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September 22nd, 2010
City council approves Paso Robles annexation

Associate Editor

The controversial Paso Robles development proposed in the southern stretches of the city gained unanimous approval for annexation Tuesday night after numerous San Marcos residents voiced support for the project.

In the scheduled citizen comment period, resident after resident, and even non-residents with interests in San Marcos, implored council to approve annexation on first reading. Public interest in the proposed development has gained traction during the last two months due to environmental, traffic, and tax-incentive concerns. Tuesday was not an exception.

Dianne Wassenich, director of the San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF), has been an ardent opponent to the project because of its potential pollution to the Edwards Aquifer. A proposed 18-hole golf course within the development would be located, in part, above the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. Wassenich argues that herbicides and pesticides used on the golf course could trickle down to the aquifer. The golf course will be watered with treated waste water, except for the five holes that are situated above the aquifer, which will take on potable water.

“There are a lot of examples to follow (from a San Antonio agreement for a PGA golf course), about (required) liners, water testing, costs, etc,.” Wassenich said, adding that she would provide the agreement to councilmembers. “Better yet, think about open spaces instead of a golf course, which could be the filtering devices for the homes and apartments in Paso Robles. This could protect the aquifer from chemicals used on lawns, plus the sediment of construction, since we, sadly, don’t have ordinances requiring inspection or maintenance of construction phase erosion and sediment control facilities. And think of the sewer lines that will be blasted and rocksawed into this very sensitive area, and what that will do to the aquifer.”

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47 thoughts on “City council approves Paso Robles annexation

  1. Great, another development to poison the aquifer. And all for the “sport of executives”…

    Golf courses are completely irresponsible in the state of Texas, given our current and predicted water situation. The amount of water required to keep the grass alive is not something our region can handle. And aren’t there already 2 golf courses in town?

    Great job, San Marcos. Way to not give a sh…oot about your citizens or the aquifer.

  2. Hmmm….I wonder – how many supporters of this horribly conceived project will be at the TX State Common Experience speaker tonight: Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man?

    Our city council seems to be all about negative environmental impact!

  3. Executive housing? Last I looked, executives don’t live in mass-built production housing on small lots.

  4. Unicycle football is the sport of kings. I have a unicycle on my wish list, but I am old and my wife thinks that I will break my hip.

  5. im voting for kim p again thomaides is still in question, gonna see how he votes next week. But Thomaides might be okay. 7-0 majority vote Thanks to all the young ladies who let Dianne know the real about the aquifer. THis is gonna be great for everybody

  6. If you ever want to learn, come out to a game! There are always people willing to teach you. That is, if you are an executive of course…

  7. So this is how this thing will go…..

    -City bends over backward to approve and provide services for this development
    -City grants TIRZ to this development, ensuring that taxpayers will end up paying for it when things don’t pan out
    -This development breaks ground, but lots don’t sell fast enough to suit developer
    -Developer changes the master plan to include significantly more multi-family development among the homes
    -City bends over backward once again to approve this request and give developer whatever they want
    -Slum develops south of town, as college students take over the neighborhood and destroy the golf course
    -But that’s OK because there is also a slum north of town to match it (minus the golf course, though)
    -Developer laughs all the way to the bank because they were able to pull the same trick twice on City

    Sound about right?

  8. this is how this will go down…

    Development will be built, beyond everybodys expectations.
    Executives will be considering and moving into South end of Sm
    Golf course will be generating a great buzz and recreation for the community and the city
    Ted can ride his unicycle on hike trails without injury

  9. Dano, That is not really fair to say. The City has not bent over backwards to approve the change to the Blanco Vista Concept Plan, actually, it met quit the resistance at the final decision making authority, P&Z. You really should give us SOME credit at least.

  10. Curtis, I will grant that their request for the concept plan change has not yet been granted. But can you honestly say that you think it will not ultimately pass?

    I know you may not be able to answer that because of rules within P&Z, so consider it a rhetorical question….but I think everyone knows how this thing is going to end, no matter how much resistance “we the people” or a couple truly concerned P&Z commissioners offer.

    Compared to our other officials, you have done an admirable job of stepping in and participating in the public discussion about these issues. I think your heart and head are in the right place. But you aren’t going to stop this boulder by yourself.

  11. Dano, I’m thinking your crystal ball is quite clear…

    Leah, I agree, Dianne Wassenich always has the best interest of the NATURAL beautiful part of our city in mind. I sure wish she would run for mayor.

    Cori, yes, it would be nice to see some of the council members and the mayor at the Common Experience event tonight. I wish I could be there, but alas, I will be at work.

    In fact, it would be nice to see some of the council members or the mayor ANYWHERE in San Marcos other than at meetings and press events. Like maybe at a Unicycle Football game? We’ve been doing that for years, and no one from the city has taken any interest. Since the city likes tax incentives and losing money so much, it would be nice of them to donate a small area to the Unicycle Football League (and other small scale community projects could share too) so that we may better promote COMMUNITY in this town. Community is better for the current citizens of San Marcos, better than so called “executive” housing. Many people here live below the poverty line. There aren’t really jobs for executives…

    And to follow up on a previous part of my comment, seriously, has anyone ever seen council members out in public? Thomaides rides his bike and goes to the river. Seen it. I saw Fred Terry at Sean Patrick’s…once. Chris Jones used to walk around the square during the day… maybe that still happens? Kim works at Texas State, so I guess you could say she is present. I see the same random people all the time at the grocery store and running other errands, so why not council members? Do they really live here?

