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September 30th, 2010
New banner lauds San Marcos CISD


The banner as it spans LBJ Drive. (Photo by Daniel Guerrero.)


A new banner announcing San Marcos CISD as a Texas Education Agency recognized district will be greeting San Marcos residents as it makes its rounds. The banner spans LBJ Drive across from Compass Bank,  300 South LBJ Drive.

In two weeks, the banner will move to South Guadalupe Street near Tuttle Lumber, 228 South Guadalupe Street.

The banner was purchased by the San Marcos Education Foundation.

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0 thoughts on “New banner lauds San Marcos CISD

  1. You must be joking. It is way too early to celebrate. Let’s fix the high school, and then we can start bragging.

  2. The TEA website is kind of hard to navigate and it is really sad how good I am getting at it. I really wish I didn’t have to spend so much time there.

    It turns out that 49.2% of public school districts were rated as recognized, or better.

    We’re in the top 50%! Whoopee! Let’s put up some friggin’ banners, so that we can counteract the “negative perception” about our schools!


    If our district gets to exemplary (8.3%) I’ll pay for banners on Hopkins, LBJ, Guadalupe and Wonder World. Until then, let’s hold off on the cake and confetti.

  3. Ted, fixing the high school would mean getting rid of the principal, who hardly ever leaves the office, and putting in an administration in that actually supported the teachers (I know, crazy talk…) There are great teachers at the high school who can’t make any headway because any discipline is a bad mark against the teacher. Many have given up.
    I am a product of public schools. I support public schools, but when I have kids there is no way I would ever send them past junior high in the San Marcos public school system.
    Rant off…

  4. I thought the teachers like Ms. Darling? The kids seem to like her very much.
    Are you saying that teachers are not being encouraged to discipline the students per the code of conduct?
    kind of disturbing.

  5. JesseB clearly is one of the parents who worked with SMHS and SMCISD during the Dr. Kelley reign.

  6. I know I am not the only one out there who feels that all our schools are WAY too top heavy. Way back when I was in school ( you know, before the zipper was invented) their was always the principal and ONE Vice. We never had aids in the classrooms and all the office help were students. What has happened since then? And trust me we were afraid of getting sent to see the Principal or VP. Now it seems like the students don’t care and neither does the admin.

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