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July 26th, 2010
Former Councilmember Guerrero announces run for mayor


Former San Marcos City Councilmember Daniel Guerrero has announced his for mayor against Councilmember John Thomaides and former mayoral candidate Dan McCarthy. Photo by Andy Sevilla.

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Former San Marcos City Councilmember Daniel Guerrero announced late last week that he is running for mayor against Councilmember John Thomaides and former mayoral candidate Dan McCarthy.

Guerrero said at Saturday’s opening of the Wonder World Drive extension that he made his decision two weeks ago in an effort to continue his tradition of service and “make a difference in the community.”

Guerrero first served on the San Marcos city council in 2004 after winning an election to fill Mayor Susan Narvaiz’ unexpired term after she won election to the center of the dais. Guerrero was reelected to a full three-year term in 2005, but withdrew from a re-election bid in 2008.

Two years later, Guerrero said he’s ready to step into the city’s highest elected office.

Guerrero said San Marcos needs to focus on attracting living-wage jobs while making major improvements in the community and at City Hall. He said morale needs to be elevated at City Hall by fostering positive relationships. In the community, Guerrero said there is a need for the development and improvement of work skills.

“The council has the ability to impact spirit,” Guerrero said. “That is one of the areas that I feel is critical to the entire community. There is a deficiency of spirit, and that is something you can’t buy. It’s something that you can’t just go out and attract someone to come and produce it. You have to do it internally. It’s a human emotion. And when your employees feel a sense of ownership in the competency and the skills that they bring, and that they are supported, and that they are encouraged, it permeates throughout the entire community.”

As for jobs, Guerrero said San Marcos can do better. He said the need for living-wage jobs is great, and the effort to attract them should be stronger.

San Marcos has recently been under resident scrutiny regarding economic development and redevelopment deals. Time and time again residents have packed city hall to speak against financial incentives for the redevelopment of Springtown Mall, a desolate shopping center that’s a focal point upon approaching downtown San Marcos from Interstate-35.

Springtown Mall was vacated by it major retailers by early 2009, leaving it mostly abandoned and quickly overtaken by blight after the city agreed to $6 million dollars in financial incentives for StoneCreek Crossing, which recruited of Target, Bealls, and JC Penny away from Springtown Mall.

Guerrero admits something needs to be done to revamp the Springtown Mall, though he advocates patience in the continued search for the right option. He said the council, along with the community, need to discuss the details and decide on the “best altruistic approach for the entire area.” Guerrero said the city should be the biggest cheerleader for interested investors, but not expend taxpayer dollars.

“I feel uncomfortable in allocating additional indebtedness for the investment of more retail jobs and low-paying jobs,” Guerrero said.

In October 2008, Guerrero voted for the city to approve $4 million dollars in economic incentives for StoneCreek Crossing, bringing that total to $6 million. Guerrero then said he supported the increase in financial incentives because StoneCreek Crossing is in a “growth corridor” that includes the outlet malls and the Embassy Suites and City of San Marcos Conference Center.

In 2008, Guerrero said, “This is going to bring a different level of business” to the area. Thomaides, sitting on the council, voted against the increased incentives for StoneCreek Crossing.

Guerrero said he looks forward to a “clean race” against Thomaides, who he called a friend. Guerrero said he hasn’t spoken with either Thomaides or McCarthy regarding this year’s mayor’s race.

“We all bring a multitude of values,” Guerrero said. “All three of us are good people and have the best interest of the community in mind. But what makes me more effective is my ability to build relationships with all of my colleagues. My ability to continue to cultivate the relationships with the (city) staff, and let them know that they’re valued and that they are a true asset.”

Guerrero is a graduate of San Marcos High School and Texas State, where he received a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations. He received his master’s degree in organization leadership and ethics from St. Edwards University and has been certified by Austin Community College (ACC) in non-profit leadership and in grant writing.

Guerrero said his educational background has facilitated his ability to lead, to speak and convey messages, but, most importantly, to listen. He said his master’s degree has afforded him an understanding of organization dynamic, management, cultivating of team, systems thinking, and ethical understanding of principles.

“My approach to life, in general, is simple,” Guerrero said. “I think I have kept myself very humble, very grounded. My values are very much in line with an understanding of faith, family, friends, and relationships. I have a strong understanding of the community. I am a product of the community. And to be able to receive a return-on-investment to an individual who has grown up here, been educated here, has developed a multitude of different relationships here, and has seen the community grown over the last 33 years, is worthy of the opportunity to lead the community.”

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23 thoughts on “Former Councilmember Guerrero announces run for mayor

  1. Good Job Daniel ! Heres to a great race ! Its been a long time coming and I know you will run a good, clean race !

  2. In response to coffeeman, I believe it has everything to do with her. She will now be able to run the city through him. Didn’t he vote with her everytime when he was on the council? She goes from council to mayor, while he fills her spot on the council. Now that she isn’t running for reelection, just in time for him to take her spot again. Seems a little shady to me. Be careful Daniel, if you don’t do what she wants, you may end up like Rick Menchaca.

