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August 12th, 2010
McCarthy now uncertain about November mayoral run


Former San Marcos mayoral candidate Daniel McCarthy campaigns during early voting in the November 2008 election. File photo.

Associate Editor

Former San Marcos mayoral candidate Daniel McCarthy, the Texas State student who was arrested in Austin Monday just before President Barack Obama’s scheduled appearance at the University of Texas (UT), now says he’s uncertain if he’ll seek the city’s mayoral office in November.

McCarthy, who has announced a run for mayor, but has not filed, said there’s a “50-50 chance” he’ll run for mayor, but he now also has his eye on a potential run for the other council seats up for grabs.

McCarthy called Councilmember John Thomaides and former councilmember Daniel Guerrero, who both have filed for the mayor’s race, “two heavy hitting candidates.” McCarthy said Thursday that he made his announcement to run for mayor before Guerrero announced his candidacy, which now would pit him against two formidable candidates, as opposed to just Thomaides.

For now, McCarthy said he’s keeping close eye on how the filings for elected office develop and will ultimately decide which office, if any, he’ll decide to seek before the Aug. 24 deadline.

Among the complications entering McCarthy’s decision is his residency status. McCarthy presently does not have a residence in San Marcos. He said his lease was up this summer and is currently “couch surfing” in Austin and San Marcos. More often than not, McCarthy said he’s sleeping in his brother’s couch in Austin as he’s been doing work in the Capital City.

The San Marcos city charter says a city council candidate must establish a physical address in the city to run for office. According to the charter:

(A city council candidate) shall have had his or her principal physical residence for at least one year preceding the election within the corporate limits of San Marcos and shall maintain his or her principal physical residence within the corporate limits of San Marcos throughout his or her term of office; for purposes of this subsection, a person must meet all of the following to meet the requirement for a “principal physical residence” in the city:

(A) The person must use the residence address for voter registration and driver’s license purposes;

(B) The person must use the residence address as the person’s home address on documents such as employment records, resumes, business cards, government forms and loan applications;

(C) The person must not claim a homestead exemption on any property other than the residence.

McCarthy was arrested and charged Monday with criminal trespass, a Class B misdemeanor, after being asked several times by the University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) to vacate a sidewalk near the UT’s Gregory Gymnasium and head over to the free-speech zone.

Obama was scheduled to present a speech on education, ending the wars, and the economic crisis to UT students, faculty, and invited guests at Gregory Gym at 2 p.m.

McCarthy was arrested about an hour before Obama’s scheduled speech. In a Youtube video showcasing McCarthy’s arrest, McCarthy was calm and peaceful when the UT police approached him asking him to step back into the free-speech zone. McCarthy was holding what appeared to be a 6-foot tall, tombstone shaped, anti-war sign.

“I’m really upset about the gross violation of my basic human right for speech,”McCarthy said in his reaction to his arrest.

The police officer dealing with McCarthy can be heard on the Youtube video saying that the Obama’s secret service requested all protesters be confined to a free-speech zone.

McCarthy said he was not protesting at the time of his arrest, and, in fact, was walking on the sidewalk in an effort to look for anti-war protesters and join their movement. He said there were only protesters arguing immigration in the location UT police referred him to. So, McCarthy said, he was walking towards the other side of the Gregory Gym to look for anti-war protesters who may have been located in other areas.

In the Youtube video, it was clear that people were walking up and down the sidewalk with no intervention from police, but McCarthy, who was holding an anti-war sign, was being redirected.

McCarthy said he didn’t see a specific marker marking the end of the event’s free-speech zone. But the video shows the police officer pointing towards a specific location where protesters were to be located.

McCarthy said he’s outraged that his First Amendment rights were infringed upon on a public sidewalk, in a public street, located in a public university.

McCarthy was released on a personal recognizance bond and has been scheduled a court date. He said he’s going to “fight back,” alongside Texans for Accountable Government (TAG), in looking into the legal implications of free speech areas on college campuses and the possible violations of First Amendment rights.

