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October 6th, 2010
City council hires Nuse, approves Paso Robles deal

Associate Editor

The San Marcos City Council appointed Round Rock City Manager Jim Nuse to the city’s top administrative job Tuesday night and green lighted the annexation of Paso Robles, as well as its development agreement and zoning change requests.

Starting at a salary of $180,939.20, Nuse is set to take on the city manager position in San Marcos on Dec. 6. Nuse also will receive a $500 per month car allowance, a monthly telephone stipend and benefits including vacation and sick leave, retirement pay, and health, dental and life insurance.

The council cast a unanimous vote for Nuse. Outgoing Mayor Susan Narvaiz requested to be the last vote during roll call so that her vote could be “in support of my colleagues,” as she no longer will sit at the dais after the November election.

Narvaiz decided earlier this year against re-election, setting the stage for either Councilmember John Thomaides or former Councilmember Daniel Guerrero to take the mayor’s seat in November.

As expected, Paso Robles gained unanimous approval in its annexation request of 906.5 acres. However, the proposed development agreement and zoning change requests encountered opposition from Thomaides and Councilmember Gaylord Bose.

Thomaides voiced the strongest opposition with the Tax Reinvestment Increment Zone (TIRZ) called for by the development agreement.

Carma Texas, the developer of Paso Robles, has identified about $175 million in infrastructure improvements for the project and is asking the city to pitch in $20 million through a TIRZ.

A TIRZ works by allocating new tax revenue generated due to property improvements in the zone towards the debt service to pay for those improvements.

Carma Texas General Manager Shaun Cranston said that, according to his market analysis, Paso Robles is expected to be at full-build out anywhere from nine to 11 years from the start of construction. He said about 300 homes per year are expected to sell, with proposed homes ranging between $200,000 and $400,000. Carma proposes to build 3,450 homes on 1,340 acres.

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22 thoughts on “City council hires Nuse, approves Paso Robles deal

  1. If taxpayers can buy you a new truck through the cash for clunkers program… I guess they can buy you house as well…hmmmm

  2. Approves Paso Robles Deal……………..let me say it again………….Approves Paso Robles Deal!

  3. Blanco Vista has sold what….100 homes in 3 years? So why should we believe Carma when they project 300 homes *per year* to sell out of this development???? I know the concept is slightly different, but how in the world can they project to do TEN TIMES the number of sales out there? It just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    It boggles the mind that our Council is eating all of this up with a spoon, too…..

  4. One article in toadys Austin Statesman mentioned a golf course/housing development in thriving northwest Travis county had just gone back to the lender; but one in southern Hays county is going to be a grand sucess. Right.

  5. Austin has alot of courses. Sm has zero. dont give me quail or aquarena. Zero courses, this development will be built out in full in ten years. Things keep goin well, i will have two out there

  6. Dano what boggles the mind is that they hired someone who doesn’t want the job. If I was Nuse I’d ask for a huge raise right now.

  7. I am still trying to figure out how this will meet the criteria for a TIRZ? Nothing I have read about Paso Robles seems to fit it being designated as a reinvestment zone. What did miss here? It is Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code.

  8. “He said about 300 homes per year are expected to sell,” What are they smoking?? Heck, we have not even had 300 building permits per year pulled in San Marcos ever I believe.

    Look out Mr. Seebeck and other local builders. Looks like you will be down at the welfare office getting your food stamps and gubmint check if they ever build to this level. There won’t be enough houses to go around and we know they are bringing in an outside builder to do all the building. So much for the local little guys I guess.

    I used to support this development but am beginning to wonder if I am making a mistake. I hate to see the local little guys get squeezed out of business. Hey, maybe the local builders can get superintendent jobs with the big guy Carma brings in. If not, I am sure they can get jobs picking up trash on the jobsites!

  9. Luckily, there will be all of those golf course and retail jobs created. Of course, there is still room for local builders to put up homes in established neighborhoods like mine, provided they haven’t been ruined by apartments.

