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August 26th, 2010
City crews clean up after windstorm


San Marcos emergency and utility crews were busy Tuesday night and Wednesday after straight line winds and a sudden storm uprooted trees, broke off tree limbs, damaged structures and caused power outages across the city.

No injuries were reported, but about 600 customers lost power for two to four hours when power lines were affected by wind and falling limbs. No electric substation feeders were lost, though three substations saw a brief outage described as a “blink.”

The rain and windstorm hit about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, with winds knocking out power and damaging trees and structures in Westover, Spring Lake Hills, Hughson Heights, Franklin Drive, Hunter Road, Willow Creek, and McCarty Lane areas.

About 20 trees felled by the storm were removed from roadways and many others on private property were damaged. Homes, buildings and sheds suffered roof damage in several areas.

Electric utility crews spent Wednesday cleaning up and chipping tree limbs, repairing damaged lights and restoring power to three locations that required additional work by an electrical contractor.

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