TAG is a non-partisan political action committee geared towards the protection of individual liberties. TAG Director John Bush also was arrested Monday on the UT campus just after Obama’s speech. Bush is a Texas State graduate who majored in political science.

“TAG was formed with the ambition of reigning in the intrusive and expanding reach of government which threatens to invade every facet of our lives,” states the TAG website. “Our ambition is to put the reins of government back into the hands of individual American citizens; allowing us to once again run our own lives … We are dedicated to safe guarding individual liberty, protecting personal privacy and property rights, election integrity, safe water, and electing representatives, not bureaucrats, to office!”

Four city council seats are up for grabs this November, including the mayor’s chair, and the seats presently held by Councilmembers Thomaides, Kim Porterfield and Gaylord Bose.

McCarthy ran for mayor in 2008, finishing third in a three-way race with 19.8 percent, trailing election winner Susan Narvaiz and challenger David Newman.

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72 thoughts on “McCarthy now uncertain about November mayoral run

  1. Where in the world does Dan McCarthy get off and thinks he can be mayor of our great city? This is ridiculous. He can’t even be councilman because “couch surfing” is not a physical address within the city. Sorry Dan, you had your chance in 2008 and obviously failed. Please move on.
    Getting arrested and parading around as Dan does, is not what our city should encourage in a candidate for elected office. Dan you made your bed, now lay on it.
    Leave the office holder positions to serious individuals with a vision for our city, unless of course your plan is to beat out Kim Porterfield or Jude Prather (who is uncontested!), then our city welcomes you! In all honesty, we’d probably be better off with Daniel McC than Kim or Jude.
    Jude for example is going to have to answer on his votes on P&Z – what a joke and foreshadow of what’s to come should he inherit a council seat.
    And Kim, well enough said.

  2. Perhaps your reporters should check the address this so-called “candidate” listed on his ticket the police gave him…..I suspect it’s an Austin one, which then would make him ineligible per your citing of the City Charter (ie, one year). Either way, this character was a joke in the last election and continues to be one. Perhaps he’ll run in Austin instead where weird is the norm.

  3. I think of Daniel as our own little Ralph Nader. And I blame him for the condition of our city government, directly or indirectly, take your pick.

  4. Hmm, and I thought the “Twilight Zone” was cancelled years ago….but everytime I read one of chris north’s rantings on here I think maybe it’s still on…..doo-do-doo-do….. LMAO!

  5. I just watched the you tube video. He wouldn’t listen to police and he forced their hand. Then he started yelling “police state” over and over once he was cuffed. The police were calm and give him several chances to leave before his arrest. I think it’s great that people want to make a difference but this isn’t the way, it’s just plain dumb. 5 or 10 years down the road maybe he’ll realize just how stupid this move was when he’s applying for a job and the hiring manager simply googles him.

  6. Has no job here, can’t maintain an address here for more than one year. Indeed, can’t maintain an address anywhere at the moment. He would rather spend time in Austin looking for Youtube fame than getting his hands dirty right here. What local, community or service organizations is he involved in? None I imagine. Hey Dan, got any video feed of yourself doing work for your community? Commitment to a community takes a little more effort than attending a few popular protest marches/events. This guy is a joke and this article is a waste of time. Can we have a discussion about the people that count in the upcoming election?

  7. Very well said “x August” ! Since McCarthy has now gotten his ’15 seconds of fame’ it is time to move on and ignore him just as he has ignored getting involved in this community he supposedly wants to represent. Clearly the incident in Austin shows his real interest—his own ego. We have too many politicians across American like that already, time to elect only those with proven track records of service to the community and not their own self interest. That’s why Guerrero is the right choice for Mayor.

