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September 1st, 2010
‘Juries must be able to trust the system,’ DA Tibbe says

Sherri Tibbe


In her first response to former sheriff’s office criminal investigations division head Kevin Ficke, District Attorney Sherri Tibbe denied a political feud with Sheriff Tommy Ratliff, a key part of the lawsuit’s foundation. Ficke resigned this summer after Tibbe said she would not be able to use him as a witness because of a 1993 no contest plea to felony tampering with evidence while he was a law enforcement officer in Uvalde County.

Text of Tibbe’s statement:

“The recent allegations of a so-called public feud between Sheriff Ratliff and myself are unfounded and unrealistic.  Furthermore, the idea that Mr. Ficke’s resignation was the result of any political disagreement between Sheriff Ratliff and myself is misguided and, in my opinion, deliberately calculated in an attempt to establish a legitimate basis for a lawsuit where one does not exist.  Our agencies have worked well together since the time Sheriff Ratliff took office and continue to do so.

“While I am prohibited from addressing Mr. Ficke’s specific situation, I can say that as a prosecutor, I have an obligation to ensure the integrity of the criminal justice system.  The public must be able to trust that investigations and prosecutions in this county are conducted in a manner that is both ethical and in compliance with the rule of law.  Our juries must be able to trust in the system and the people who run it.  I fully intend to do what I think is right in order to meet this obligation and will continue to do so in the future.”

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