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July 26th, 2010
Commentary: ‘I want to be your public servant’


Three votes short and three years later, I have decided to run again for Place 2 of the San Marcos City Council.

After conceding defeat in the 2007 for Place 2 of the San Marcos City Council to the Honorable Councilman Gaylord Bose, I knew then that my desire to serve San Marcos still burned. However, fate, like that election had a different path for me. A few months later, I was recalled by the Army to serve our nation with the 100th Battalion 442nd Infantry “GO for Broke!” in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While over there in the desert I corresponded with many of our citizen’s back home calling for a Veterans Initiative in San Marcos. Since returning home from the Iraq War I have become a veterans activist with my wife Kathy Martinez-Prather and a commissioner on the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Board. As a Planning and Zoning Board Commissioner many of the hard decisions and seriousness of this position are learned. Citizens of San Marcos, my commitment to serve our town has grown over the last three years. With my service in the war and now the Planning and Zoning Board I have become a stronger and more knowledgeable public servant — attributes that could serve San Marcos well.

I want to be your public servant because I want to be a good steward of our tax dollars. We must have policies that allow the creation of jobs and bring business. It is time we strengthen our neighborhoods and focus on infrastructure improvements that allow technology to flourish, increase efficiency and promote the use of bike and transit. Waste water and storm drainage Capital Improvement Projects need to have high priority in the San Marcos South Side. Embracing technology that updates our electric grid also needs to have a high priority. Using technology to increase transparency in our city government can improve openness in government, but ending the use of executive session is an open government we should strive to be.

Folks I want to be a common bridge in the “town and gown” issues we have, taking into account the needs of our neighborhoods, while also looking out after our younger citizens as they learn and grow. In addition, I will give our police and fire department the tools to make us safe and secure. As a town we must prepare for the future needs of water resources, and the protection of our river and aquifer. We need to protect what makes our city so beautiful and gives it her soul, the San Marcos River and our beautiful parks. Citizens I would be honored to have your support and vote for Place 2 of the San Marcos City Council.

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One thought on “Commentary: ‘I want to be your public servant’

  1. Bless you Jude, you’re talking about the right issues. Transparency! Lack of transparency at City Hall is holding us back almost as much as the current dorks on the dais. Electricity! Soul! You’re on fire, see you on the trail.

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