  8. @ Rene: Why not you?
    @Max: Home is where the heart is. Mine’s in San Marcos where I have been a resident for over three years.
    @Steve: I grew up in Dripping. If Secret Service wants to know, that’s where I’m from.
    @Chris: If Dave had gotten 100% of my votes (impossible), he still would have lost.
    @Max: LMAO indeed.
    @Hays County Kid: Jefferson, Madison and the rest would be spinning in their graves if they saw this. I wasn’t trying to get arrested, at the time I was just trying to find the anti-war crowd. You can clearly see that I was not near any barricades, fencing or perimeter, as evidenced by the other folks walking, unmolested, to and from both directions.
    @Eric: I got 19.8 (I say 20). That’s 2500+ votes. Try your hand…
    @ x : Nevermind, I don’t have time to respond to anonymous hypocrites.
    @ Max: Guerrero’s “record” will be his undoing.

  9. And one more thing, from the Bill of Rights of the US constitution:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams

    “They that can give up essential liberty (MINE) to purchase a little temporary safety (THEIRS), deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Frankiln

  10. Daniel:

    The cream always rises to the top, at some point in everyone’s life they realize they are not the cream. I thought I knew everything when I was your age, maturity and wisdom will come with time. Live…be free and in a couple decades you might be the cream of the crop and ready to lead our community. Now is not that time. We always need volunteers on dozens of committees in town though.

  11. So he was arrested for refusing to be ordered into a fenced in designated “free speech zone”? Because its not like there is any constitutional right we all share that allows us to peaceably assemble. I for one think his refusal to leave was courageous and patriotic and tells alot about his upstanding character. I wish there were 10,000 more just like him. Don’t speak about freedom because you don’t know what the hell that word means.

  12. Define cream. Is it beating the incumbent 193 – 1, dollars to votes? And the volunteers, do they set the council agenda? Would they have any clout in Austin? My degree is in Political Science, not psychology, but I sense some ageism in this thread.

  13. Don and Dan:
    1) Refusing a police order, regardless whether you believe you are right, is not in any way courageous or heroic.
    2) When POTUS is in town, the secret service decides what areas will be closed to the public. Your free speech runs a distant second to the priority of protection.
    3) You’re trying to hold this up as a free speech issue to deflect from immature actions.

    Dan: What in the heck are you doing posting here? If you have any political savvy what-so-ever, you wouldn’t be caught within a mile of this story or post. Do you really want to have people continue to talk about this? What does your Political Science degree tell you to do? You can find the YouTube video with you be belligerent to the police, which is mentioned in this thread…and after watching decided you are not worthy of anyone’s vote. San Marcos deserves better. So I say again, grow up and maybe someday, when you are OLD ENOUGH, you can try leadership.

  14. Dan McCarthy is an OK guy who spends way too much time talking about politics. I see him out in the community often, and know, to some extent, his political views. Maybe y’all should log off and go mingle. Just sayin’.

  15. Steve: Suppose you are a Ukranian in the 40’s, being marched into a mass grave. Do you have the power to refuse an order?

    If not for people like Dan, we will continue to lose our Constitutional Liberties. I strongly oppose Free Speech Zones and consider them an affront to our form of government. What allows Obama to hide from protesters? We need to let politicians know when their policies are wrong.

  16. If he were female would you tell him that when he’s man enough he can succeed? Or black that maybe when he’s white enough? Age has nothing to do with capability. With age often comes capacity, as in, enough financial resources, but it is not a requirement.

  17. Steve, Do you really believe what you said?

    1) It’s never courageous or heroic to disobey a police order. Really? What about the Baltimore four, Ghandi, the numerous leaders of the civil rights movement and all of the others who’ve gone to jail for civil disobedience. Always obey? Never heroic, really? Who are your heroes?……by the way I’m not comparing Dan to these people, but he does share at least one quality with the likes, courage!

    2) Free speech zones have nothing to do with protection and everything to do with PR. We can’t have the CNN broadcast showing protestors behind the president everywhere he goes. That’s the kinda thing that could lead to more acts of, well courage and civil disobedience. They’ll let you in the shot if you’re happy and hopeful and all the other disengenuous emotions. Remember we’re at war with two countries and maybe soon a third.

