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July 28th, 2010
Narvaiz announces she will not seek fourth term


San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, who announced Wednesday that she will not seek a fourth term. File photo.


San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz announced Wednesday that she will not seek a fourth term to the city’s highest elected office.

Narvaiz did not give reasons for her decision in a release to local media, other than to say that she made the decision “after months of thought and prayer.”

With Narvaiz declining to run, the race as of Wednesday was between City Councilmember John Thomaides and former Councilmember Daniel Guerrero, who both have filed. Former mayoral candidate Dan McCarthy has said that he will run, but he had not filed as of Wednesday.

“I thank the mayor for her service and I wish her well, but the issues of the election have not changed,” said Thomaides, often Narvaiz’ arch rival in legislative decisions. “I’m still running for mayor to fight against wasteful spending and to protect the jobs we have while preparing for and attracting the jobs we need.”

Said Guerrero, “I respect Mayor Narvaiz’ decision. She has been a tremendous servant to the community for many years, well before her time on council and during the time that she has served as mayor. I trust that she will continue to serve the community in a new capacity as she continues in her path.”

Filing began Monday and runs through Aug. 24. The election, to be held on Nov. 2, will decide the mayor’s seat and three others on the city council. As of Wednesday’s filings, three races are officially contested, including the mayor’s race.

Texas State student Griffin Spell has filed to run against Councilmember Kim Porterfield, who is seeking re-election. With Thomaides filing to run for mayor, the remaining two years of his term are up or election between retired San Marcos Police Department officer Rodney van Oudekerke and local filmmaker Shane Scott. No opposition has filed Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jude Prather for the seat being vacated by Councilmember Gaylord Bose.

Narvaiz was first elected to the city council in 2002 and ascended to mayor in 2004, when she defeated incumbent Robert Habingreither. In 2006, Narvaiz won a second mayoral term without an opponent. In 2008, she defeated two challengers, McCarthy and David Newman, avoiding a run-off election against Newman by nine votes.

“The list of accomplishments of the city council in the past eight years is long and varied,” Narvaiz said in her statement.

Among those achievements, Narvaiz included the transformation of Rio Vista Dam, the acquisition of the 251-acre Springlake Preserve, the construction of railroad overpasses on Wonder World Drive and Yarrington Road, the Wonder World Drive extension that opened last weekend, expansion of the outlet malls, the construction of the Embassy Suites and City of San Marcos Conference Center, improvements in the city’s development process, revitalization of “cornerstone buildings” downtown, and the construction of new headquarters for the San Marcos Fire Department.

“I look forward to the future with great faith in the commitment of our city staff and community leaders to build upon our achievements,” Narvaiz said in her statement. “I know that I stood on the broad shoulders of those who came before me, and I am proud to have been able to provide a foundation for those who will come after. I thank all of you who welcomed me to city hall years ago, an average citizen who happened to become your mayor, and I go forward with confidence that the best is yet to come! May God continue to Bless San Marcos.”

Full text of Narvaiz’ statement.

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0 thoughts on “Narvaiz announces she will not seek fourth term

  1. In my opinion she’s done a great job and she will be missed. She was at almost every function and event I ever went to and a bunch that I didn’t go to. She is sharp as a tack and knew how to get sh*t done. The next mayor will be lucky to be half as effective. Thank you Susan for your years of service.

  2. I am thrilled to see her going. She was happy to see this town as a temporary one.
    Temporary jobs and temporary housing were just fine with her. She was only too happy
    to make the apartment developers and the property managers happy and wealthy.

    Good riddance.

  3. lol. I was thinking heart, but….
    (I just watched that movie with my 8 year old son a few nights ago. I had to force him because nothing blows up in the first minute. By the time the monkeys came around, he was wide-eyed scared..).

  4. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay for a fresh look from new eyes, even if the incumbent has been a good leader. Plus, Ms. Narvaiz must be mighty tired by now and taking a rest is not a bad thing.

  5. I think you kids are just critical because Susan doesn’t have the dignity and class that clearly come so easily to you.

  6. Hats off to a great personal valedictory. As an old and wide friend reminds me, redundantly, “Ningun sabe que lado esta el morral, que qui que que lo tire.” (I think what he meant was, “Nobody knows how heavy laden the tow-sack is, but the one who is dragging it.”) It’s either a great personal history, or great history personally. Some will see it as more chum on the political waters. At any rate, we will not see its like for a long time. Maybe. Either way, the name goes up on the village wall, with all the others, for all the innocent people to pass by without noticing much.

    The skeptics will see it as either a subtle Offense (sport-wise) aimed at scoring points and roaring a future challenge to lesser mortals. Others will call it the last Defense of an earnest, vulnerable little person deeply harmed, begging for a break. Others just as the Scorebook. One can’t know until the NEXT chapter, but one will surely have an opinion–one of those things everybody has… and even history may not tell us much. But it is still about that old tow-sack, and the mystery is still what is in it. A deep and sincere wish: REQUIESCAT IN PACEM

  7. And NOW what are we, the respectful mourners, going to do? We are still here, and life does still go on. Perhaps an ongoing dynasty? Perhaps a New Order of Things? We, each and all, have some CHOICE in the matter, and in the end, that is all that counts. Natives will still move away, and visitors pass through, and every single one will show and tell outside what we are like as a village, as a tribe, however we “brand” our superficialities. The heartbeat still shows.

  8. Good one Dano. And “good grief” is all I’ll say about this, ahem, learning experience. Next shall we try an exercise in City leadership that focuses on responsible growth? I mean, how about improving roads where people already live instead of foisting a new outer ring? We own our own utilities, let’s act like it with a rain water and solar farms initiative. We need more revenue right? Let’s host a festival, I’m thinking film. Let’s get creative San Marcos!

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