experience? Isn’t our entire system supposed to be BY THE PEOPLE, for the people? Forget the career politicians. Look at where that has got us in Washington.

  8. What it got us last time was a fiefdom. with a hefty dose of disregard for lthe laws governing the county.

  9. Lila:

    I do not support comparative government. Politicians know what the position pays, ask a State Rep. This also serves to discourage career politicians. We should encourage new faces in political process and pray our elected officials go back to their day job at some point. Appointing “blue ribbon committees” is a political ploy for the Court to duck the predetermined issue assigned the committee.

    I also feel the comparisons (Cobb/Powers) being thrown around in these comments are unwarranted and “off base”.

  10. Mr. Young, off base, I think my initial post is dead center on. Just stated the opinion that Dr/ Cobb has as much experience as Mr. Powers did. That issue causes me some concern.

  11. Commissioner Barton is either unaware, or chooses to ignore the fact that America has some serious economic issues. The debt of the federal government is out of control. Cities and states across the nation are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not already there. We need people on the County Court of Commissioners who realize the necessity for fiscal responsibility and restrained spending. Jeff Barton is not one of them. We need a common sense conservative like Dr. Bert Cobb.

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