  3. Behold the skeptics of a good man! You people need to quit making up these stories in your head. Reveal yourselves cowards!! Don’t make accusations under assumed names. Daniel is a great man of integrity and conviction. I’m not saying support him over our beloved John T, but dont muddy Daniel’s name without just cause. Hear him out, he actually is a great guy, with a good head on his shoulders and a genuine desire to serve the community.

  4. Maybe Daniel has a mind of his own and decided to run because he felt it was time! Hmmm what a nifty idea.

  5. I for one am glad that San Marcos has someone with experience and education that was born and raised in San Marcos and has very deep roots in the community seeking to lead as Mayor. Daniel is the most honest people I know and I look forward to see his leadership in action. When he first ran for office he called me about a week later and said he was thinking of dropping out. He told me that he was uncomfortable with fundraising. He told me then that if anyone ever asked him for his vote for a contribution he would offer to return the contribution. I told him he should also remind them that he accepted the contributions with only one promise, “to do what was best for San Marcos”. He did want to owe anyone anything for their contributions. He wanted them to trust that he would do what was best for all of San Marcos. He is his own person and his leadership style is open and inviting with a focus on what is best for all of San Marcos and not one special group or person no matter how loud they scream. San Marcos needs a Statesman and I think Daniel is the best person to work hard for all of San Marcos as Mayor.

  6. My question still stands: Did Daniel meet with Susan before he took the decision to run?I never said he’s not a good man, i never said Susan wasn’t a good person either, my concern is should we expect Daniel to pursue the same polices as Susans?

  7. Known Daniel since he was a harmless but terribly effective young idealist. At one point, I, at any rate, would have even called our friendship and at-least-weekly contact a mentorship deal. He was acutely interested in the things he still professes to embrace as community goals: education, jobs, effective government, and consideration for those who don’t have money to talk for them. We seemed to agree on an awful lot.

    When he first lost his mind and ran for office, I gave Daniel only a couple of pieces of my abundant free advice. One was to put all of his personal honor and integrity toward the job, if he won. The other was, “Beware of getting your head all tangled in the ample flowing robes of your colleagues. You can’t see around clearly in there. It is always stifling under there. And once in it, it is almost impossible to get out. And don’t get co-opted by money or ideology.” (Same thing I told Ryan Thomason and several others when they asked–no surprises from me!) We haven’t spoken five times since.

    I do fear both Daniel and Kim, also an idealist, have caught “the hydrophobee” from some denizen of Elgin, Manor, Manchaca, Pflugerville, Bastrop, Austin, Kyle, or here. Not only have both marched in the Glee Club parade and performed at the ACC pep rally. They have LED the damned thing! Together. And professed their absolute confidence in good answers to the hundred unanswered questions asked in SMLN and elsewhere, although neither has shared or responded, so far as I know, other than “talking points” made in China or somewhere. They are going to have to demonstrate for me–always ready to learn–how ALL San Marcos benefits from the proposed robo-campus being voted on at the same time as they. And why SMCISD shouldn’t get any new taxes we vote on us. The problem, for Pete’s sake, is not at the college level! Give us and our youth a break!

    I have lived my life in the education game, from community college through an entire career and afterward. I have known ACC, its curriculum and its graduates and transfers (even LOCAL teachers and some administrators pretty well). My due diligence has been done. I expect still to vote against ACC taxing us to lower tuitions for our poor kids and to provide them pretty vanilla vocational training. Steve Harvey is correct when he says you can’t offer all those goodies in ALL those new locations AND pay for plant and salaries at their existing tax rate. Steve is also correct in noting the existence already of a TXSTATE program guaranteeing tuition FREE for locals who are serious. Also about “the Rising Star” longing–nay, lusting– to make ACC their screen for the hordes of incoming lower-class riff-raff and lazybones. They want to play big league football, dammit, and that means filling the space with more and better-revenue-generating upper class and grad students. (How about doing the LSU thing and making the stadium into a huge dorm and study site? Their stadium has a crowd even when there is no game, sort of opposite us, ya know?!) (There is financial aid somewhere already for nearly anybody breathing, for every need category imaginable. Are the kids’ counselors not telling that news? Are they all orphans as well?)

    I have watched Kim’s and the State’s “Closing the Gaps” mandated higher ed. initiative from the day it was proposed–even helped to write the University’s response into its Strategic Plan, and I don’t believe its success depends on or even calls for SM’s enlarging our love embrace with ACC more than exists. Certainly not the notion of tagging the cost to local PROPERTY TAX revenues. (We’ve already hocked enough of those far into the future by doing “deals” like Springtown-Gate [I know, me too. Puke.] and the extra $ Half-Mil this year alone without strings to help the poor Malls advertise themselves.) and the Stone Creek Crossing affair. Pobrecitos all.