  18. Really? Really Guys…this is what you teach your children? To disobey the police at every opportunity. We are discussing the police in Austin Texas and one mans refusal to obey an order. If you want to take that out of the context in which it was written and talk about all atrocities ever committed, go right ahead. Being a hero in Rowanda or where ever else you want to site Government abuses…fine. But I am speaking of one instance so go ahead and spout your intellectual dribble…free speech is here for you.

  19. Don and Dan:
    1) Refusing a police order, regardless whether you believe you are right, is not in any way courageous or heroic.
    2) When POTUS is in town, the secret service decides what areas will be closed to the public. Your free speech runs a distant second to the priority of protection.

    If you’re referring to that one instance it should have read something like
    1)I don’t think that your refusal in that instance was heroic or courageous.

    I didn’t talk about Rawanda. Most examples were actually from this country. Sorry if putting your words back in your face makes you uncomfortable, but I’m glad to know that you don’t believe what you said.

  20. Your statist bootlicking aside, Steve, I’ll save you some future embarrassment, and let you know that the word “drivel” is actually spelled the way I have it here. Some intellectual you are.

  21. I guess you’re right. Security is at the foundation of our constitution while liberty is hardly mentioned. Great men throughout our history who will still study in our schools have been those same people refusing unlawful and unconstitutional orders by police “following orders”. His refusal is courageous and your willingness to demonize his action makes you just another coward that is perpetuating the demise of our freedoms as American men and women. We are a country based on individualism and individual freedom. We are not a nation based on security over liberty. A coward has no scars friends,

  22. Just watched the video. Dan McCarthy knew exactly what he was doing was wrong. He baited the police. The police were cordial to him and the videographer, (whom I am guessing helped set this whole thing up).
    Dan McCarthy was not arrested because he was “just walking down the sidewalk”, he was arrested because he broke
    the law. Plain and simple. He is not courageous or heroic, just not very smart. Now he is out the bail money,
    that could have gone towards rent in San Marcos, so that he could run for mayor.
    I guess the citizens of San Marcos should thank you for your short-sightedness.
    Thank you.

  23. Good morning all!
    @ Trudy: I would have been taken to jail camera or no camera. There was no set-up; as you can see on his youtube page the videographer just happened to be there to catch police abuses on camera. You can clearly see in the video that other people were walking unmolested up and down the sidewalk. I was attempting to do the same thing, whilst keeping (at that moment) my opinions to myself. They asked if I would “go back over there” (a nebulous place with no defined boundaries) and I asked “What’s the difference between there and here?” That’s when they cuffed me. You can bet your bottom dollar that I would not have tangled with them had I known that merely asking an officer of the law to more clearly direct me would earn me a trip to jail. However, my only regret is that I didn’t resist more forcefully once they cuffed me.

  24. There you have it folks. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Dan didn’t even know what was going on when he was arrested. Given that, by his own admission, he was unaware of the circumstances, can we all stop calling him silly names like “courageous”? Last I checked, “courage” requires, at the very lease, an awareness of the danger of a given situation.

  25. “However, my only regret is that I didn’t resist more forcefully once they cuffed me.”

    Why would you want another charge added to your arrest? This says a lot about you and it is not good.
    Yes, I know you see it as a wonderful quality…resisting arrest. It isn’t.
    Others were “walking unmolested up and down the sidewalk.” But they were keeping their opinions to themselves.
    You were not. You chose to carry a large sign displaying your opinions. That is the difference. You are not an
    innocent in this and please don’t insult your already weak case with feigned innocence.
    You may claim to be about making a difference, but I can only see that you are really about feeding your narcissistic ego. (You may have what it takes to be a politician after-all.)

    My postings here won’t change anybodies mind about you, just as your postings won’t either.

