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October 5th, 2010
Lions Clubs help with San Marcos CISD eye and hearing tests


School nurses Rosemary Jaworski, Vicki Wilson, and Annalisa Mutschlechner conducting vision screenings with De Zavala Elementary students.


Elementary school students in San Marcos CISD are having their vision and hearing tested thanks to the help of the local Lions Clubs. Students at Travis Elementary School, De Zavala Elementary School and Hernandez Elementary School have received the tests and the remaining schools will be tested on coming Thursdays.

Bowie Elementary School, Crockett Elementary School and Mendez Elementary School will be tested in the coming weeks.

De Zavala Elementary nurse Sylvia Murray said that volunteers from the Bluebonnet Lions Club and the Noon Lions club are helping with the screenings. Volunteers from the Lions at Dezavala  included Beth Morrisset, Rita Mutschlechner and Hilda Cook from the Bluebonnet Lions and Don and Karen Arledge from the Noon Lions. Parent volunteers are also helping the elementary school campus nurses with the screenings.

The San Marcos Noon Lions club and the Bluebonnet Lions club formed a cooperative effort this summer to sponsor membership for each of the nine San Marcos CISD school nurses in the National Association of School Nurses (NASN). The membership in NASN avails the nurses with certificates to provide eye exams and eye glasses to students whose families are unable to pay for them.

Vision and sight preservation has been a priority of the Lions Club since its inception in 1917. With 17 eyeglass recycling centers worldwide, Lions Eye Banks and Lions-supported cataract surgeries for those at risk of blindness, the Lions have dedicated much of their time to sight-related programs.

The San Marcos Lions Clubs also furnish glasses to qualifying school children. The NASN sponsorship will allow even more students to obtain the corrective eyeglasses they need.


San Marcos CISD school nurse Annalisa Mutschlechner conducting a vision test with a De Zavala student.


Bluebonnet Lion volunteer Beth Morrisset testing a student.

092910vis19San Marcos CISD Linda Jenkins conducting a hearing test with a Dezavala student.

092910vis20Bluebonnet Lions volunteer Rita Mutschlenchner preparing a DeZavala student for a hearing test.

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One thought on “Lions Clubs help with San Marcos CISD eye and hearing tests

  1. What a great program! Kudos to all involved. This can make such a positive difference for our youth. Making sure they can see and hear properly is very helpful to their academic performance (and quality of life overall, too).

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