  12. I guess this is what San Marcos means by “we want your business.” Too bad it’s going to do us more harm than good.

  13. Also, who plays golf anymore? The only “executives” that will be on this course will be retired ones……

  14. I did not know we had that many “executives” living in town or wanting to live on the south side of town. Sounds like a great ploy to sell the idea. The economy must be doing well if one of your developments is stagnant and you are about to pour millions into another. As for Curtis, he brought up several great points at the last P&Z meeting, what do the homeowners living in Blanco Vista think about changing the master plan since it will closely affect their lives?

  15. Alot of Golfers in the community! just cause yall dont play, doesnt mean sm has any golfers. This course will be a great success, and get alot of use

  16. Which statistics are you relying on to proclaim that a golf course will be a ‘great success’? The ones that show that membership at Quail Creek is down almost 60% over the past seven years, or the ones that show that golf courses across the country are struggling? Just google “golf courses struggling” and you’ll get a pretty good picture of what this economy means to an expensive, time consuming luxury recreation activity.

  17. Quails a joke
    Aqaurena course evenworse

    Most of us play in New Braunfels or Kyle

    You can go off of Quail Dump to get your stats

    Executives and Business owners expect more!

  18. Thats funny check out Bandit in New Braunfels

    Golf course community Booming! 180-200 rounds daily Most from San Marcos and central Texas area golfers. Why…… its a championship course, and not a embarresment that San Marcos produces these days.

  19. Dano

    so what your teling me just cause you cant afford it, you expect all of us also. Sorry Buddy some of us expect and work hard so we can play a luxury recreation as u stated. Have fun on your unicylcle

  20. Well given that golf course are mowed daily it seemed to make sense at the time

    Better than smell the fungicide/herbicide/pesticide that goes on them.

  21. Unanimous approval, really??? Some one is going to need to pick up his campaign sign out of my front yard!!!

  22. OH Canada – learn the words – Carma ‘Texas’ – only a small piece of the big Canadian operation – eh!

  23. Well, I must admit we need 3,400 new executives in town. But what the hell are they here to execute? Realtors, one would hope–ours haven’t heard about the “housing thing” that has swept the country and seems bound to bankrupt most of the rest of us before it ends. I can name a couple of dozen who were something else five years ago–is it migratory season or something? And whatever happened to the “senior community” idea? By the way, has anybody noticed that commercial properties are following on the heels of residential? Other than the banks and those who own all the vacant ones here, I mean?

    Think of the statistical probability of our getting seven of seven “leaders” so bereft that they are leading us backward by trumpeting a charge forward. It would be almost incredible, if it were not a political putsch. Why, it reminds me of GWB–killing all quality and safety regulations, inserting cronies throughout the system, looting the treasury for “bread and circuses,” and opening the currency presses for “executives.” (I do hope all our new ones are at least more literate than those posting here, don’t you all? “Executives” mostly can read and write English.)

  24. I just went and checked out the tax rates, debt service levels, etc. Of Round Rock, New Braunfels, and Seguin. Anybody want to guess what I found? Yep, you are right, lucky winners–we have the highest in each “negative” category of the budget, especially “incentive packages” and debt outstanding. Who’d ever have thought? The price of supporting a Queen and her Court.

  25. before the city goes promising “services” to annexed ‘executives’, it would be nice for the city to take care of issues in areas that are ALREADY part of San Marcos; hhhmm, let’s see, what about adequate roads, traffic lights and street lighting for our schools! the new target gets a light on mcarthy but not miller on stagecoach…anyone have high school age children? we practically have to drive out of town to get them there on roads that are poorly designed to handle to traffic that 1200 plus students and staff produce. there are still areas that are ALREADY part of San Marcos that do not have sidewalks, efficient lighting, traffic lights, adequate drainage………….its time for the city leadership to stop being obsessed with “bringing” in “executive-types and work on raising the standard of living for those citizens that have BEEN HERE, LIVE HERE AND PAY TAXES HERE.

  26. I suspect that former SMLN poster “obama” has since changed his name here to “Dreamteam”.


    I would just like to reassure the voters and taxpayers that are directly and indirectly affected by the Carma developments Blanco Vista and Paso Robles that,….

    If elected,…I will re-assert those interests of the voters and taxpayers, over the undue, heavy influence that our current Mayor and her deputies on San Marcos City Council have inappropriately awarded to these out-of-town, out-of-state, and out-of-country, big-money, special-interest developers.

    We will be left holding the financial, sociological and environmental bag, long after Carma has closed out their dealings here in San Marcos, have taken our money, and have run off to the next offering plate.

    Carma’s attempted lack of pro-forma on the Blanco Vista project, with respect to the existing homeowners and their Blanco Vista master plan, should raise big red flags on all of Carma’s promises, and I have hope for the P&Z meeting tonight that,….

    the interests of the affected citizens who will certainly be present there at that meeting, along with their valid concerns,….

    will prevail,,…

    and that the vital comprehensive desires of our community residents are destined to be represented in the substantive manner in which they are duly entitled, by our P&Z Commission and ultimately by our San Marcos City Council.

  27. Just can’t stop campaigning, huh Mr. Newman? To me, these campaign snippets you keep posting are nothing more than spam.

  28. Blanco vista and paso robles are two different developments. Tired of hearing y’all compare them to one another. This Next vote might get closer. I see it going 5-2. And it will let me know if Thomaides is inor out. I have him out right now, but Thomaides needs to vote yes on pdd to have chance for mayor. Paso robles needs to be supported by our next mayor.

  29. Blanco Vista and Paso Robles are not the same development, but it is the same developer, A Developer who is now showing that it can’t be trusted. As someone who at first thought Paso Robles was a good idea this bothers me and makes me look at Paso Robles in whole new light. It should bother us all.

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