  26. This has nothing to do with Dan McCarthy running for mayor or where his address is. This has nothing to do with most of the silly bantering between most of you on this site. This has to do with Free Speech Zones being designated by the Secret Service. What he, Dan, yelled towards the end about welcome to the police state is true. A “Police State” is not always the highly abusive and militarized police uniform. It starts with the obedience of Police Officers towards policies handed down to them minus the separation that local, state, and federal government have from the other. The officer could not recite a single local, state or federal law that Dan McCarthy was breaking. And that cop probably isn’t a bad cop either. He probably just doesn’t know any better than to do what he is told. Why can’t we all see this for what it is. Take your prejudices to the sideline for one minute and become alarmed at what goes on in this world of ours.

    @ trudy’s:
    ..Others were “walking unmolested up and down the sidewalk.” But they were keeping their opinions to themselves.

    that’s right you good lil doggie, now sit, good -here is your treat.
    Now Trudy, keep your opinions to yourself.
    Or maybe see/how does that feel?

  27. Manuel,
    LOL If you are trying to find a way to jab at people in a post make sure you are right BEFORE posting. My use of the word “dribble” was specifically for a double meaning. I could have used your word “drivel” but if you look up the word dribble one of it’s definitions is: to drivel; slaver.

  28. @dano – I knew full well that saying “yessir” would have kept me out of jail.

    @Trudy – Your (sic) intellectually bankrupt; as such your opinion will certainly not change anyone’s mind. Your comments are only food for your own demented ego. I feel that I can do something to end the atrocities in the middle east. Why would you, or anyone else, beleaguer me for that?

    I appreciate the kind words to my defense. The rest should grow up and stop assaulting my character because my conscience would not allow me to follow the rules. Article’s not relevant to you? Try ignoring it!

  29. Thank you to Trudy and Dano for sane measured responses that help prove my point.
    Also, a big thank you to DAN, who continues to open his mouth; who fights a loosing battle with wit, charm, and good balance on a thin piece of ice.

  30. “I feel that I can do something to end the atrocities in the middle east.”

    Good Luck with all of that

  31. Dan McCarthy makes me yearn for the days of David Leder and KIND radio. At least they were smart.

  32. Steve,
    Dribble: at best a VERB equated with saliva, as you said, but mostly means a slow drip or to bounce a ball.
    Drivel: NOUN meaning silly nonsense.

    Come on now, don’t lie. You modified it with an adjective, you obviously intended the noun. You don’t even know how to spell “entendre” are we to believe you intended one?

  33. BTW, I am only saying the government espcially the SS (Secret Service) has no right to tell the citizens where the may practice free speech. I would take the side of any of my countrymen/neighbors whose rights were infringed upon. If this would have happened to Dano, Trudy, Steve Blank, or anyone else I would, and hope that everyone else would at the least have the decency to defend your rights. Why can’t we just start referring to Dan McCarthy as citizen X. Then we could say that Citizen X had his rights trampled on and our biases then would reflect our own interpretations of the constitution. That is probably the best topic to debate. Our rights. What do you guys think those are? And when would you find it appropriate to surrender them? So please, let us take this topic further. This comment section should be so much more than just about Dan McCarthy.

  34. I don’t live in San Marcos anymore, but I could never, ever cast a vote for a person who referred to Joe Stack, the person who flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin, as a “hero”. Dan did on his facebook account. I don’t care how philosophically it was phrased or for the rhetoric was doctored. Dan McCarthy approved of that act, and anyone who feels that way about a violent, irrational act of murder does not deserve to hold public office.

  35. Oh Sean, that was a gut reaction before the reports came out that the security guard died. Was it violence? Yes. Do I agree with violence against the state? Mostly not, however, 1) The tree of liberty, from time to time, shall be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants; and 2) I thought his manifesto would bring an end to partisanship, since he was on the left yet detested the income tax, and foster a needed discussion about the state of affairs in this country.

    I withdraw all comments I made about that days events, my condolences to the security guard’s family.

  36. So would it have been OK if only IRS employees had died? Or would it have been OK if only the building was destroyed?

