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July 23rd, 2010
Hays County corrections officers graduate

072210tcleoseFrom left to right: Brad Brooks, Zachary Miller, Brian Taylor, Miranda Supak and Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff.


On July 9, four members of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office graduated from the Basic Corrections Course held in Caldwell County.

Brad Brooks, Zachary Miller, Brian Taylor and Miranda Supak attended the class, making them eligible to take the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) test.

The class was attended by 13 corrections officers from Hays and Caldwell Counties. The 96 -hour course was a mix of academic and hands-on instruction.

The TCLEOSE exam was conducted at the Hays County Sheriff’s Office. All 13 students passed the exam and received their basic TCLEOSE corrections officer licenses.

Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff was on-hand as the graduation certificates were passed out to the 13 students. He acknowledged them for the time and dedication they expended in completing the course.

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