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September 16th, 2010
Grandparents Day at Crockett Elementary was grand


Crockett Elementary School student Miles Oshan with his grandmother at Crockett’s Granparents Day celebration. (Photo by Iris Campbell.)


Since Grandparents Day fell on Sunday, Sept 12  this year, the students at San Marcos CISD celebrated it on Sept. 10 or Sept. 13 at their schools.

The students at Crockett Elementary hosted their Grandparents Day event Monday, with more than 250 grandparents participating in the day. Some grandparents traveled from out of town to be with their grandchildren at the celebration.

A+ Federal Credit Union, the small HEB, Carino’s, Furr’s Cafeteria, Luby’s, Sam’s Club, Pappa Pasta, D’Blazio’s, Chicken Express, and Craigo’s all contributed to the celebration at Crockett. Roel Garza, the assistant manager at Furr’s, even donated his day off, volunteering his time and expertise to make sure each grandparent was served.


Avery Jones sits with her grandparents at Crockett’s Grandparents Day event. (Photo by Susan Seaton.)

091410carterCarter Cortez with grandmother at Crockett’s celebration. (Photo by Iris Campbell.)

091410joelJoel Sandoval and his family at the celebration. His grandparents traveled from out-of-town to be there. (Photo by Susan Seaton.)

091410anthonyCrockett student Anthony Vasquez sits with his grandparents at the event. (Photo by Iris Campbell.)

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