  37. Well since we’re on the subject, it wouldn’t have happened, if like all other attacks on buildings in this country, its planning didn’t stem from black ops.

  38. Dan, I don’t care. Gut reaction? You and I wrote each other that day, and you were more than happy to own it then. Better late than never, I suppose.

    Every time I see someone use that Jefferson quote, it’s usually offered by someone who prefers to use some other patriot’s blood to water said tree, and the tyrant tends to be pretty subjective. Did you think that someone could fly a plane into a building in the middle of the day without casualties? Was your “gut reaction” something like “Wow, I’m glad someone made a political statement by flying into an empty building?”

    Joe Stack was a homicidal loser who couldn’t balance a checkbook, and he took his fiscal shortcomings out on innocent people. His “manifesto” (and I read it) was pure, self indulgent crap.

    Dan, you’re a smart guy. I mean that, sincerely. You and I tend to agree on the problems of an encroaching state. If you can get over this whole professional political victim thing you have going on, you might actually affect some real change and become a real leader. I truly believe you have it in you. But until you get serious about public life, and the duty that comes with it, you’ll be a fringe candidate, and treated accordingly. Standing outside of power yelling at it with a sign might be fun, but its all so much masturbation.

    Believe me, buying in is much different, and much better, than selling out. Take all of this for whatever you deem it worth.

  39. Dan’s right,
    ’93 WTC was to establish Islam as an enemy, OKC was to create the spectre of home-grown terror, 9/11 to start the Good War, Joe Stack to raise the spectre of 9/11. There is no legit terror, just fairy tales to keep us all tucked in.

  40. Dan, let me say that I fully support your right to free speech and I’m glad that you are actively speaking your mind about what you see wrong with this country. I don’t understand why these “mature” folk would attempt to demonize a young man who’s passionate about his country.

    @Trudy, do you agree with the war(s)? If so, fine keep belieivng in the empire. If not, what are you doing about it. You might not agree with the tactics but don’t tell him “good luck with that” in that cynical manner. How dare old bitter people who never stuck their neck out tell a young man he’s fighting a losing battle. Nay Nay Nay sayers.

    And another thing..Like I said Dan I support your right to free speech and I thank you for being active, but I don’t support you running for mayor, if you truely are still considering such a thing.

  41. I may regret wading into this, but here goes. Basic Constitutional law, the state can not abridge your right to free speech or assembly, it can regulate the time and place of that assembly. Translation, you can peaceably assemble and protest the war all you like. You can’t do it in the middle of the intersection of Hopkins and L.B.J at 5 in the afternoon. If you are arrested for having your war protest in the middle of an intersection at rush hour, it is not to violate your right to free speech, it is to keep you from exercising that right in a way that enfrenges on others rights. By the same token, the secret service has a right to designate and area where you may exercise your right to free speech and assembly. Dan McCarthy knew this, he chose not to go to this area. Arresting him is not a sign we are slipping into a police state.

  42. The secret service does NOT have an unlimited right to designate areas for free speech and assembly. To give them such broad power would allow them to forbid free speech in every public area not so designated. Time, place and manner restrictions must be narrowly tailored to achieve a legitimate end, and there must be ample alternatives for speech. Dan’s was political speech entitling any government action infringing on that speech the maximum protection of the law and the most rigorous scrutiny to make sure there is a relationship between the restriction and the legitimate end the government is trying to achieve. Further, university campuses are traditionally open forums for speech with a long history of so being, so the public nature of the forum weighs against the restrictions.

    Here, Dan was no threat to the President’s security and the clear goal of the restriction was to push the protestors away from their intended audience. While Dan doesn’t have a right to the President’s ear, neither does the President have the right to put him in a corner down the street just because he has something to say. Even if the law currently allows such actions, it should not. If any President chooses to come to a public university with hand-picked supporters ringing the stage, he/she must also face the music from the protestors. This used to be America.

    My argument for Dan’s right to free speech should in no way be read as an endorsement of his candidacy.