    On that one issue, at least, not to mention a public denial/recantation of having sold out the public trust, this voter has some hard and serious questions that the REAL prince and princess could answer with ease and dignity and pride of independence. Show us, Daniel and Kim. Daniel, don’t make us go through one of those monarchical turnover ceremonies where the robe and crown, etc. are handed over, with the supporters, and everybody yells “The Queen is dead! Long live the King.” Here, the Mayor is one of seven ONLY, and the taxpayers are the rightful kings and queens. (And Ray, don’t get TOO enthusiastic for Daniel, my man. Have some taste and class. Know what I mean? You are from Kyle now, hermanos or not. Is Rick still in Houston?)

  8. “My question still stands: Did Daniel meet with Susan before he took the decision to run?”


  9. Eeeeek! What else would a proper candidate do? She and I met many times before she sat down and learned what it took to be Mayor. To this day she still thinks I authorized or authored a mudball thrown at her by somebody else, without my knowledge. So we’ve not been close buddies. Her ideas are definitely hers and mine are definitely mine. Have been from the start. Please don’t go looking for lintballs under Daniel’s bed. There are enough ways to check somebody’s tire pressure in public without his being pecked to death by ducks. Who, if anybody, one is chattel to can easily enough be found out before an election without using guilt by association, which is vaporous and deceiving. The periodic Campaign Finance Reports and Officeholder Reports, if made to enjoy viewing by the shareholders, will out any but those who aren’t averse to stealing from the poorbox at Church. The money-over-merit-ocracy creates some REALLY clever deviates who are by definition and can only be crooks. Take maybe some former State Rep. who was and remains a net loss to society. As the Unofficial State Motto of Texas says, “That s*** really HAPPENS!”

    The real issue here is a moral one I have been thinking about a LOT for the past few mostly silent years: Is it really immoral to accept a large campaign gratuity from somebody and then not vote “accordingly,” or Heaven forbid, do the reverse, being paid after voting? Does one have no other endearing qualities than related to one issue or one project? Is it really necessary for a local to have a giant “war chest” of a handful of people available around the calendar to keep one’s office? Surely anybody who is worthy and visible after being elected could be kept in office by the faithful? A whole bunch of ’em, not just the ones the candidate has fed jellybeans ever since the election? Or is democracy in a republic just a fable? Silly me, I even told my few bigger contributors to be sure, because their investment was in the community and the public trust. Never made a thin dime! In five campaigns! Sigh. A moron.

    The whole idea is supposed to be that if they change their minds and don’t like you, they can send you home, maybe? Then you have your freedom back without having to get it out of hock. But then I never believe ad men either, no matter how much they are paid. If they believed much of their own stuff, they might do it for free.

  10. Really, Billy? Are you dispensing admonitions’ on taste and class now? Pontificating on those subjects isn’t really your forte. You know what I mean.
    As I recall Billy you made a horse’s ass of yourself from time to time and on different issues, but I don’t think that that stopped me from voting for you. In fact, it was my belief that deep down you were a good man that caused me to punch your name every chance I got.
    As for Daniel, I like him. Do I agree with him on everything? The short answer is no. But I believe in him, as I believed in you Billy, that Daniel is the right person for the job. I trust him when he says that he has the best of intentions for the city of my birth.
    One final thing, Rick and Raymond may not be registered to vote here, but I am. And I am not alone. You know what I mean?

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  12. The ugliness of San Marcos “special interest politic” once again had raised its demonic head. With blood stained canines ready to do butchery on charactyer of opposing candidates. Shame, shame, shame.
    I admire and respect all candidates, for their wanting and willingness to serve the public.
    Stick to issues that matter to us. Share your concerns, offer ideas and be tolerant. After all the final say so is yours. Your VOTE.

  13. Yes, Steven, I know quite precisely “what you mean,” and I hope that is for the betterment of the WHOLE community. Do the “open dialogue” thing–issues on the table, and interests, loyalties, personalities, etc. way out in the margin. Policy always, personalities never. Teach and learn, with a smile.

    Or, as Lyndon Johnson once famously said, “Any jackass can kick down a barn, It takes skilled carpenters to build one.”

    We see that in action in our town more and more. (And, just between you and me, I have come to believe my old and trusted friend and colleague Rick H.–mi hermano y tu hermano, may have participated in “some stuff” beneath him, at times. But what we have shared still lasts, for me. An election is serious business, not an “American Idol” rehearsal.

    Daniel and I are fairly close, and we do talk. But I do think the ACC crowd is taking advantage of his good heart and golden ambition, if all they gave him was talking points, not facts and data and projections, promising to fulfill one of his and my dreams, if we’ll just facilitate the real estate deal and pay taxes eternally to meet local needs via being their tax mules forever, once the “Playahs” have their way. Told Kim the same thing, and I still love her as well, for HER big heart, which makes her a pawn sometimes for cynics and gold miners.

    I was and am honored by your past votes and your confidence, which I hope I fulfilled, at least in part. And your friendship, because I see you as smart and honorable. Do we have a beef I don’t know about?

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