    If we protected our neighborhoods, fixed our schools and brought some more real employers to town, we ought to have enough work for Carma’s builders and our local builders. On the flip-side, without the better schools, better jobs and better protection for neighborhoods, the odds of anyone building 300 homes per year, particularly at $200 – 400k, seem extremely slim.

  10. All ican say it will be the first place people will want to live in Sm if they can afford it. And its not Carmas resposibility to create jobs in this city, eventhough they will be. Seebeck explained why they are using outside builders, he understands the game. Sunrise company is first class operation, ive been to 3 of their planned communitys, and was impressed by everyone of them.

  11. Another big mistake by the City. 300 homes a year in the 200-400K range. Uh, not sure if anyone noticed but no one is buying homes right now. The CIty needs to focus on projects that have already been started, not opening up new wounds. The city can’t even finish the road construction on Cheatham Street in less than 2 years. What makes them think this will be a success?

  12. there are no words…
    3 more weeks. i wonder how much damage that crazy b@%$$h and her minions can do in that short period of time?

  13. Eric- I agree.
    Hopefully (or sadly) potential home buyers will stay away from Paso Robles when they see how Carma intends to s**t on Blanco Vista’s master plan.
    In 5 years Carma will be in front of P&Z asking to allow 900 apartments to be built in their exclusive Paso Robles neighborhood.
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…

  14. Speaking of water pollution, TCEQ removed the last of the barrels yesterday from inside that building. This is quick action from state watch dog response from our questions via our SMNL citizen journalism news outlet. Now the barrels from both inside and outside of the building have left River City. Take action citizens, don’t wait for those on the dias to speak for you! This is what America and democracy is all about, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  15. SamD.: Carma has withdrawn their Concept Plan Amendment application for Blanco Vista. I really do question whatever firm is conducting Carma’s marketing studies though.

    dreamteam: we have bikinis bar & grill, which is a better product in every way compared to the cliche that is Hooters. Ignoring Bikinis B&G, Pluckers wings beat the hell out of Hooters wings and Pluckers has a better sports viewing atmosphere. San Marcos demographics won’t support a semi-pro sports team. And a waterpark? You’d have to be certifiable to even walk into the bank or an investor’s office for funding such an attempt so close to Schliterbahn, never mind even trying to get the water permits (from the city, wells or surface rights). Midnight Rodeo on the other hand… I’m actually surprised you didn’t see something similar open up within a couple of months of San Marcos extending bar hours.

  16. Monitoring the water solves for pollution exactly how?

    And, if they test the water and find pollutants, then what . . . . it seems to me prior preparation prevents poor performance, ergo don’t play with hazards that can pollute the water.

    Where does the buck stop? Not with the citizens, nor with being stewards of our earth, air and water quality OVER THE LONG TERM!

  17. Why can’t the city require water quality controls for developers who want to build on the aquifer (or maybe they do and I’m not aware)? Water quality ponds, porous pavements, rainwater collection, rain gardens, etc….anything that captures/stores/filters run-off before it hits the aquifer? I’m not just speaking in terms of this development, but the Buie tract as well. I feel like that would help bridge the gap between those who do and don’t support our leaders’ decisions on these matter…by forcing them to build responsibly.

  18. CWS- Where did you hear that Carma w/drew their Concept Plan Amendment application for Blanco Vista?


  19. Hi Dreamzteamz!

    Waterpark would be awesome! Back in 1980 Tom (rip) got a sliver of property from Henrys (I think) across the street from Rio Vista. He put up a single rad water slide and many a people sliced their drunka** backs screaming down the poorly aligned slide after midnight! Good luck in actually not slamming into the walls of the too tiny pool at 90 mph! I think you can still see the tiled remains of that concrete pond buried in the vines….

  20. Sobering article in today’s Statesman on Lago Vista’s experience with golf courses:

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