  43. Whatever Dan. What I meant is that you need to position yourself to be taken seriously. You seem far more interested in being a political sideshow act. Enjoy all that “oppression” you encounter. Frankly, I think you encourage it and even enjoy it. How else would anyone pay attention to you?

    Take a good look at Charles O’Dell. That’s you in 20 years.

  44. Aww you guys think I need any supporters older than 25 to get elected in this town? I can do it with $500 and 1/8th of the student population. Okay so say only half have a San Marcos address where they’ll be registered to vote, I still just need 1/4 of that half. The professors wonder why this has not yet happened, since it is most definitely accomplishable.

  45. Go for it! You couldn’t be worse than current situation. It might add some comic relief to this town that can’t quite shake our ‘fail’ reputation. My favorite: The time the Cinco de Mayo parade ran into itself and was at a stand-still for quite a while. Or was it Dave N.’s arrest after saving the guy at the falls? The intersection at Post Road and Aquarena Springs? Those poles that stick out of the middle lane in front of Walgreens and the big HEB? Our pathetic voter turnout that Dan points out?

  46. John, you are right. My point was there is a rational basis for what the Secret Service is doing. Whether they go to far is another argument. Some of the people posting here seem to think that any attempt to say in effect, yes you have a right to say that, just just not here, is an enfringement on their fiist amendment rights. It is not.

  47. Earlier, when I posted: BTW, I am only saying the government espcially the SS (Secret Service) has no right to tell the citizens where they may practice free speech.
    I almost put in parenthesis after that ..(but someone shouldn’t think that they can do it in an intersection with oncoming traffic).
    I laughed after typing that and deleted it thinking that no one would use it as a point of debate. But then again, someone did.
    I am glad to know that someone does wish to discuss the constitutional/legal side to this incident instead of just walking up picking up a rock and stoning the boy. I don’t want Dan McCarthy for mayor but I also don’t want the public to get used to public servants/police challenging our basic rights while read about it in our local online news and sit here and make excuses for it.

  48. I have never met Dan McCarthy but would bet money that he listens to Alex Jones and plays disc golf.

  49. I had to U Tube Alex Jones. Wow. (The internets were ploy by the government to spy on us?)
    now i have to go take a shower.

  50. Not as much as I’d like, Kid. Anyway, Alex Jones is a sell out, compromising selfless activism for his personal gain.

    Did y’all not wonder on 9/11 Why there was a cloud of dust that chased people down the street, instead of a big building, falling over sideways? Why the buildings fell an hour after being hit? Why steel structures failed for the first time in history due to fire? Occam’s razor suggested bombs, William Rodriguez says bombs, 9/11 commissioners themselves call the investigation a fraud. Do the patriotic thing this September 11 and demand justice.

  51. Just to hit the “refresh” button on this very intriguing debate: Anybody still alive out there who is familiar with the nationally-famous case, “right here in River City,” of the “Sam Marcos Ten”? 1970? Bill Cunningham a bit involved? One of the Scanio “downtown lawyer” brothers involved as one of the ten? These issues are evergreen. And never less disturbing. Probably shouldn’t ever be.

  52. Dan- I was curious : If you are a NWO conspiracy theorist (or maybe that’s not how you define yourself- my apology) what changes would we have seen in our local government if you were mayor? Would you have presented any really extreme ideas or projects?

  53. McCarthy re: 9/11….have you ever heard of jet fuel? Duh….a fully loaded commercial jet (ie, FUEL)…would burn at such a high intensity that it will melt steel, concrete, etc….. Are you sure you got a college education?? Geez, I got my BA in Pol. Sci too and can easily comprehend that concept/fact! PLEASE go back to Dripping Springs and run for office there…. or maybe Alaska, you could run for mayor of a city up there and be a Vice-Pres. candidate one day like another psycho-neurotic!

  54. I need billygmoore to hit that refresh button for me…..I have some foggy memories of the 70’s………….do tell…..

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